11 Nude Colored Acrylic Designs You’ll Love

nude color acrylic nail designs

How does the saying go? “Go nude nails or go home” is that it? That’s definitely it. You can never go wrong with nude acrylic nails, it’s the Houdini base color for acrylic nails, paired with any color or design, it turns out totally amazing, and for some reason it never misses.

No matter what design you have in mind, nude acrylic nails can either help you tone it down or successfully give it life.

If you are already a fan of nude acrylic nails, then you’ll love these designs- and if you’re not, you’re in for a ride, and welcome to the club already.

11 Nude Acrylic Designs You’ll Love

If you’re new to acrylic nail designs, starting with nude acrylic designs is one of the best decisions you could make. You can go wild, simple, cute, glamorous, long, medium, or short with nude nails and still get awesome results, it’s compatible with any design you chose. Below are ten nude acrylic designs you’ll definitely love;

1. Neutral Minimalist Acrylic Nails

Neutral Minimalist Acrylic Nails
Image: @ nailedbyjl // Instagram

Cute is the perfect word for describing this nail design. The nail art is simple enough for your nail technician to recreate and it’s not as dramatic as other nail types either. Also, you can go for short ones if this seems too long.

2. Nude And White Acrylic Nails With Gems And Hearts

Source: Pinterest

It’s the hearts for you too yeah? The beautiful hearts drawn in an almost child-like yet endearing manner on the middle finger and ring finger are easy to fall in love with. This nude set is mixed with white as well, which brightens the look beautifully.

The lovely precious stones beside the hearts are also a lovely addition to this nude acrylic nail set.

3. Nude Acrylic Nails With Golden Strips

Source: Pinterest

Nude and chocolaty brown is a combination you cannot look away from, if you love nude nails you are definitely a fan of soft shades of brown such as this beautiful chocolate brown.

The chocolate brown blends sweetly with the nude and leaves you wanting more, so of course there’s more. The gold strip that rests on the ring finger is the finishing touch that turns this set into an absolute masterpiece.

4. Simple Nude Acrylic Nails With Gold Glitter

Source: Instagram

When you look at this at first, you’re probably wondering why this looks so simple and basic. But I can assure you that this nude acrylic set just like the others is very far from basic.

This is something for our minimalists that puts a spin on their entire look while not going overboard. This nude set has gold glitter on the tips that take it from basic to pretty in seconds when you look closely.

5. Acrylic Nails With Flower Patterns And Stones

Source: Instagram

If you’re all about the bling, this nude acrylic set is calling out to you, and you better not hang up. The precise talented designs of the halved flowers on the index fingers are a sight to behold, truly.

Let’s not forget the precious stones arranged on the ring fingers shoe that you can go crazy with any design on a nude nail, and it would still turn out great.

6. Nude Acrylic Nails With Multi-colored Croc Tips

Source: Instagram

We can all agree that everyone loves a perfectly done set of croc nails, and this acrylic nude set is an outstanding example. This set is so colorful, yet it looks like somehow these colors were meant to be put side by side in this particular order, it’s absolutely perfect.

7. Nude Acrylic Nails Orange Swirls

Source: Instagram

If it’s swirly, it will have heads turning at all times. This is a bright and bold acrylic nude set, the orange swirls are perfect, and you would expect orange nails to be either too bright or not a great match, but not this time. You can get lost in those neatly drawn swirls, this is a set that screams class.

8. Arty Nude Acrylic Nails

Source: Instagram

With a passion for the arts or general awe of beautifully drawn art, this nude acrylic nail set is sure to be a favorite of yours. Each nail has a body of a woman drawn from different angles, it is truly a work of art, and one that you can carry with you always.

9. Nude Nails With Purple And Glitter Designs

Source: Instagram

You can clearly see that there’s a lot going on with this nail set, yet it doesn’t fail to captivate you. Short nails can still be designed to look as good as you would like, this nail set proves that by having different designs done on each nail and still looking nothing short of amazing!

10. Nude Acrylic Nails With Simple Black Swirls

Source: Instagram

Another beautiful nude scenic set for persons that love minimal yet pretty designs. Nude nails tend to go great with just about anything, these lightly painted black swirls add a much-needed touch of finesse to the nude nails.

They look simple, but the beauty of imperfections is in embracing them, see how these look beautiful nonetheless? Go for it.

11. Blue Eye-Designed Nude Acrylic Nails

Source: Instagram

You can keep the evil eyes away using your bracelets and necklaces, but how about we get your nails to match the “keeping negative energy away” vibe? Go all in.

This nude acrylic nail set is so beautiful, creative, and unique. If this is your vibe, or you’re looking to hop on it, do so with this amazing nail set.


You’re booking a nail appointment right now, aren’t you? There’s a type of nude acrylic nail design meant for different personalities, moods, occasions, themes, or styles, and we’re certain you loved a couple of the designs above.

Make a statement and draw attention to your hands by adorning them with a beautiful set of nude acrylic nails, it will also put a lovely smile on your face as well.

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