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Are Rubber Bands Bad For Natural Hair? (Alternatives)

Rubber Bands Bad For Natural Hair

Are rubber bands bad for natural hair? We cannot completely say that rubber bands are bad for natural hair. So, the answer is yes and no. Although rubber bands hold your hair in a comfortable style, it is not a hair tie. It pulls the hair aggressively and causes hair breakage which means it can be dangerous to your hair growth.

Females can’t do without styling their hair and these days, hence why rubber band hairstyles are trending. If you have a function or a casual occasion to attend, rubber bands come in handy for simple styling. It saves time and gives you a beautiful look. With varieties of colorful rubber bands, you can have your hair arranged into a twist pattern or whatever pattern you prefer.

There has been a misconception that rubber bands improve hair growth. It will surprise you to know that it is the other way around. Rubber bands cause hair breakage and do not in any way help your hair grow. A maximum of two days is enough to keep rubber bands tied to your hair after which they should be removed.

Does that mean you should do away with rubber bands? In this article, you will find out why rubber bands are bad for your natural hair and how to use rubber bands without damaging your hair. If you want to find out, then keep reading!.

Are Rubber Bands Bad For Natural Hair?

It is important to note that natural hair can break if not well taken care of. In this case, several habits can damage your hair and must be avoided. Using rubber bands has its cons but that doesn’t mean it must be avoided. There are types of rubber bands you should use and some you should stay away from. First, you should learn why some rubber bands aren’t good for your hair.

Rubber bands put pressure on your hair and when you try to take them off, they pull off beautiful strands of your hair. This causes your hair to wear out and can result in baldness. A rubber band tends to easily get stuck in natural hair.

Some rubber bands are unsafe for use and could get stuck while you’re trying to loosen your hair. If they are unable to come off, you will be left with no choice but to cut off that part of your hair.

For natural hair, it’s more difficult to remove rubber bands because natural hair is thicker, coarse, and curly than other hair types. It’s equally difficult to take off rubber bands from textured hair and your hair could be chopped off if it’s unable to come off.

Ways To Get Rubber Band Out Of Your Hair

It is important to note that natural hair can break if not well taken care of. In this case, several habits can damage your hair and must be avoided. Using rubber bands has its cons but that doesn’t mean it must be avoided. There are types of rubber bands you should use and some you should stay away from. First, you should learn why some rubber bands aren’t good for your hair.

1. Cut Rubber Bands Out

This is the easiest and safest alternative to handling hair tied with rubber bands. However, you need to be cautious about it so you don’t chop off your hair strands with the band. If the band is tied in such a way that it has layers, cut out each layer carefully.

Trying to take it out in one cut could cause you to cut the length of your hair. Another easy way to take out bands tied several times is to cut one layer of the band, then gently unwind the rest of the band.

A nail cutter or the tip of cuticle scissors is better than using normal scissors so that you can cut the band without affecting the curls of your natural hair. If you can’t perform this procedure by yourself, it’s advisable to ask a friend or family for help. If your natural curls are very important to you, then follow the steps above and you will be grateful you did.

2. Roll The Rubber Band Down

Rubber Bands Bad For Natural Hair
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If you aren’t too good at using sharp objects like the scissors mentioned above, you have a safer alternative. You can go the old-fashioned way by rolling them down. If you want to prevent hair breakage, you must know that there are ways to apply this method. Ripping off the rubber band carelessly or forcefully will result in hair damage.

While trying to take off the rubber band, you must handle your hair with care. Taking off stubborn rubber bands could be frustrating and time-consuming but that doesn’t mean you should tug at it. Gradually roll down the rubber band whilst massaging your hair.

If the rubber band seems stuck, patiently roll it down to avoid your hair breaking with it. This method will take a longer time than using scissors, but if you dread using scissors then you have to be patient with this.

3. Soak Rubber Bands In Oil

There is always a way out when things become tougher. Instead of spending so much time rolling down a rubber band that’s stuck, you can choose to grease it. A little conditioning will fasten the process of removing rubber bands from your natural hair.

Several leave-in conditioners can help prevent hair breakage while you achieve your aim of taking out rubber bands easily. You can also make use of your cooking oil which will get your hair to be greasy. But that’s better than losing your hair.

4. Avoid Tying Your Hair When wet

It is very normal to bond your hair after it’s been washed so that you can feel more comfortable. At the same time, it is very dangerous to your hair. Rather than tie up your wet hair, simply opt for a hair cover. It could be a bonnet or a scarf to avoid hair breakage while trying to remove the band.

5. Get A Helping Band

If your strength fails you, get the help of a friend or family. Don’t get too upset if you try all the methods and it’s not working for you. Simply get a friend or a stylist who is experienced with natural hair and let them get it out. Of a truth, removing hair bands is a delicate process that must be handled with care so don’t feel ashamed when you can’t do that by yourself.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of calling someone taking out annoying rubber bands yourselves then keep reading. There’s a better alternative!.

Rubber Band Alternatives For Your Hair

If you feel rubber bands are too dangerous for your hair after reading those methods above, then you can decide to stop using them. If you have used them before and need other alternatives, you have them here.

1. Hair Ties And Scrunchies

Rather than have your hair damaged from trying to pull out a rubber band, you can simply buy scrunchies in bulk and keep them in your room, bathroom, or any other place you might need to tie your hair properly.

2. Use Hair Clips

Hair clips come in different sizes and shapes. They easily come off your hair without causing any damage. It is better than using a rubber band and it keeps your hair in a protective style.

3. Avoid Over-Styling Your Hair

Too much styling isn’t healthy for your hair. Even though you aren’t using a rubber band to style your hair, overly styling could be dangerous to your hair strands. Try plaiting your natural hair into a protective style for a while and take a break from styling.


It’s therefore advisable to reduce the use of rubber bands in your hair or opt for other alternatives.

By doing so, you will be saving the natural curls in your hair. However, if you are a lover of rubber bands and want to rock those trendy rubber band hairstyles.

Then, you have to be careful while taking them off. You can either pull it out gently or opt for a conditioner, but It’s better to protect your hair than have it styled with bands that can cause damages.