Is Curling Your Eyelashes Bad?

Is Curling Your Eyelashes Bad?

Eyelash curlers are hand-operated devices used for curling the upper and lower eyelashes for cosmetic reasons. Nothing looks better than the appearance of curled lashes. 

They have caused a lot of arguments on whether or not they are bad for the lashes. Different opinions have surfaced as well. But what are the facts? Is it a bad idea to curl your eyelashes?

No, eyelash curlers are actually harmless unless they are used incorrectly. Despite their complicated appearance, eyelash curlers are not particularly dangerous.

Eyelash curlers could be bad for eyelashes depending on how it is used. The eyelashes are hairs that should be pampered and when they are malnourished they will eventually become dry and brittle, this will cause them to cut off when you attempt to curl them. 

Still skeptical about eyelash curlers? Stick around to learn more about them.

Is Curling Your Eyelashes Bad?

Curled lashes are very beautiful and this has caused many to resort to using eyelash curlers a lot. While using eyelash curlers the lashes appear lengthy, denser, and defined. It amplifies the benefits of long lashes and enhances a more vibrant appearance.

But how is it that there are different opinions about them?

Female eye with long false eyelashes
Female eye with long false eyelashes

Eyelash curlers have gotten a bad reputation for damaging eyelashes. And that is because they are usually used incorrectly. Before using eyelash curlers it is important to have a good knowledge of how to use them, when to use them and when to give your lashes a break. 

We can’t overemphasize the fact that the hairs on your eyelids are extremely sensitive and fragile and doing too much to them can weaken them or cause your eyelashes to fall out.

Sometimes, eyelashes get cut out in the process of curling them and that is a result of using them wrongly. Clamping and crimping an eyelash curler too hard on your lashes will surely weaken them and result in further damage if use is not discontinued.

So you see, eyelash curlers are not harmful, however, misusing them will cause harm to your eyelashes. Also, make sure you purchase reliable eyelash curlers that are produced with high-quality materials for the best results.

How to Curl Your Eyelashes Without Damaging Them

If you’re contemplating using an eyelash curler, it’s best to learn how to use them accurately.  You probably want to know how you can safely curl those lashes without causing harm to your precious lashes.

Here are a few tips;

  • Purchase a good quality curler. It’s not safer not to go for the cheap ones. 
  • Ensure to hold the curler correctly. Place the thumb and index finger right in the designated holes, open the curler wide open and try as much as you can to get as close to the root of all the lashes without hurting your eyelids. 
  • Do not apply too much to the lashes. Do not squeeze too vigorously as this can cut off or pull out your lashes.
  • Do not apply for mascara or eyelash extension before curling your lash.
  • Always clean your curlers before and after using them. You do not want to use dirty curlers on your lashes or close to your eyes.
Where Do Eyelashes Go When They Enter Your Eyes?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to curl your lashes every day?

Yes, regular curling of your lashes is a terrible idea. Too much of everything is said to be bad. Your eyelashes are naturally very sensitive and excessive use of curlers can cause damage to it. 

Constantly curling the lashes can cause trauma to the hair follicles on the lash line. And when you continue inflicting this torture on your lashes, they tend to become brittle and fall out. There’s also a high tendency that your lashes won’t grow back normally

What happens if you curl your lashes too much?

Sometimes, your lashes need a break from all that curling. Excessive clamping, curling, and crimping do a number on them. It is best to be cautious of how often we curl them.

You risk damaging and losing a lot of lashes by curling them too often. As you keep curling your lashes, it causes stress to the hair follicles. Most times, your lashes begin to wear out more than usual because of the force that’s being applied to them repeatedly.

Is curling the lashes healthy?

Eyelash curling is not dangerous to your health or eyes. However, when the lashes are being over-curled daily that is when it causes damage to the hair follicles by weakening them. 

If you want those lashes healthy, full, thick, and long, know when to draw the line.


Who doesn’t love curled eyelashes? They are beautiful and they enhance facial features. Just a few cramping and crimping and the eyelashes appear two times longer than usual. 

Eyelash curlers are cosmetic solutions for straight and unnoticeable eyelashes

Many can swear by it while others have bad reviews about them. It is very important to note that eyelash curler accidents can only occur when they are not properly used. Ensure to master the act before trying it out on your eyelashes.

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