17 New E-Girl Hairstyle Ideas For 2022

top e-girl hairstyle ideas 2022

What is e-girl hair? If you are on TikTok then you probably know what the e-girl hairstyle is all about as it’s quite popular on TikTok. The e-girl color hairstyle is all about technique, and soft pastel shades and signatures characterize it. It features two face-framing hair streaks or some highlights at the front of your mane.

The e-girl hairstyle has recently become a big hair trend and with celebrities like Dua Lipa wearing it and you can’t help but want to see what is fascinating about the hairstyle. This hairstyle is the major hairstyle trend on ticktock and it’s a fun alternative style that combines cute with the feminine ironic vibe.

The e-girl hair trend is everywhere and it’s becoming a major trend.

One of the most important aspects of achieving this hairstyle is your hair type and color. However, to get you inspired by this cool look that has become a trend in 2021, we have rounded up a few of them to get you started.

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17 E-girl Hairstyles to Inspire You

The e-girl hairstyle is not as dramatic as it sounds, and it’s just all about experimenting with colors. Want to give it a try? Here are 17 e-girl hairstyle ideas for 2021 and beyond.

1. Rosie E-girl Highlights

Rosie E-girl Highlights
Source: Hair trends

The Rosie E-girl hair highlight is pretty classic and suitable for any hair color. The pink highlight is used to give it a cute chic barbie look without turning the whole hair color. This is also ideal for making black hair pop, and it sure has come cool vibe to it.

2. Soft Waves Purple Highlight

Purple Highlight
Source: Haircut and Hairstyles

Purple is an interesting color, and it’s pretty soft and close to pastel hence it makes a great E-girl highlight. This is not too bold but fancy enough to freshen any skin complexion.

3. E-girl Braid Hairstyle

Purple Highlight
Source: PinkyDinky

E-girl hairstyle is not meant for just styling or highlighting your hair. You can have fun with braids as well. This two-color combination balances each other out giving it a classy funky vibe.

4. Pink Fringe Hair With Yellow Highlight

Pink Fringe Hair With Yellow Highlight
Source: Beauty Crew

This is the bold E-girl hairstyle currently in trend and this is gorgeous. You can experiment with different colors of choice and the fringe sure makes it even more fascinating.

5. Spiked Mullet

Spiked Mullet
Source: Pinterest

The spiked haircut sure has some funky vibe to it, but the colors are pretty cool enough. This is one hairstyle that comes with an edge but is fascinating if you love a dramatic bold hairstyle.

6. Subtle Pink Slices

Subtle Pink Slices
Source: All Things Hair

A subtle pink streak works just as perfectly as going for a whole pink vibe too. This is ideal for blonde and pastel hair colors.

7. Vibrant Contrast

Vibrant Contrast
Source: Grunge Hair Trend

This sets the trend for those who want to dip all their toes into the E-girl hairstyle trend. This is pretty cool and vibrant as well.

8. Rainbow Baby Ban Hairstyle

Rainbow Baby Ban Hairstyle
Source: Trend Setter

The rainbow color is pretty bold, but it’s currently setting trends on TikTok and to hop on this trend, you will have to go bold with colors like this. You can go with the baby bangs for something even more classy.

9. Two Tone Viral Hairstyles

Two Tone Viral Hairstyle
Source: E-girl Trend

The E-girl hairstyle can be quite fun, and you can also get creative with it. This is another fascinating hairstyle currently causing a stir on TikTok.

10. Colored Curtain Side Bangs

Colored Curtain Side Bangs
Source: Pinterest

This is another exciting streak you can’t help but love. This is a cool highlight for black hair, and you can go with green too if you want something more bold and fancy.

11. Bob With Blonde Highlights

Bob With Blonde Highlights
Source: all things hair

This simple e-girl look has been achieved by bleaching the front section of the hair which creates a contrasting look against the initial color of the hair. If you like the cool ironic vibe then this is the e-girl hairstyle trend to hop on.

12. Pink Highlight

Pink Highlight
Source: Trendspotter

Pink is another really popular color used in the e-girl hairstyle. It is perfect for the feminine, cute, and quirky look. Depending on your skin tone, you can experiment with bold bright pink or go with something cool and subtle and keep in mind that if you have black hair, you will need to bleach some sections first before highlighting with any shade of pink.

13. Ginger Hair With Blonde Streaks

Ginger Hair With Blonde Streaks
Source: Beauty

The is one of the most popular e-girl hairstyle ideas and we can say it’s really beautiful. There is nothing more cheeky than a blonde color and it gives this cute youthful look you can’t but notice.

14. E-girl Pigtails

E-girl Pigtail
Source: Pinterest

E-girl hairstyles are not just about highlighting with colors but the way the hair is styled is also important. The e-girl pigtail is now a trendy way to get pigtails and because it is fun and sweet. For an extra girly touch, you can add accessories like barrettes and butterfly clips.

15. E-girl With Two Shades

E-girl With Two Shades
Source: E-split

If you are into colors and can’t seem to make up your mind then two shades are worth trying out. Two shades of hair are bold and you can go vibrant shades or something cool and soft.

16. Half Up, Half Down With Color Streaks

Half Up, Half Down With Colour Streaks
Source: Pinterest

The e-girl hairstyle is all about having fun and here is a cool way to keep it playful and classy. For extra e-girl points, try cool highlights.

17. Butterfly Hair Clips E-girl Hairstyle

Butterfly Hair Clips E-girl Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Making a statement is one of the things to do with the e-girl hair trend and styling your hair with butterfly clips is one that stands out.

Wrapping Up

The e-girl hairstyle is a major trend on TikTok and there are so many amazing ways you can hop on the trend. The signature of this hairstyle is simply about recreating the 90s streaks in contrasting hues and styling your hair in fun and dramatic ways.

So, whether you are inspired by the 90s trend it replicates or loves your fav anime character, we have rounded the best e-girl hairstyles above that are going to be in trend for a long while.

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