How Long Should I Wait To Bleach My Hair Again?

How Long Should I Wait To Bleach My Hair Again?

If you have somehow taken an interest in bleaching your hair, we can’t blame you- the results gotten after it is done properly are simply beautiful.

Who doesn’t want to walk into the room with golden locks? It gives you a daring feel that you wouldn’t want to see taken away from you.

There’s always a price to pay for beautiful hair, in this case, it is a healthy waiting period that you should not ignore if you want to avoid hair damage.

Any process that exposes your hair to chemicals should not be taken lightly or repeated too often, but just how long do you need to wait before lightening your locks again?

Hair Bleaching Explained

Hair bleaching is a chemical process that makes your hair lighter, it works by oxidizing the particles that contain melanin in your hair to make it appear lighter than usual.

Hair bleaching is done using special bleaching products that are usually sold in a kit with instructions to guide you through the process.

Hair bleaching is like a dye job that only makes your hair as many shades lighter as you would prefer and it lasts longer than some dye jobs as well.

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How Long Should I Wait To Bleach My Hair Again? 

You must have loved the feeling and overall look of your hair after getting your hair bleached to wonder how long you need to wait to get your hair bleached again.

Hair bleaching is not a process you should undergo often because of the toxic and powerful chemicals your hair will come in contact with each time it is done. By bleaching your hair often you embrace the risks of hair damage whether you are of it or not.

Your hair might look good, but it most definitely will not feel good.

Some persons advise you to bleach your hair again after two weeks but to be absolutely certain that you are not putting your hair at risk of irreparable damage, we would strongly advise you to wait for at least three weeks after your last hair bleaching was done before repeating the process.

If you truly value the integrity of your hair, you should wait as long as a month to bleach your hair again. Your hair needs to recover from its earlier contact with the chemicals present in the hair products that were used in bleaching it.

Although you may not feel like it, your hair would have undergone some chemical processes that it naturally should have no business with so this period of time is important for it to heal and be fit to undergo those processes again without risking hair damage.

Bleaching And Protecting Your Hair

 If you are concerned about maintaining the health and integrity of your hair, it is important to let it breathe after it has been dyed or bleached.

The melanin present in your hair is broken down faster when you repeatedly bleach your hair, the melanin content in your hair should be gradually broken down when you begin to age and not as a result of one too many bleach jobs.

Your hair shaft is opened up and its natural pigments are lost slowly each time you bleach your hair, the damage can however be minimal or controlled when you ensure that the process is not repeated too often.

It is best that you do not make hair bleaching a routine, do it as little as possible. Your hair gets weaker, frizzy, dull, dry, and begins to shed if you bleach it often or continuously.

It is important to note that any damage your hair experiences as a result of bleaching is permanent most times, you should not willingly subject your hit to irreparable damage just because you would like it to appear much lighter than usual.


It’s no mystery that having and maintaining healthy hair means you need to stay away from chemicals as much as you can afford to.

You can protect your hair and put in the required effort to take care of it while preparing it for a bleach job and after a bleach job, but if the spacing between one bleach job and the next is less than three weeks, your hair will still experience serious damage which can not be properly treated in some cases.

If you have light or weak hair that is easily prone to damage, you should wait longer than a month to bleach it again else you risk long-term hair damage.

Always ensure the condition of your hair is healthy enough for another bleach job even though you have waited as long as three or four weeks, else it will still get damaged at the end of the day.

There is a thin line you cross each time you expose your hair to chemical processes, you have to make sure the exposure is controlled and minimal to avoid risking permanent hair damage.

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