Is Castor Oil Good For The Hair?

Is Castor Oil Good For The Hair

Is castor oil good for the hair? If you are struggling with hair loss, hair thinning, or edges, then we’re sure a lot of products must have been recommended to you. while the recommendation of products is good, it is important to make your findings right before deciding which one is suitable for you.

Natural oils are everywhere now and although they’ve been around for a very long while, a lot of people are just rediscovering them. everywhere, including social media, there is always someone ready to recommend one natural or essential oil or another for hair loss, hair growth, or general hair care.

Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil; these oils have proven themselves and have stood the test of time in beauty and hair care, however, you need to know which one is suitable and right for whatever hair problem you have.

Castor oil, also known as Ricinus communis, is vegetable oil and it is gotten from castor beans. It is particularly known and used for many centuries for medicinal, household, beauty purposes. It comes in a clear color/off-white color and in some cases where it is roasted or boiled, it comes in black.

For years, castor oil has been used to treat hair problems, ranging from edge loss, hair loss, hair breakage, thinning, etc. this means that castor oil is good for the hair.

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair

Benefit Of Castor Oil
Source: Hair Adviser

For years, castor oil has been used to treat hair problems, ranging from edge loss, hair loss, hair breakage, thinning, etc. this means that castor oil is good for the hair. Here are some of it’s benefits for hair.

1. It Adds Moisture To Hair

Like many other natural oil, castor oil hydrates and seals in moisture into the hair. It is rich in ricinoleic acid, omega 6 and 9 and all of these nutrients add moisture to the hair.

2. Anti-bacterial Properties

Castor oil is rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This means that it is great in treating the scalp when it is dry and flaky. Applying castor oil to the scalp keeps fungal and bacterial infections away, this helps your scalp stay healthy.

3. Stimulates Blood Circulation

Castor oil helps balance the scalp’s PH. Because of its thickness, it can penetrate the scalp and its nutrients help the scalp maintain a balanced PH. This boosts blood circulation under the scalp and prevents dandruff or dry skin.

4. Enhances Hair Growth

Castor oil nourishes the hair follicles and enhances hair growth. Oiling the hair, with castor oil from time to time increases blood circulation, which in turn boosts hair growth.

5. Detangles And Soften Natural Hiar

Castor oil is one of the oils that act as a natural conditioner and softens the hair. It contains oleic and linoleic acids which can help restore the hair to good health. it also has emollient properties, which smoothens dry and damaged hair. Applying castor oil on your hair also keeps split ends away.

6. Protects From Damages

Vitamin E is one of the important nutrients that the hair needs to grow. It protects the hair from damages caused by free radicals, it also keeps the hair shiny, strong, and healthy.

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair

There is no right or wrong way to use castor oil for your hair, the way you use your castor oil is solely dependent on what problem you want to solve in your hair. You can decide to leave the oil on your hair through the night, or follow some routine. Here are few routines you can try;

1. Castor Oil For Dry Scalp

If you have medium to thick hair and your scalp is dry and itchy, you can use castor oil to treat your scalp.

How to use

  • Divide your hair into sections, pour some oi into a bowl, dip your finger into the oil and massage the oil into your scalp.
  • You can sit under a hair steamer to help the hair penetrate the scalp. Leave the oil for a long time and wash it off.

2. For Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning can be done twice or more in a month. Castor oil can be used to deep condition the hair.

How to use 

  • Before bed, generously apply the oil into your hair, and cover with a shower cap, the cap will give it some heat to seal it in while you sleep. when you wake up, comb the hair gently and wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.

3. For Protective Styles

The hair can be hydrated, even when you have your hair locked or styled.

How to use

  • Mix castor oil with olive oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil. Keep all in an applicator bottle, apply gently to your scalp in between your locks.


Can I use castor oil for hair growth?

Yes, There ain’t any scientific evidence that proves castor oil can help you grow your hair and there is no evidence that links it to hair growth. But castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that helps lock in moisture and promotes a healthy scalp which could essentially lead to hair growth.

Can you put castor oil in your hair everyday?

No, castor oil is too heavy for the hair hence daily use of it is not recommended. However, if you have extremely dry hair then you might be able to put a few drops to your end every day but if your hair is already healthy then everyday use might weigh your hair down.

Do you have to wash castor oil out of your hair?

Yes, you should definitely have castor oil washed out after a long time to prevent it from clogging your pores on the scalp. Castor oil is safe to apply to the scalp and need not be washed away immediately but if you use an excess of it then it should be washed out after a while.

Can I mix castor oil with coconut oil?

For a longer and luscious hair treatment, coconut oil can be mixed with castor oil. Castor oil and coconut oil combination can help stimulate hair growth.

Final Thoughts 

Although castor oil is efficient for hair growth, it is not suitable for everyone. It is best to perform a patch test on your hair or scalp before applying it throughout. This will save you a lot of trouble. Once you discover castor oil is compatible with your hair/scalp, you can apply it however you want to.

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