Curl or Crimp My Hair; How Long Does Hair Crimping Last?

Should I Curl or Crimp My Hair; How Long Does Hair Crimping Last?

Crimping and curling the hair are two identical yet different hairstyles that cause heads to turn unfailingly.

Trying to decide between curling or crimping your hair might be a question born from the need to try something new, being indecisive on which would suit you best, or genuinely interested in both and wondering which would cause less damage to your hair if that possibility exists.

The information provided here should help with finalizing that decision and generally enlighten you about hair crimping.

What is Hair Crimping?

Hair crimping also known as hair crinkles or deep waves is a method of hairstyling where straight hair is made to look as though it has a zig-zag or wavy pattern.

Although it may resemble loose curls, it is different because it gives more volume and a lovely bounce as well. Hair crimping is usually done with a hair crimper but it can also be done using hairpins or flat iron.

How to Crimp Your Hair Using A Flat Iron?

Although there are hair crimpers used in salons to crimp hair, in a situation where you have a date and your initial plans for your hair were ruined and it’s too late to book a hair appointment, or you’re going for a dinner night with friends and need an easy DIY hairstyle, or you need a simple hairstyle for your lecture or presentation, crimping your hair with a flat iron which is easier to own and a multipurpose hair tool is a great idea.

Below are the steps involved in crimping your hair with a flat iron or hair straightener?

Step 1: Use some hair styling products in your hair

After making sure your hair is straightened in a case where it naturally is not, you would need to apply some hair products that would make the crimping process easier.

If you have any hair curling products or styling mousse, apply them in small amounts to your hair as they would help activate the crimps when the process comes to an end. Avoid using too much of whatever hair products you decide on as it would make your hair sticky instead of forming crimps.

Step 2: Separate and braid your hair tightly

Following this, you would need to section your hair into two different halves bonded with a rubber band or silk hairband for natural hair that was straightened to fit the crimping requirement of straight hair.

Remove the rubber band from one of the equal halves you have split your hair into and divide it equally and braid it tightly and finish off each braid with a small hairband at the end.

Repeat this process of splitting the hair evenly and braiding tightly with the other half as well.  Note that the smaller and tighter you make your braids, the better the crimps you get when you loosen them.

Step 3: Spray your braids with a heat protection spray

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You would need to get any heat protection spray you can lay your hands on and use to spray each braid.

You have to pay adequate attention while spraying your braids, spray from the beginning to the tips of the hair as these are the parts the flat iron will come in contact with. The heat protection spray is meant to shield your hair from the heat that will come from the contact made with the hair straightener.

To avoid damaging your hair, it is important that you do not skip this protective step.

Step 4: Use the hair straightener on each braid

Next, you have to plug in your hair straightener and get it ready to be run through all your braids.

Place the hair straightener close to the root of your hair and run it through each braid, be extra careful not to burn your scalp or fingers as you use the straightener on your braids.

Step 5: Let your braids cool down then, loosen them

Lastly, you will need to patiently wait for your now straightened braids to cool before you undo them. If you loosen your braids right after straightening or while they are still warm it defeats the entire purpose because the crimps will not form.

After loosening them, you should not run a brush through as it would ruin the crimps that have now formed, simply spray your hair to keep the crimps in place.

Should I Curl or Crimp My Hair; How Long Does Hair Crimping Last?

If you are in a fix, wondering whether you should crimp your hair or curl it and you are not sure what to base your answers on, these questions being answered about crimping and curling your hair should do the trick.

1. How is hair crimping and hair curling bad for your hair?

Hair crimping is a hairstyle that has a process that involves applying heat to a person’s natural hair, ordinarily, this is a problem because applying heat to one’s hair is sure to lead to hair damage.

Hair curling also has the downside of heat making contact with the hair, curling irons are used for the process of curling and it could cause hair breakage or frizzling.

Fortunately, in a world where we want to have it all, there’s a solution to this heat problem. You would need to apply a good hair conditioner or any other hair product that is used to protect the hair from heat before getting your crimped or curled. This way, you get a lovely hairstyle and your hair is safe from heat damage.

2. Can hair crimping and hair curling be done without heat?

If you do not want to risk using any extra heat on your hair despite the existence of heat-protecting products because your hair is naturally thin or undergoing treatment, then it would interest you to know that you can crimp your hair without heat.

You would simply need to braid your straightened hair as tightly or as loose as you want your crimps to appear, use some hair spray on it, and leave the braids in till the next morning, after which you can loosen your braids carefully to reveal your crimps.

It might not be as good as those done with a flat iron or hair crimper, but it’ll still be lovely and your hair was spared the heat damage

There are a lot of ways you can curl your hair from the comfort of your home without heat, make sure you do not curl it while it is damp to avoid causing damage to your hair cuticles.

Curls can be gotten by leaving braids in overnight and using a wide-tooth comb to separate it by morning, wrapping your hair in hair rollers overnight, twisting your hair overnight with curling products or tissue paper, or with evenly braided French braids left overnight and carefully loosened by morning.

3. Do crimping and curling add volume to your hair?

If your hair crimping is done using a hair crimper, it usually ends up adding a rather flattering volume to it, making the hair appear thicker and fully due to the zig-zag pattern it leaves on the hair.

How Long Does Hair Crimping Last?

By using the hair crimper close to the roots of the hair and applying the required pressure, your hair will certainly look thicker and voluminous.

For curling your hair with the use of a curling iron, the technique for adding volume to your hair is the same, you start your curls from your roots while avoiding the scalp and you get fuller-looking and bouncy hair.

4. How long do hair crimping and hair curling last?

When your hair is crimped and set in place using hair mousse, it should stay in place through your dinner date, your lunch date, your meeting at work, or the picnic party. Once, you start fondling with your hair, or your hair is resting on a bed or any other surface, your crimps begin to get roughed up and loosen.

Crimping your hair is not meant to be a hairstyle you can keep for days or a week, it’s a quick fix to take you through an event, date, appointment, or any other engagement. If you want to keep it going for days you would need to keep touching up with the crimper and products, this would lead to heat damage and the products will eventually make your hair sticky.

Curling your hair pretty much has the same lasting length as crimping your hair, it would take quite a while to curl your hair but not half as much time for it the curls to begin to loosen. Curled hair is also for special occasions and might not last till the next day because as your hair hits the bed and you turn as you sleep, the curls are already rough and loosening gradually.


Both crimped and curled hair are great looks on whoever chooses to rock either of them.

The decision on whether to curl or crimp your hair should simply be based on preference, if you are a bigger fan of how big and bouncy curls get your hair to look, you should curl your hair for that occasion, but if you prefer the smaller and defined zig-zag patterns that crimping your hair gives, you should go for that instead.

We have seen that both hairstyles do not pose any less threat to the hair than the other, they both cause heat damage which can be avoided by using heat-protecting sprays or getting these hairstyles done without heat.

Both hairstyles give a lovely added volume to the hair and also last just as long. Make your pick based on what you’re feeling the most or whichever you think you can pull off best.

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