13 Tips For Long Lasting Nail polish With Top Coat

Nails polish

Really nice nail polish is considered a mood lifter for lots of women. However, it can be really infuriating spending a healthy amount of money on a manicure and having it break off in no time.

Whether you are going for a casual nail polish or looking for perfectly polished nails to show off at events, all you need are tips to help you keep it fresh and fancy always. 

There are many factors that can contribute to nail polish breaking off but knowing essential tips to keep them longer can help reverse this fate.

A nail polish/manicure by a professional can be super expensive and end up breaking up in a week. In order to keep your nail polish to last for weeks with no chipping and nicking even if you are doing them at home yourself. Here are a few simple and easy steps that can help your DIY manicure to last for weeks.

1. Always Keep Your Nails Short

While longer nails are really lovely, it’s best to keep them short. The shorter the nails, the less likely they are going to break, chip or peel. The first step to keeping a longer-lasting manicure/nail polish is to have your nails trimmed regularly.

Your nails do not have to be extremely short, just enough to make sure they are making fewer contacts with surfaces. Opt for shorter nail length when clipping and filing to ensure nail polish lasts longer on them.

2. Select Your Base Coat Wisely

A base coat is important for longer nail polish. It is the best defense against staining or discoloration as it provides a protective layer between nail color and the nail bed. It is also best to go for darker and bolder colors that always require a base coat except for the neons.

A common mistake made is skipping this step and this could only lead to nail damages but choosing a strong and grippy base coat extends the life of a nail polish

3. Use A Good Strengthener In Between Nail Polishes

A healthy nail means a longer nail polish. To have those healthy and chip-free nails, use a good strengthening agent that can help repair nail damages and prevent it from any further chipping, nicking, or breakage.

4. Apply A Nail Polish Remover

You must be wondering why you need a nail polish remover? The application of nail polish helps remove natural oils from the nails hence using a polish remover before using nail polish can strengthen the nails however to ensure this is effective, you have to choose the best nail polish remover.

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5. You Can Skip The Soak (Hot Bath)

Having said manicures are mood lifters and they can also make your nails look more attractive hence we love getting them however for long-lasting nail polish, skip the bath.  Submerging your hands in water makes your nails expand and just when they dry and shrink, it will eventually cause your nail color to crack.

6. Roll The Nail Polish Bottle

Instead of the common practice of shaking or tipping the bottle, you should have it rolled.  Rolling it upright infuse the nail polish with air bubbles that are entrapped and prevent nail chips and you can get that long-lasting nail polish. Mix the polish by rolling it between your palms at a smooth pace.

7. Avoid The Cuticles

It is important to keep the nail polish from touching your cuticles. Getting nail polish on your cuticles might not be intentional. Unfortunately If somehow the nail color is applied over them it may cause peeling of nail color and it will not let them last for long, hence carefully go over the perimeter of your nails to remove any nail polish that shouldn’t be there. 

8. Choose The Nail Color Wisely

We all love bold and deep nail colors and neons on the other hand are such a treat to the eyes that gives your manicure a statement look but they are known to stunt nail growth and cause further chipping and breakage.

To have your nail polish stay for a little longer than it is wise to select mellow nail colors such as matte-finish, neutrals or even a fresh manicure will do the magic.

You can choose the best nail polish for a party.

9. Don’t Forget To Polish The Edges

It is essential that you polish each and every side of your nail and this is because it gives a subtle and smooth finish look.  Apply the nail polish evenly through the edges to add protective layers to your tips. 

10 Tips For Long Lasting Nail polish With Top Coat

10. Use Thin Coats Of Nail Polish

It is best to apply your nail polish in thin coats and in one stroke. The thicker the nail color the more time it will take for drying and most importantly it weakens the bond between them, which is why thinner coats are required to give more strength to your manicure. Although additional coats may be needed for full coverage.

11. Always Wait Between Your Coats

The most common mistake we make with nail polish is not waiting between the application of nail color.  If your nail color is not completely dried before you add the second layer of a nail color it may peel off within a few minutes. So for longer nail polish, wait for at least 1 to 2 minutes between each nail coat.

12. Apply A Top Coat

Once you are done with the application of nail polish, now is the time you apply a good and strong nail top coat to secure that ravishing manicure for days. A nail topcoat is an essential finish that gives your manicure a high-shine gloss and luster.

When it comes to keeping nail polish for a long while, maintenance is important which means you need to re-apply a top coat nail polish after every two to three days to get the best results.

13. Apply A Moisturizer

Moisturizing your hand after all the work being done is the most satisfying thing to do in the end. It soothes and hydrates your hand and gives your hands a soft and smooth look.

Any moisturizer with essential oil will be of great use.


For nail polish to last for weeks, there are always tips and procedures to follow hence above are some of the best tips for both DIY and professional long-lasting nail polish.

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