How Long After A Perm Can You Wash Your Hair?

How Long After A Perm Can You Wash Your Hair?

Perms are one of the ways to make wishes come true, of course, there’s no spell but it brings a dream to life. If you have straight or thick hair and you have secretly wished for defined curls, getting a perm is one of the best ways to make this wish become reality.

You even get to decide if you get loose, tiny, big, or tight curls, you dictate your look so that you can enjoy it every second while it lasts.

However, every decision has questions that follow and until they are answered, you may be stuck in a bubble wondering what to do and what to avoid.

In this case, you must have gotten a new perm and you are curious as to when it is best to wash your hair or how long you need to wait so that it is not ruined, we have all the answers and guides that will also prove helpful.

How to do a perm at home?

If you enjoy doing your hair at home either to cut down costs or simply because you prefer to do your hair yourself, perms are one of the hairstyles you can try doing from the comfort of your home.

Home perms are easier to do these days because the chemical hair products used for perms are safer and simpler to manage.

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If it’s your first time getting perms done at home, you might need to get a perm buddy- a friend to help you with sectioning and other simple steps that require assistance. With the following steps and a good perm kit you can get a perm done at home;

  1. First, wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo to remove oil & dirt, and make sure to use a protein-rich shampoo.
  2. Next, protect your neck from the chemicals you’re about to use by wrapping a towel around it. Also wear a plastic cape over your clothes as well as plastic gloves.
  3. Section your damp hair into three equal parts and use a curling iron to work through it.
  4. Further section your hair into small bits and roll them around the curling rods and use a cotton strip to protect your hairline.
  5. Apply the perm solutions in small circular motions close to the curling rods.
  6. Make sure you check your hair every five minutes until you notice an S-shape forming. Then rinse your hair for three minutes thoroughly for the solution to be removed.
  7. Allow your hair to air dry then apply a neutralizer. Leave it in for ten minutes then rinse out thoroughly for another three minutes.
  8. Lastly, let your hair air dry and remove the rods to reveal your beautiful curls, you can easily style them with your fingers, using a comb or brush might loosen it.

How Long After A Perm Can You Wash Your Hair?

A perm is usually done in a bid to create bold or noticeable curls, and some specific chemicals & curling rods are used to achieve this.

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You do not want to do anything to ruin your curls except you are ready to take them out. One of the things you may wonder when you first perm your hair is when it is suitable for you to wash your hair.

Since you are aware that the curls you have on are artificial, you would be concerned as to how a shower or wash day could affect it. To wash your hair after a perm, several people advise that you wait twenty-four hours.

But to avoid having uneven curls when it comes in contact with the water, it is best and much safer – from experience – to wait as long as forty-eight hours before washing your hair after a perm.

There is however a certain way you are expected to wash your hair after getting a perm because the way your hair while it is permed could either simply clean it or cause the curls to straightening out prematurely.

Below are the steps to guide you through washing your hair properly after getting a perm;

  1. To repeat it because it is important to note, you need to say at least forty-eight hours (or longer if you’d like) before washing your newly permed hair, else it will not last.
  2. Make sure you ask a professional or make research hair products that are suitable for permed hair, this is to make sure you don’t use any shampoo or conditioner that will end up loosening the curls.
  3. To avoid straightening your curls, wash your hair gently. Scrubbing roughly could also cause your hair to tangle and detangling curls is never fun so you should save yourself the stress.
  4. Just as you have been advised to wash your hair softly, you should do the same while rinsing your hair.
  5. Next, apply a reasonable amount of protein-rich conditioner to your hair. Your hair has been exposed to some chemicals and how you take care of your perm determines whether your hair will suffer damage or not, by using a good conditioner you can keep your hair and curls looking and feeling healthy.
  6. Instead of a brush or a small toothed comb, get a wide toothed comb and use it to work through your hair for your curls to pop.
  7. To further avoid any sort of hair damage, use a deep conditioner once every week until you take your curls out.
How Long After A Perm Can You Wash Your Hair


Protecting your curls is your duty when you get a perm done, the curls are the essence of the hairstyle and you must learn how to care for them properly.

This means knowing that you would need to wait at least 48 hours before the first wash and that the shampooing and rinsing of your hair must be gently done. It is best to get a shampoo that was recommended by your stylist.

You would also need to protect your hair from UV rays and while swimming to avoid losing your curls. Your hair should always be moisturized and make sure you deep condition once a week to keep your hair healthy.

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