How to Get Curls On Short Hair Without Heat

How to Get Curls On Short Hair Without Heat

Sometimes you look at the beautiful curls on people’s hair and wish you could do the same with your short hair.

Those curls are what many people crave. The thing is, there are several ways to get your hair twisted into that curl and give yourself that awesome look. Using curling and flat irons can cause hair breakage because of the excess heat applied. However, there are alternatives to getting your hair curled up without using heat. These techniques are also less time-consuming.

A hairstylist, Fitzsimon said, “One of the easiest ways to get loose waves without heat is to braid your hair at night and sleep with it in”. He revealed that getting curls in your hair isn’t as difficult as it looks. It also has the advantage of getting it done within a short period.

So, ditch those styling tools as this method can be used for both long and short hair types. These techniques are the best because they prevent hair damage and also minimize your time. This article is about how you can get amazing curls without using heat. Let’s get to it!

How to Get Curls On Short Hair Without Heat

Although using curling or flat irons will help you achieve those curls and within a short period, you might dread it after a while because it will weaken your hair follicles. These heatless methods revealed below are the best ways to get those curls without damaging your hair.

1. Use Headbands

Headband curls
Source: All Things Hair

That headband you use to hold your hair in position can be used to make beautiful curls. Though it doesn’t make tight rolls, that can be fixed by leaving it in your hair overnight. You can use a thick headband to achieve these curls in a shorter time by following these procedures;

  • Dampen your hair a little with a spray bottle. Continue the process till your hair is slightly wet.
  • Wear the headband as you wear it normally.
  • Cut your hair into several sections and loop it over the headband as many times as you wish
  • Leave it in that position for about 5-10 minutes. You can leave it for a longer period if you want to achieve distinct curls. Make sure your hair is dry before taking it off.
  • Remove the hair from the headband
  • Comb through the curls with your fingers. Using a comb will straighten the curls.
  • Lastly, to keep the curls in shape, you can make use of hairspray or gel.

2. Use Your Fingers

This method is as easy as it sounds. It’s easier for someone with slight wavy curls. What are the steps involved in this?.

  • The first step is to wash your hair and allow it to dry slightly. You can also wet your hand and run it through your hair severally.
  • Cut your hair with a comb into 6-8 sections. If your hair is full, you can cut it into smaller sections.
  • Wrap the tail of the section around your finger and twist it in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Repeat the same process to other sections.
  • Keep the curls in shape by using a hair spray or gel.
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes
  • Comb through the hair with your fingers but never make use of a comb as it will destroy the curls

3. Smart Pin Curl Clips

This can give you those desired curls in a short period. Here is how you can do that

  • As usual, wash your hair and allow it to dry slightly. You can also wet your fingers and use them to dampen your hair.
  • Make use of a leave-in conditioner to make bring out the curls perfectly
  • Cut your hair into smaller sections if you want smaller curls
  • Take the frontal section of your hair and wrap it around your finger. Then use the pin curl clip to attach that frontal part to the rest of your hair
  • Do the same to the other strands
  • Allow your hair to dry before taking off the pin curl clips

4. French Braids

A French braid will help you get your hair curled to your scalp. It gets you better curls when done overnight. How can you get this done?

  • Wet your hair with a spray bottle till it is a little bit dampened.
  • Apply a hair gel to your hair
  • Divide your hair into smaller or bigger sections.
  • Weave your hair into a French braid and tie the ends with an elastic. Use a spray bottle to keep its shape.
  • Unbraid the sections after a while.

5. Hair Rollers

Types of hair rollers
Image: Envato Elements

Hair rollers are old-fashioned but this was what was used in the ancient days to achieve curls. They were used to dry hair before hair dryers were invented. How can you get beautiful curls with hair rollers?.

  • Wet your hand with some water and comb through your hair or wash your hair and leave 80% of your hair to dry up.
  • Cut your hair into sections. 6-8 sections are enough depending on how small or big you want your curls to look
  • Roll up those sections of hair in the hair roller
  • Cover your hair with a bonnet or scarf to keep it in shape
  • Comb through the curls with your fingers after removing the hair rollers

6. Use A T-Shirt

The result you will get from using a T-shirt hair halo is almost similar to using a headband. Though, the slight difference between the two is that the curls you will get from using a T-shirt halo are bouncy. Here is how it can be done

  • Dampen your hair with some water
  • Twist a T-Shirt into itself till it makes a rope.
  • Take a hair tie and tie it together with the ends of the shirt
  • Place the tie on your head
  • Cut a section of your hair. Small or big depending on how you want your curls to look
  • Wind your hair around the halo on your head
  • Allow it to get dry before removing the halo
  • Comb through the curls with your finger so you don’t destroy the curls

7. Twist Your Hair

Twist out curls
Source: Bellatory

This is a common way used by many people to get those amazing curls.

  • Cut your hair into smaller sections. It could be 6-8 sections depending on you.
  • Take a toilet paper, pipe cleaner, or baby wipes and twist it
  • Take a small section of your hair and twist your hair in it
  • Then tie the twist-off when you reach the height where you want your curl to start
  • Repeat the same to other sections of your hair
  • Undo the twists and comb your fingers through them.


A lot of women with straight hair avoid going through that lengthy process of styling. If you want to protect your short hair from breakage, then you should embrace this lengthy process of styling.

You have more than enough methods above to explore and create those curls you have always desired. To keep the curls intact for a very long time, apply some leave-in conditioner in it and tie a scarf to hold it in position

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