11 White Acrylic Nail Design Ideas For 2024

White Acrylic Nail Design Ideas

Having your nails done is a little girl’s dream, watching your older siblings or aunties strut in their polished nails would you want to try them out too.

It usually starts with painting your fingernails with any nail polish you find lying around the house until you’re finally old enough to go into a nail parlor or salon and get your nails done.

While regular nail polish and gel polish are great options, acrylic nails last longer and are always an amazing option.

Let’s give you incredible designs to try when it comes to white acrylic nails.

What are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are a type of artificial nail that is done by combining nail powder and nail liquid on your nail using a special brush.

After the powder and liquid are applied, the nail is filed to fit whichever shape you choose. It is finally finished off by adding a base coat, nail polish color of your choice, and a top coat, then it is left to dry.

11 White Acrylic Nails Design Ideas

Acrylic nails are worth the buzz and excitement, but something about white acrylic nails says classic and sophisticated. If you just loved the sound of that, then let’s give you 11 beautiful and classy white acrylic nail designs to put you on top of your nails.

1. White Acrylic Nails With Diamond Shaped Charms

Source: Instagram

This beautiful set of white acrylic nails stands out because of the white designs that resemble calm sea waves, and the beautiful diamond-shaped stones that are used to adorn the middle and index fingers.

Two diamond-shaped stones are lined up on the middle finger and around it are four pretty stones to compliment it, while on the index finger one diamond-shaped stone is placed in between three pretty stones. You can’t go wrong with this classy white set, it is simple yet stunning.

2. White Nails With Swirl Design

Source: Pinterest

The swirly lines that run along with all the fingers on this design are simply lovely designs. Your white acrylic nails do not need to look too busy for you to make a statement with them, you do not need to go wild and this design proves just that.

3. White Acrylic Nails With Pink Hearts

Source: Pinterest

If you love a little bit of sweetness in addition to your sleek white acrylic nails then this design is the one for you. It has adorable pink-eyed hearts on the index and middle fingers, designed in two different shades of pink that make them endearing the moment you get them done.

4. White Acrylic Nails With Glitter and Gems

Source: Pinterest

This set gives off a bridal vibe, if you are getting ready to be a bride or a part of the bridal train for a wedding then you might want to try out this white acrylic nail design. The index and ring fingers are designed with silver and white glitter, the middle finger has three decorative stones on the tip and end of the nail and the thumb is adorned stylishly with beautiful stones as well.

5. White Acrylic Nails With Baby Pink and Decorative Stones

Source: Pinterest

If you love French tip nail designs, you’re going to easily fall in love with this set of white acrylic nails. The pinky and index fingers are made plain white, while the middle finger and ring finger are done using a pink and white French tip design and decorative stones lined at the base.

6. Acrylic Nails Lined Up With Silver Gem Charms

Source: Pinterest

Using silver charms on your white acrylic nails is one of the best ways to stand out, it may not be these exact silver charms or in this same manner, but scattering your choice of silver charms across your nails will always leave a dramatic statement. This has been in style since 2020 and is not going out of style anytime soon.

7. White Acrylic Nails With A Butterfly Design And Stiletto

Source: Pinterest

The first thing that catches your eye when you see this set, is the creative manner in which the stones have been placed to get a butterfly shape. If you can’t fly, then your nails can create the illusion that you indeed can, these white acrylic nails with decorative stones designed as a butterfly are a sure way to get that done.

It doesn’t end with the creative stoned butterfly, it also has a stiletto-shaped pinky that makes it nothing short of elegant.

8. White Acrylic Nails With Cute Blue Butterflies

Source: Pinterest

Your nails do not have to belong to look amazing, and this pretty set proves it beyond doubt. Blue butterfly stickers are enough to have your nails looking adorable yet simple, here the butterfly stickers are placed in a lovely fashion on the middle finger, index finger, and thumb.

9. Gummy Bear Acrylic Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

This set screams wild, cute, and ready to stun everyone in your way. It has cute stones designed to cover the entire pinky finger, the ring finger is adorned with a baby pink gummy bear charm, and the index finger is designed with decorative stones to seal this lovely design.

10. White Acrylic Nails With Cut-up Dollar Designs

Source: Pinterest

The look of luxury can also be worn on your nails, even in the simplest way. You can radiate luxury in any way you desire to and this nail design makes it possible to do it using your white acrylic nails as well. This simply has cut-up dollar strips designed to fit into the nail on your pinky. Look like your class self from head to toe ladies.

11. White Acrylic Nails With Pink Flame Designs

Source: Pinterest

Pink flames? Girl yes. This set is nothing short of gorgeous with adorable baby pink flames that are resting on the middle finger and index finger. You don’t need to go crazy to look stunning when it comes to white acrylic nails, this set says that all.


If any of these designs above happen to be your style, then jump on the wagon this year. You can go crazy, bold, simple, adorable, or calm with white acrylic nails and still get an amazing outcome.

Beautiful nails do a great job of adding some spice to your look and personality, you should try one or more of these lovely styles this year.

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