Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?

Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?

We all love getting our hair styled in various ways, but it can be somewhat frustrating when you style your hair, and it just doesn’t seem to be staying put.

These sorts of situations usually require a hair gel for a quick fix, it does the trick in no time, having your hair sitting perfectly still for the rest of the day or even longer in some cases.

What is Hair Gel?

Hair gel is a type of hair styling product that is applied to the hair to style it and keep it in that particular style. Hair gels usually stiffen the hair in order to keep it steady for as long as you would like.

Hair gels could come in several ways, it could be a spray, a wax, or have a liquid yet thick consistency. The strength or hold of hair gels also differs from brand to brand as well, depending on which would suit your hair type best.

Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?  

Several hair products are being questioned and double-checked as people have begun to take hair care very seriously. One has to be sure that the hair products they make use of are not placing their hair in harm’s way or exposing it to damage.

Hair gels are not off the hook in this cross-examination of hair products, many people -whether as a result of first-hand experience or rumors believe that hair gels could cause hair loss.

The simple truth is that hair gels can not directly be said to cause hair loss, however, there are some ingredients used in hair gels that could trigger hair loss.

These chemicals are introduced to your hair, and could cause your hair follicles to get clogged, and weak enough to begin to break. Constant use of hair gels with toxic chemicals could eventually lead to hair loss.

Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?
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Toxic Chemicals In Hair Gels

 Most hair gels are made with chemicals to achieve the strong and long-lasting hold that we all love hair gels for. However, if we intend to keep our hair healthy, we have to stay clear of hair gels that have any of the toxic chemicals listed below to avoid potential hair loss;

1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This chemical ingredient is usually found in cleaning products, it is best for industrial cleaning products but because it is cheap several hair brands use it in shampoos as well as hair gels.

This chemical is toxic to your hair because it causes it to dry up by stripping your hair of its natural oils. It could also cause scalp or skin irritations as well.

2. Propylene Glycol

This is another toxic chemical that is present in several hair products because of how cheap it is. This chemical ingredient is used to give the hair an artificial shine after the hair product it is infused in is used.

It is meant to have your hair looking smooth and shiny and this makes it an ingredient that is used frequently in hair gels to give it a smooth finish after use. It is a harsh chemical that could cause dry scalp, irritations, itchy scalp, and hair loss. It could also make your hair strands weak and brittle.

3. Isopropyl Alcohol

Alcohol is usually added to hair products to improve moisture retention, but not all alcohols serve this purpose. Isopropyl alcohol has a drying effect that makes it u healthy for the hair. It damages hair strands by drying them up when applied, this could further result in hair breakage. It could also cause scalp irritation which typically manifests as an itchy scalp.

4. Polyethylene Glycol ( PEGs )

Hair gels usually have a thick consistency when they touch the hair, this contributes to the strength and hold that is achieved after styling your hair. By stripping the hair of its natural moisture, it is left weak, dry, dull, and prone to damage.

PEGs are added to hair products such as gels to serve as a thickening agent, although it works, it also ends up stripping the hair of its natural moisture.


It is important to stay alert and avoid using hair gels that have any of the toxic chemicals explained above included in their list of ingredients.

Next time you pick a hair gel off a shelf or add it to your online shopping cart make sure you carefully go through the ingredients to make sure you’re not picking one with toxic chemicals.

Instead, go for natural ingredient-based hair gels that are sulfate-free, and are made with natural moisturizers such as olive oil or coconut oil.

Avoid applying too much gel to your hair, and always make sure you rinse or wash gel out of your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo before bed.

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