7 Blue Acrylic Nail Designs For 2022

7 Blue Acrylic Nail Designs For 2022

Even though ”feeling blue” means that you’re probably feeling out of it, the color blue has a way of making you feel as though you’re floating on a cotton cloud, especially when you pick the perfect shades.

Blue acrylic nails are not a common color to try out, that’s why you need to go out of your way and try out these adorable acrylic blue nail designs we have hand-picked specifically for you.

If you’re thinking of getting a fresh nail set done, don’t shy away from trying out something new amongst the designs we have made available.

7 Blue Acrylic Nail Designs

Trying to cross off blue acrylic nails from the list of colors you’re yet to try out? Let’s give you the perfect selection to choose from. All of these nail sets are perfect and suit different preferences, you’re sure to find a few favorites as you look through them.

1. Blue And Nude Butterfly Themed Nails

Source: Instagram

The gold butterflies are getting actual butterflies to gather in your tummy, it’s a unique design and one you wouldn’t want to miss out on rocking this year.

The calm blue of the nails, as well as the nude, makes it a perfect match for a butterfly theme. The pretty gems alongside the butterflies bring it all together, an amazingly stunning set.

2. Baby Angels Cloud Themed Stiletto Blue Acrylic Nails

Source: Instagram

Yes, baby angels in their spectacular adorable formation are resting on these nails, but there’s a beautiful catch that makes it heart-warming. The perfectly calm clouds that the baby angels are resting on are hard to ignore, they make the entire picture come together and make perfect sense. This blue acrylic nail set is a winner.

3. Blue Acrylic Nails With Swarovski Gems

Source: Instagram

This is a simple blue acrylic nail set that steals the show in one glance with the Swarovski gems that adorn the middle fingers. It makes it seems as though blue has never looked so good, the solid blue holds an aura that makes the wearer feed off the beauty, this is such a perfect mix.

4. Adorable Baby Blue And Pink Nail Design

Source: Instagram

This blue acrylic nail set is simply perfect, the designs are precise, detailed, and a work of sheer creativity. The beautiful blend of blue and pink is impossible to overlook when you take a first look at this nail set.

The way the flowers are perfectly lined up on the ring fingers is also what lights up the entire set. This is a set worth trying out, especially if you have a special occasion coming up.

5. Butterfly And Marble Blue Acrylic Nail Design

Source: Instagram

Are butterflies ever out of the season? That’s a definite NO. This adorable butterfly set has so many endearing features, it somehow manages to balance the busy nail art since it all rests on a clear base.

Slipping the gold into the marble design makes it look like a design out of the ordinary. This set is calm like soft ocean waves yet bold and lovely.

6. Blue Snowflakes Themed Acrylic Nail Design

Source: Instagram

Snowflakes are a simple way to get your blue nails looking icy, and not in a way that deems your spirits, but in a way that is sure to light them instead.

This nail set takes on a calm and sweet blue tone, the snowflakes rest on clear bases on the ring and index fingers. It is an amazing set to have on, winter or not.

7. Baby Blue And White Acrylic Nails With Pixie Beads

Source: Instagram

Take a moment to stare back at the perfectly aligned pixie beads on the pinky fingers that could have not possibly gone unnoticed when you looked at this gorgeous set.

The creative design that has the entire baby blue and white theme going strong is also worth recognizing, this is a clean and elegant set.


Feeling blue? We can make that go away with these gorgeous blue acrylic nail designs that have been provided above. We have put together seven of the best blue acrylic nail designs you’re likely to come across.

Blue has calming and cooling properties that make it an endearing color, definitely worth trying out,

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