37 New Year Nail Designs For You

New Year Nail designs For You

Every new year comes with a brand new resolution, a dogged zeal, and a positive mindset to smash real-time goals. However, for us nail lovers, the launch of the year isn’t half complete without some fresh nail sets.

For us it’s not just a “new year, new me” kind of thing, it is more of a “new year new nails” and I can assure you that no one loves a new set of nails more than we do. Now that is said, we can all agree that not only does having new sets done make us feel brand new, but it also gives us a fresh boost of confidence.

Now here comes the common problem that we all face- an actual nail design to go for that speaks our personal style “language” and also syncs perfectly with the new year season.

But there is a quick fix to this issue as we have compiled a long list of mindblowing nail designs and I will be happy to share them with you. So sit back, and relax as I take you on this exhilarating ride.

37 New Year Nail Designs For You

When it comes to New Year nail designs there is no room for mediocrity and boring ideas, everything has to be right on point so you can proudly say “Nails on fleek!”. Trust me I understand this fact, so expect that everything on the list will be giving everything it is supposed to give. Now let’s get right into it;

1. Freestyle Chrome Nails

Freestyle Chrome Nails
Image: nailzbynathalie//instagram

There’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t get compliments about how lovely your nails are with this new year’s nail set.

2. Nude And Blue Coffin Nails With Encapsulation

Nude And Blue Coffin Nails With Encapsulation
Image: villalonayeimi//instagram

One thing for sure is that this nail design will allow you to personalize your style and express your positivity for the new year.

3. Classy Black French Tip Nails

Classy Black French Tip Nails
Image: stefsnails_//instagram

You can definitely just go for the simple but classy look as it will fit your everyday look.

4. Trendy Brown Nails

Trendy Brown Nails
Image: nailsxomari//instagram

The nail art for this set is not just unique but looks perfect and amazing and it is best suited for girlies that have good taste in fashion.

5. Pretty Tapered Squared Nails With Torques Gems

Pretty Tapered Squared Nails With Torques Gems
Image: ak.k_nails//instagram

You will be expressing your personality and celebrating the transition to the new year with these fashionable and super adorable nails.

6. Cheetah Print Nails

Cheetah Print Nails
Image: prettytipsbyj//instagram

This nail design allows you to embrace a balance of elegance and creativity, and this makes it a subtle yet fashionable statement.

7. Black French Tips With Cherries

Black French Tips With Cherries
Image: the.vanilla.nail//instagram

The classic French tip offers a timeless elegance, while the addition of black color and cherry ornaments provides a touch of sophistication and edge.

8. Orange Stilleto Nails

Orange Stilleto Nails
Image: blaq_shique_//instagram

This new year nail set is beautiful and all shades of cute!

9. Short Length Nail Set With Charms

Short Length Nail Set With Charms
Image: pinkipromise.nails//instagram

This nail set offers a unique combination of class and charm that no one will be able to resist.

10. Pretty Chrome Nails With Blings

Pretty Chrome Nails With Blings
Image: dinadidit_//instagram

This pretty nail set designed with bling is incredibly beautiful and stylish

11. Perfect Purple Stiletto Nail Set

Perfect Purple Stiletto Nail Set
Image: thenailbabeuk//instagram

You will certainly be making a stunning choice with this jolly-looking nail set.

12. Classic Nails With Rainbow Colors

Classic Nails With Rainbow Colors
Image: bel.unas//instagram

Enjoy a splash of fun color and add a little bit of sparkle to your every look with this awesome colorful nail set.

13. Pretty Square Nails With Swirly design

pretty nails with swirls
Image: styledbyailani//instagram

You can never go wrong with lovely nail set. Although it is simple , but it’s every bit of classy.

14. Purple Marble Nail Set

Purple Marble Nail Set
Image: joyayo633//instagram

Marble designs are always voguish and in this purple color it is even much prettier.

15. Short Trendy Nail Set

Short Trendy Nail Set
Image: klassifiedbykay//Instagram

These white beautiful nails are just what you need to make that bold and positive statement for the new year.

16. Lemon Airbrush Nail Set

Lemon Airbrush Nail Set
Image: humbliztic_nailz//instagram

This classy nail set is on a whole level of gorgeousness.

17. Simple Coffin Nails With Gold Chrome

Simple Coffin Nails With Gold Chrome
Image: estrellanailsart//instagram

This nail choice is absolutely stunning and classy at the same time.

18. Cute Nude and Orange Nail Set

Cute Nude and Orange Nail Set
Image: annongles07//Instagram

You will fall in love with your fingertips over and over again when you opt for this super cute set.

19. Rainbow Inspired Nail Set

Rainbow Nail Set
Image: bel.unas //Instagram

This nail set is stunning, the colorful patterns at the tip of the nail make the set extraordinary and beautiful.

20. Croc Print Bubble Nails

Croc Print Bubble Nails
Image: nails.amour_miamigarden//instagram

This nail set is worth every bit of the obsession. It is neatly and carefully done in such a way that it gives off perfection.

21. Black French Tippies With Blings

Source: nailedbtmele//instagram

If you love trendy and beautiful nails, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t jump on this amazing design.

22. White And Pink Glossy Nails With 3D Petals

Pink and white nails with 3D petals
Source: Nailsbyandrea_//Instagram

As I stated earlier, there is no room for boring nails, and this is one of the proofs that I meant what I said. This nail set isn’t just classy, it exudes sophistication that speaks volumes!

23. Pink Trendy Holiday Nails

Trendy holiday nails
Source: ceenails102//instagram

Now take a good look at these nails and tell me it doesn’t look amazing. Of course, it does! This nail set will casually set you on a happy for as long as you have them on.

24. Grey Extra-long Candy Cane Nails

Grey Extra-long Candy Cane Nails
Source: adoreaxo//Instagram

Of course, you are going to be killing it every day with this set of yummy and glamorous nails.

25. Black Airbrushed Stiletto Nails

Black airbrushed stiletto nails
Image: nailedbymele//Instagram

Wanna hear something you have probably heard before? Stiletto nails will forever be a trendy choice. Stay winning this unique and extremely gorgeous set.

26. Rose Gold Nail Set

Rose gold nail set
Image: lulysnailroom..Instagram

If you are like me and you are in your soft girl era, then this nail design is just perfect for you.

27. White Frenchies Glitter Nails

White Frenchies Glitter Nails
Image: nailsxbyesme//Instagram

Give off the princess vibe with this new nail set. You are sure on the right path on your nail journey when you choose these adorable nails.

28. Super Cute Lavender Nails

Super Cute Lavender Nails
Image: thenickiprintt//Instagram

We can all agree that this full set of lavender nails is extremely beautiful and out of this world.

29. Marble Ombré Nails

Marble ombre nails
Source: nails.bykah//Instagram

This nail set is certainly giving strawberry crepe candy and it’s so satisfying to see it.

30. Blue French Tips Nails With Charms

Blue french tips
Image: setsbylala//Instagram

This nail extension design is just what you need to start a great new year. It may spark up your confidence to achieve every goal you wish to smash.

31. French Chrome Nails Adorned With Studs And Bow

French Chrome Nails Adorned With Studs And Bow
Image: Killernails//Instagram

Be all dolled up and ready for an outstanding year with this simple, soft, and elegant nail design.

32. Star-Inspired Medium Nails

Star Inspired medium Length nails
Image: Setbylala//Instagram

You are a star and this nail set can make you feel like one. This nail design not only features some half-shaped stars but is also adorned with lovely nail charms for extra beauty.

33. Pink Ombre Nail Set

Pink ombre nails
Image: 14nailz_//Instagram

Unleash the baddie in you with this rich nail set. The design depicts class and it is all shades of gorgeous.

34. Lovey Nail Glam Set

Lovey nail glam set
Image: nailbxebe//Instagram

This nail design is perfect for every style and taste. The fact that it can sync with every mood is just a huge bonus.

35. Classic Nude And Grey Nail Set

Classic Nude And Grey Nail Set
Image: evance_nails_tz//Instagram

These fabulous short nails can literally take you places, and as such it is the perfect nail set to start the year with.

36. Nude Nails Set With Cow Prints

Nude nails with cow prints
Image: pinkipromise.nails//Instagram

Elevate your nail game for the fresh year with this astonishing nail design.

37. Silver Chrome Nails

Silver chrome nail set
Image: nails.bykah//Instagram

These nail sets are extremely beautiful and gorgeous and you would certainly love every inch of it.

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