37 Coquette Nails Styles For The Year

Coquette Nails styles for the year

Heard so much about coquette nails and you want to give it a try this year? Well, great choice, you certainly have fashionable taste and we are here for it.

Coquette nails are stunning nail designs that exude this flirtatious, feminine energy and it is currently dominating the nail space. Might sound unbelievable that something as simple as a nail design can promote feminity but you’d understand when you see it.

Nails that fit the croquette aesthetics often feature hearts, bows, clouds, butterflies, pearls, pastels and so much more. They are the subtle version of baddie nails as they are cool and bougie. Hop on the croquette nail with these styles we have prepared just for you.

37 Coquette Nails Styles For The Year

If you are a social media aficionado and an active user of TikTok and Instagram, you must have seen the coquette nails a couple of times on your favorite celebrity or social media influencer. And we can both agree that they are tremendously lovely and sophisticated. So here are 37 coquette nail styles that you can try this year.

1. Classic Coquette Nails

Classic Coquette Nails
Image: nailsxnellaa//instagram

This classic coquette nail set will certainly add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your overall everyday look.

2. Baddie Coquette Nail Set

Baddie Coquette Nail Set
Image: secret.nail.affair//instagram

You want to give your coquette nail a baddie aesthetic, and you are wondering how you can make that possible, well this nail coquette nail design will do justice.

3. Pink Coquette Nails With Princess Core

Pink Coquette Nails With Princess Core
Image: nailsbyaangell//instagram

A playful nail set that can give you the princess vibes might be just what you need to give you that confidence.

4. Sweet Love Coquette Nail Set

Sweet Love Coquette Nail Set
Image: pcasnails//instagram

This coquette nail set with a heart-shaped design is a cute and playful choice for a romantic date but rest assured that it can also fit your everyday look.

5. Black Corquette Nail Set

Black coquette nails
Image: nailit_quyen//instagram

This nail design will surely make you feel confident and express your unique personality.

6. Pretty Coqutte Nail Set

Pretty Coquette Nail Set
Image: pearlss.nailss//instagram

You are sure to show off your fun and flirty side with this coquette nail design and add some charm to your overall look.

7. Strawberry Coquette Nails

Bling Strawberry Coquette Nails
Image: nailsbyggabby//instragram

Bling strawberry coquette nails are a fun and eye-catching choice for girlies who enjoy a more extravagant and bold nail design.

8. Cute Red And White Coquette Nails

Cute Red And White Coquette Nails
Image: _nailedbyjennifer//instagram

The classy theme of this nail set will add a unique and flirty touch to your overall look.

9. Soft Glam Coquette Nails

Soft Glam Coquette Nails
Image: idalias_nailz//instagram

This nail set offers a feminine and sophisticated look to your overall style.

10. French Tips Coquette Nails

French Tips Coquette Nails
Image: setsbysun//instagram

These nails are great for those who prefer a more elegant and understated style.

11. Bling Coquette Nails

Bling Coquette Nails
Image: skylinebeautysupply//instagram

If you love going extra with your nails, this might just be the best choice for you.

12. Bubble Gum Ballerina Corquette Nails

Bubble Gum Ballerina Coquette Nails
Image: clawsbyerica//instagram

This nail design is perfect for various occasions like weddings, parties, or everyday wear.

13. Squared Coquette Nails

Squared Coquette Nails
Image: skylinebeautysupply//instagram

This nail design is absolutely attractive and will fit into your everyday look perfectly.

14. 3D Bubble Coquette Nails

3D Bubble Coquette Nails
Image: nissanailedit//instagram

If you want a sleek and trendy look, that can enhance your overall appearance, this is just the right design for you.

15. Dainty Flower Coquette Nail Set

Dainty Flower Coquette Nail Set
Image: setsbydivina//instagram

This coquette nail design is a stylish and fashionable choice.

16. Coquette Nail With Pearls

coquette nails with pearls
Image: nailssxbriannaa//instagram

If you want to maintain a natural look, you should definitely opt for this coquette nail set design.

17. Trendy Coquette Nails

Trendy Coquette Nails
Image: babynail.s//instagram

Depending on personal taste and preference, this coquette nail set is perfect and can serve you some spicy looks.

18. Rocky Coquette Nail Set

Rocky Coquette Nail Set
Image: camisbeautylab//instagram

These unique coquette nails are cute and boujie.

19. Coquette Nails With Hand Drawn Bow

Coquette Nails With Hand Drawn Bow
Image: thenailwizrd//instagram

This particular coquette nail design is cute and appealing for every style.

20. Pretty Coquette Nail Set

Pretty Coquette Nail Set
Image: amys.clients//instagram

You are sure to have the world in your fingers when you opt for this coquette nail design.

21. Black French Tips Coquette Nails

Black French Tips Coquette Nails
Image: badbrignails//instagram

Minimalist or not, as long as you have great taste when it comes to your manicure, this nail set is just what you need. Unlike many coquette nails, this design dares to be different as it features black gel polish other than some pastel colors.

22. Chrome French Coquette Nails

Chrome French Coquette Nails
Image: nails_by_sarai13_//Instagram

Coquette nails are happy nails because they are use made with pastel colors that tend to calm and relax you. This chrome French coquette nail is so pretty and cool that you can not help but feel good about yourself.

23. Airbrushed Golden Corquette Nails

Airbrushed Corquette Nails
Image: nailsbysaryna//instagram

Airbrushed nail designs are currently the latest nail art technique. It gives this coquette nail set a hazy effect and this creates an entirely flawless finish.

24. White Stiletto Bow Nails

White Stiletto Bow Nails
Image: nailsbyalyk//instagram

Go coquette but make it stilletto. This nail design is all shades of elegant, the pearls and bow take the look to perfection.

25. Pink And White Coquette Nails

Pink And White Coquette Nails
Image: gelxdel//instagram

If you want a coquette nail set that screams class and elegance, this nail idea might be just what you need.

26. Medium Frenchies Coquette Set With Nail Petals

Airbrush Medium Frenchies Coquette Set
Image: arii.acrylics//instagram

We love the extraness of this coquette nail set. The subtle addition of beautiful petals at the base of the nails is delightfully charming.

27. Pink Coquette Nail Set

Pink Coquette Nail Set
Image: nailedbysusi_//instagram

If are looking for something simple but stunning, this is a perfect choice.

28. Purple Glassy Coquette Nails

Purple Glassy Coquette Nails
Image: kaysklawss//Instagram

You are in the mood for some coquette nail set but you are not sure if it would fit into the baddie aesthetic perfectly, well here is your sign that coquette nails can indeed be a baddie nail.

29. Corsetted Coquette Nail Set

Corsetted Coquette Nails
Image: nailsbychabella//instagram

This bougie and trendy nail set features nail art that looks exactly like the corset strings and black and pink bows.

30. Cute Coquette Nail set

Cute Coquette Nail set
Image: angiesklawss//instagram

Go wild and crazy with your coquette nails without regrets.

31. Black Ombre Coquette Set

Black Ombre Coquette Set
Image: nailsonglo_//instagram

Not ready for pastel colors? You can take on this nail trend with the unique coquette nail idea.

32. Pink On Pink Coquette Nails

Pink On Pink Coquette Nails
Image: polishedup_bynessa//Instagram

This is certainly a safe way to hop on the coquette nail trend if you are not quite sure about it being your style.

33. Freestyle Pink And White Bow Set

Freestyle Pink And White Bow Set
Image: kaysklawss//instagram

Coquette nails have no business being boring. As subtle as this nail design is, it is certainly a fun nail inspiration.

34. Almond Shaped Coquette Nails

Almond Shaped Coquette Nails
Image: clawphoria.nailstudio//instagram

These glowy almond-shaped coquette nails are undoubtedly an ideal choice for you.

35. Valentine’s Day Corquette Nail Set

Valentine's Day Corquette Nail Set
Image: polishedbymariine//instagram

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you have zero idea of what nail inspiration to go for, well here is exactly what you need.

36. Tapered Squared Y2K Coquette Nails

Tapered Squared Y2K Coquette Nails
Image: pixi3nailz//instagram

Give your fingertips the chance to drip hard with these rich-looking and classy coquette nails with golden nail ornaments.

37. Shimmery Coquette Nail Set

Super Glossy Coquette Nail Set
Image: craftxnine_//instagram

This shimmery coquette nail set features bows and heart-shaped nail accessories and we can’t get enough of it.

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