Can You Use Weave Glue For Eyelashes?

Can You Use Weave Glue For Eyelashes?

Your makeup doesn’t exactly look complete without those lash extensions, does it? There’s just something about eyelash extensions that makes the face pop. False lashes have this enhancing effect that transforms your facial appearance.

No, weave glue can not be used for eyelashes, they are made especially for weave extensions and are considered toxic for the eyes. 

Some have found it hard to master the act of applying these extensions to their eyelashes, it just takes a little bit of time and practice. Once you get a hang of it, the next step is getting the right lash glue that will have the perfect grip to ensure that the false lash is secure.

It can be one hell of a struggle finding the right glue, as some glues are not strong enough to hold in place for a long period. This led some people to turn to weave glue as an alternative.

But then, is it okay to use weave glue instead of lash glue?

Can You Use Weave Glue For Eyelashes?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, weave glues are mostly made for hair extensions. Although it may be able to hold your false lash in place for a long while, it shouldn’t be applied to the lash because the chemicals in it can cause harm to the eyes.

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It is paramount to note that weave glue shouldn’t be used as fake lash glue. Occasionally, weave glue can cause damage to the scalp, imagine what it can do when applied to the eyelids. Some may say glue is the glue in as much as it does the work.

Well, both of these glues are not interchangeable, they are both manufactured for different purposes. Weave glues are formulated for the hair and weave-on extensions while on the other hand, eyelash glues are specifically for the eyelids and eyelash extensions.

A good number of people tend to forget or probably have no idea of how sensitive or tender the skin around the eyes can be and that applying products not meant for the eyes can cause irritations

Due to a large amount of soluble latex present in weave glues, it can trigger allergic reactions for people allergic to latex. 

Weave glues can hold for weeks, maybe months, this feature makes it very hard to remove the false lashes sometimes, you find that most times your natural lash gets pulled out in the process of trying to remove the false lash bonded with weave glues.

 Either way, we can’t rule out the fact that lash glues also contain harsh chemicals, but it is less toxic when compared to weave glues because they are formulated and intended for eyelashes.

Several people that used weave glue have complained of serious irritations, watery eyes that led to slight blurry visions, and other allergy symptoms like redness and itching.

 All these are caused by the harmful chemicals present in the glue. These can be avoided if eyelash glues are used instead of weave-on glues. Please discontinue use if you are already using weave glues for your lash extensions as it is risky and very unsafe.

It is best to put the safety of your eyes and the healthy growth of your eyelashes first, always.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can hair glue be used on the eyelashes?

It is definitely not a good idea to use hair glue on the eyelashes. Hair glues may be similar to lash glues but there have been quite several problems associated with using them on the eyelids.

Hair glues contain ammonia hydroxide that can trigger negative reactions when used close to the eyes. It is, however, key to use hair bonding glues as directed by the manufacturer as the bottle label clearly states that contact with eyes should be avoided.

What other glue can I use for eyelashes?

There are quite a few eyelash glue alternatives that are safe to use and one of them is the Mascara Adhesive. Mascara adhesives are not rampant or popularly used. It is usually applied on the eyelashes like your regular mascara. 

It holds pretty well and is easy to use. It is believed to have the same consistency as a typical eyelash glue and can hold lashes in place for as long as a day or two.  Another great alternative is Self-adhesive lashes. These lashes are packaged with glue strips on them. Thereby, eliminating the need for eyelash glues.

They are quick fixes and extremely easy to use as the one thing you have to do is to fix the false lash on your natural lash and you’re good to go. They will remain secure and in place for as long as you want.

How do you get weave glue off your eyelashes?

The best way of removing weave glue from the lash is by applying oils or lubricants. This includes coconut oil, baby oil, shea butter, and vaseline as they can weaken the grip of the glue.

Sometimes getting rid of weave glue off your eyelashes can be challenging because it is long-lasting and damaging to the natural lash if not removed with care.

Apply them on your eyelashes with your fingers or better still a mascara wand. Gently brush through your lashes with the wand until all pieces of glue are gone.

Can you use hair bonding glue on your lash?

No, you can’t.  Professionals have strongly advised against it. It is not safe to use hair bond glue on your eyelids. Eyelash adhesive glues are meant for the eyelashes, not hair bonding glues. The use of this glue around the eyes can cause discomfort like itching, redness, swelling, teary eyes, and so on


Although lots of people have been getting away with misusing weave glue, it doesn’t change the fact that it is an unsafe alternative for lash glues.

Yes, it may have a stronger hold but it’s not worth risking the possible allergies and discomfort that comes as a result of its use around the eyes. 

On the contrary, eyelash glues are intended for the eyelashes and can cause little or no harm to the eyes. However, it is best to always read the instructions for use before applying lash glue.

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