Do Burnt Eyelashes Grow Back? How Long It Takes

Do Burnt Eyelashes Grow Back?

Despite the fact that this is not a recurrent happening, people tend to get into certain situations that get their eyelashes burnt. The first thing you would wonder after this is if your burnt lashes will grow back or not.

Yes, burnt eyelashes grow back. It may take up to 6 weeks and in cases where it seriously affected your lids or follicles that stimulate the growth of your eyelashes, you might not grow back new eyelashes depending on the damage done.

Losing your eyelashes for any reason is not a pleasant experience, your eyelashes are known to complement your facial features.

This loss means that there might be a change in your looks, one that will take a while to get used to. So now you must be in search of remedies and a specific period within which your lashes would grow back, we’ve got you covered. 

Do Burnt Eyelashes Grow Back? 

Burnt eyelashes are not a common problem, most people lose their eyelashes by pulling them out, getting a badly done lash extension job, or cutting them off intentionally or accidentally. Despite being uncommon, it is a problem that needs to be addressed. 

If for any reason your eyelashes get burnt, there is no reason to panic because they grow back in most cases, they just take a while to grow and return to the former state. 

As long as the follicles located on your eyelids are not damaged by the burn you experienced, your eyelashes will definitely make a full recovery. Your eyelashes have a growth cycle that takes over a month to be completed before fully grown lashes will replace the lost ones. 

For your follicles to get damaged as a result of a burn that affected your eyelashes, it must’ve caused you pain, redness, or an uncomfortable itch and in some cases, it could cause all of these symptoms to manifest. 

If you experienced any or all of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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How Long Does it Take Burnt Eyelashes to Grow Back? 

Now that you have learned that your eyelashes can grow back even after getting burnt, you must be wondering how long the process takes. The regrowth process undergoes the normal eyelash growth cycle which is briefly explained below.

Growing your eyelashes back from scratch could take roughly two months to reach completion. The first stage of this growth is the anagen phase which includes a blood supply fueling the follicles to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes and your eyelashes are allowed to reach their full potential in this stage, hence this is the most important phase for regrowth and it lasts between 4 to 10 weeks. 

The last two stages are meant to signal the end of the growth cycle and signal the beginning of a new cycle. In the catagen phase, your eyelashes are fully grown and are detaching from the blood supply, this lasts for 2-3 weeks. 

The telogen phase is where your lashes begin to shed and fall out one after the other, making way for the Anagen phase to begin again. This phase typically lasts between 4 -8 weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Will my eyelashes grow back if I burned them?

Yes, your eyelashes will grow back after they get burned. With your follicles intact, a growth of new eyelashes will be stimulated and in about 6 weeks or more in some cases, your lashes will have grown fully.

How can I get my burnt eyelashes to grow back?

There is no trick to aiding the growth of your eyelashes after a burn, it is best to exercise patience and avoid pulling on your eyelids or the tiny lashes that are still visible on your eyelids even after the burn. Your eyelashes will naturally begin a growth cycle that includes the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases and during the anagen phase, your eyelashes would have fully returned to their original healthy state.


Just as your eyelids house your eyes because they are a sensitive part of the body, your eyelashes that cover your lids also have an important role to play in protecting your eyes as well.

Owing to this fact, a growth of new lashes is triggered after your lashes are lost to any incidences, in this case, we are particularly referring to a burn.

Your body recognizes the need to replace your eyelashes because they are important for protecting your eyes from contact with irritable substances. If your eyelash burn causes pain or skin blistering, make sure you get help from a health professional immediately 

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