How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

Without a doubt, there’s one thing I can predict with my eyes closed and a blank mind even though I am by no means a magician. Dizzy spells and mantras aside, I can say for a fact that you’ve at least two persons on butterfly locs on your feed or explore page on any of your social media accounts every day since 2021 began.

You dare not deny it, because you’re here and you’re curious about butterfly locs. 

You either have butterfly locs on and you’re wondering how long you can keep them in or you want to try getting butterfly locs in and you would like to know how long they last. Butterfly locs are not only popular because of how lovely they look, but they are also worth being made because they last longer and give you your time and money’s worth.

Many celebrities, influencers, and stylists have rocked butterfly locs in various colors, this might’ve been the reason you took interest in it but you should know how to take care of it and how long to leave it in to avoid possible hair damage.

What Are Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs are a hairstyle that resembles faux locs but has a significant difference, while faux locs are straight, butterfly locs are made by leaving out some hair on each strand that looks like loops.

They are loosely done and are made to look somewhat distressed, that’s why they are also referred to as distressed locs.

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

Butterfly locs take a long time to get on especially if you’re not crocheting it, you’re wrapping the hair extensions around your hair instead. For a hairstyle that takes a long while to get on, you would naturally expect them to stay on longer than other easier hairstyles, just like you would want to keep your knotless braids in for long.

So now the question on everyone’s lips is “how on do butterfly locs last?”, it’s an attractive and rather lovely hairstyle and there are several ways you can style it, it would be exciting to realize that you can keep them on for a long while and still enjoy having them on.

Normally, butterfly locs can last as long as four weeks (one month) before you need to take them out. But with proper care, butterfly locs can last as long as six to eight weeks and still look just as lovely as they did within the first month of getting them.

Butterfly Locs Pre-twisted Braids crochet braided
Image: Leeven Hair

For your butterfly locs to last longer, you would simply need to stick to a standard hair care routine that would ensure your hair does not get damaged.

Since you plan to have it one for longer than a month, your natural hair underneath would have already started growing, and neglecting the need to properly care for your hair means that your new growth will experience damage, damage that you could have prevented easily.

Making Butterfly Locs Last Longer

If you plan to keep your butterfly locs in for longer than a month, you would need to wash it regularly just as you would wash your natural hair, this means you would be required to wash it once or twice a week to rid it of any dirt that might affect your newly growing hair underneath.

You would also need to condition your hair regularly and moisturize it often as well. Make hydrating products your go-to because you need products to penetrate the hair extensions and properly moisturize your roots and hair strands.

After washing your hair, you must make sure that it dries properly to avoid itchy hair and bacteria making their way into your hair. After your hair has dried properly, you can finish by applying a leave-in conditioner to moisturize your hair and stimulate its growth. On days you do not wash your hair, you would still need to apply your leave-in conditioner to keep your hair hydrated at all times.

 In the end, it is healthier to leave your butterfly locs on for at most six weeks but only if you are ready to care for it properly. You don’t want to loosen your locs and find out that you are suffering from frizzy hair, dry hair, or split ends.

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Leaving them on for as long as eight weeks is a risk your hair might not survive, but hopefully, by following the above guidelines for hair care, your hair should do just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering getting butterfly locs braids? Here are some FAQs answered.

Are Butterfly Locs a Protective Style?

Yes, Butterfly locs are one of the most popular protective styles, they are made to be lightweight and put less tension on your hair in comparison to other braided hairstyles. Also, since butterfly locs are done by first of all braiding your hair in single plants before the extensions are loosely yet securely wrapped around. With this, your hair is protected and because of the absence of tension, it can also grow underneath.

What Kind Of Hair Do You Use For Butterfly Locs?

There are several types of hair extensions that can be used to make butterfly locs, but for best looks and a softer grip, it is advised that you make use of free tress water wave hair extensions. Any other type of water wave that is bouncy and curly can also be used in place of free tress extensions. Depending on how long you would like your butterfly locs to be, you would need between 6 to 8 packs of hair extensions for full hair.

Does Butterfly Locs grow your hair?

As a protective hairstyle, butterfly locs only give your hair enough space to grow while you have them on, they are not a way to stimulate have growth, they just do not obstruct it. When butterfly locs are maintained properly by being moisturized and washed regularly, it allows your hair to grow while also protecting it from harsh weather conditions.

Can You Crotchet butterfly locs?

There are butterfly locs extensions that have been made readily available to be crocheted easily to your hair, if you do not wish to sit through the long process where it’s wrapped around your braided hair one after the other, you can opt for butterfly loc extensions that can be crocheted.

Are butterfly locs heavy?

Butterfly locs are a little heavier than regular faux locs but this doesn’t make them a burden to carry, they can still be considered lightweight since they do not pull on the roots of your hair.


Butterfly locs are protective, they are meant to lift the burden on constant hair care while allowing your hair to breathe and also protecting it from harsh weather conditions your hair is exposed to.

All protective hairstyles take longer to make and can be kept in longer than other hairstyles and butterfly locs are not exempted.

Butterfly locs last for a month without shampooing, conditioning, and moisturizing, but they could last as long as six to eight weeks with constant hair care and would still look stunning!

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