20 Short (Medium) Coffin Nail Designs For 2022

20 Short (Medium) Coffin Nail Designs

One by one, everyone seems to be embracing the idea of coffin nails more than other nail shapes, and we’re just here to make sure that you never run out of nail designs to rock as you please.

More trendy and beautiful designs for coffin nails seem to be popping out of the blue daily since they have become so popular, so you are certain to never run out of options, but we will bring you the very best to choose from.

Short and medium coffin nails are simple, so some people may think they would appear basic or boring-well, they’re in for a surprise. Short and medium coffin nails are easy to work with, elegant when neatly done, versatile, low maintenance and have a unique set of beautiful designs to choose from.

We know it gets tiring trying out designs meant for long cotton nails on shorter nails and having it turn out different and sometimes disappointing, we’re here to fix that for good.

20 Short And Medium Coffin Nail Designs You’ll Love

Most times when you come across designs for coffin nails, they are long or extra long because those are in vogue and seem more fashionable for some reason.

However, we understand that people have preferences and reasons that make short and medium length coffin nails more appealing to them, so we’ve provided 20 medium and short coffin nail designs you can choose from below.

1. Multicolored Medium Nude Coffin Nails

Multi colored medium nude coffin nails.
Source: Instagram

This is a pretty set that combines five different colors on each finger, the base is started off with a soft shade of nude and each color is made to blend perfectly with the nude base. It looks simple, yet this medium coffin nail set is a show of talent, it’s such a lovely set to grace your fingers with.

2. Medium Nude And White Butterfly Coffin Nails

2. Medium nude and white butterfly coffin nails.
Source: Instagram

Your nails can give you butterflies, just as anything would, this beautiful nail set should already have those butterflies gathering in your tummy when you get them done.

This set is neatly done, with the nude base and white tips it looks very classy, and the butterfly design and gold tips are the icing on the cake.

3. Nude Marble Coffin Nails With Black Strips

Nude marble coffin nails with black strips.
Source: Instagram

When they say nails on fleek, if you have a set like this on, you can body wave your fingers in the air. Marble nails are always in, and nude marble nails have a way of making your insides melt. This coffin nail set is also lined with black strips on the middle finger, little finger,  and thumb.

4. Shiny Pink Short Coffin Nails

4. Shiny pink short coffin nails.
Source: Instagram

 Short nails are more convenient for a lot of persons because of their work or other reasons, but short nails do not have to be boring or basic. This short pink nail set is spiced up with glitter scattered all over each nail to make it look absolutely gorgeous.

5. Medium Flower Themed Coffin Nails

Medium flower themed coffin nails.
Source: Instagram

There are so many beautiful flowers, and we would completely understand if you can not settle on just one type of flower to have designed on your nail set, such as is the case here.

This nail set has flowers designed perfectly and scattered on each finger, it is so colorful and heart-warming.

6. Medium White Golden Marble Coffin Nails

6. Medium white golden marble coffin nails.
Source: Instagram

Of course, a simple white nail set is always satisfying and cute to have on. But with a little spin added to it, it can look just as stunning as this golden marble white nails. It is simply elegant and beautiful.

7. Natural Nude Coffin Nails With Purple Tips

7. Natural nude coffin nails with purple tips.
Source: Instagram

 We don’t talk about how beautifully naturally done nails turn out, putting just acrylic powder or nail polish over your natural nails that have been we’ll grow and groomed gives a very beautiful end result such as these.

The purple tips are the eye catching yet simple details that make the entire set stand out.

8. Short Brown And Neon Coffin Nails

8. Short brown and neon coffin nails.
Source: Instagram

Neon? That’s like the coolest shade of green, who wouldn’t want to have those on their nails? I know I would love it to bits. This nude and brown set is brought to life by the simple neon curves that are made just before the brown tips, it looks like an odd color combination but it works out just right.

9. Pink And White Medium Nails

Pink and white medium coffin nails with 3D flowers
Source: Instagram

Beautiful gems, and a set of neatly drawn flowers are an amazing mix for a unique and lovely nail set. This nail set happens to have all those going perfectly for it, especially the 3D flowers, they have a way of making the nail set elegant and unique.

10. Colorful Short Coffin Nails With Gold And Pearl Beads

Colorful short coffin nails with gold and pearl beads
Source: Instagram

If you love rich and colorful nails, then this is your style, and you’ll definitely stand out with this set. This set looks like something that are out of this world, the mix of colors is perfectly blended and everything seems to go great with each other.

The gold and pearl beads that are scattered on the nails are creative and light up the set perfectly.

11. Pink Glossy Coffin Nails With Colorful Tips

Pink glossy coffin nails with colorful tips
Source: Instagram

Pink nails can always be trusted to get you feeling cute as soon as you have them done, and this mail set is not exempt from that. These nails are so pretty and glossy, this makes them shine and look lively all the while you have them on. T

The colorful tips are not done the regular way, they are done with two colors on top of each other, creative and beautiful.

12. Pink Medium Coffin Nails With Multiple Designs

Pink medium coffin nails with multiple designs
Source: Instagram

It never hurt anyone to put a couple of designs together on one nail, there are so many beautiful nail designs to choose from, if you can’t settle on which you like the most then you should put different designs together to make one nail set just like it’s been done here. The pretty clouds, the little hearts, the blue eye, and the swirls are all so perfect.

13. Color Bomb Short Coffin Nails

Color bomb short coffin nails
Source: Instagram

If you love a good splash of colors then why have you not tried this design out yet? This is the type of color bomb nail set you could completely get lost. This nail set is predominantly made with pink and purple swirls and it’s the type you’re sure to fall head over heels for.

14. Short Black Jewel Heart Coffin Nails

Short black jewel heart coffin nails
Source: Pinterest

The mysterious edge that black nails add to your look is worth everything, this nail set carries that aura perfectly and it is sleek and glossy. The precise lineup of the jewels on the index finger and ring finger to form a beautiful heart makes the set even more desirable. This is a must-try, it’s daring and bold.

15. Pink Dior-Themed Medium Coffin Nails

Pink Dior-themed medium coffin nails
Source: Pinterest

If you love your designer items so much that you want to carry them on your nail set as well, what’s stopping you? This set is fit for a queen and you know it immediately you set eyes on it. The gems and the gummy bear are an amazing plus to the Dior theme and the baby pink shade is absolutely perfect as well.

16. Brown And Leopard-Themed Medium Coffin Nails

Brown and leopard-themed medium coffin nails
Source: Pinterest

Brown is such a neutral color but when you place it side by side with a creative design, it turns out to be absolutely gorgeous. The leopard skin has also been worth fantasizing over, it gives you a feeling of royalty when you pull on a leopard skin coat and that goes for a set of neatly done leopard-themed nails as well.

17. White And Nude Medium Coffin Nails With Butterfly Stickers

White and nude medium coffin nails with butterfly stickers
Source: Instagram

Yes, butterflies again because we know that truthfully, you can’t possibly get enough of them. This nail set is busy, yet it finds the balance between the lineup of designs and giving off an elegant vibe.

White and nude always find a way to pull together a lovely combination, the gems, butterfly stickers, and hearts are just a plus.

18. Purple Medium Coffin Nails With Gems

Purple medium coffin nails with gems
Source: Pinterest

Gems on your nails never fail to make them pop just the right way, this nail set has the whole glitter thing going for it perfectly.

Purple is a lovely color, it’s not too bright but it sits just right on your nails, this set even has a mix of nude aside from the purple glitter on the ring finger.

19. Short White Coffin Nails With A Jeweled Butterfly

Short white coffin nails with a jeweled butterfly
Source: Pinterest

Short plain white nails can somehow pull off the whole captivating look and we all do not know how, but we love it anyway. These white nails are glossy and pop easily, the jeweled butterfly that rests on the ring finger and middle finger is so precious and makes the wearer of this nail set feel like a queen.

20. Deep Blue And Nude Short Coffin Nails With Gold Stripes

Deep Blue and nude short coffin nails with gold stripes
Source: Pinterest

When there’s gold, you know the nail set got to hit its full potential. Deep blue is not an easy color to bring alive, but this nail set was designed to do so easily.

The combination of white, deep blue, and golden strips is commendable and makes the entire set so gorgeous. These should be one of your favorite nail sets just at first sight.


How have none of these beautiful coffin nail sets graced your fingers yet? We have gotten them lined up for you so that we can change that as soon as possible.

There are various lovely designs for short and medium coffin nails, whenever you need to switch to either of these lengths then you can save these designs as they are sure to come in handy.

If you’re a regular with medium and short coffin nails, then we’ve just provided you with more amazing options to choose from. 

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