Why Guys Have Longer Eyelashes (The Real Reasons)

Why Guys Have Longer Eyelashes

As a lady, when you look at a guy’s eyelashes and they are long, thick, and full- you wonder what you did wrong that guys get long lashes they do not care for and you have to use lash-enhancing products or get lash extensions to have longer lashes. 

Men have longer lashes as a result of their testosterone levels which trigger the growth of thicker body hair than women, they also have longer lashes because of their small-sized eyes that make the lashes appear long and thick, and owing to the fact that they do not over manipulate their natural lashes. 

Eyelashes are primarily meant to function as a protective cover for the eyes, they make sure that it is safe from dust and debris that could irritate the eyes. 

Your eyes even have a mechanism that protects them from being irritated when eyelashes fall into your eyes.

However, they also double as a facial feature that indicates that a person is attractive. Of course, we can’t deny that seeing someone with eyes that are beautifully framed by eyelashes isn’t a lovely sight to behold. 

3 Reasons Why Guys Have Longer Eyelashes

Seeing men bat their long beautiful and thick lashes always has questions popping in your has as to why guys seem to have it going great when it comes to eyelashes which they don’t appreciate or hold in awe as many women would.

Why exactly do men have longer lashes than women? Let’s find out exactly why below ;

1. Men have testosterone which makes them naturally hairy

Testosterone is not just a hormone that encourages the sex drive and triggers changes in the male body during adolescence, it also plays an important role in the growth of all types of body hair including eyelashes. 

With a tendency to grow more body hair than women whose hormones are estrogen instead, men may have longer eyelashes framing their eyes. 

Male body hair does not merely grow longer than women’s, it also tends to be thicker and appear fuller as a result of their testosterone levels. 

For women, the case is completely reversed. Women’s estrogen levels cause them to have thinner hair, this makes their eyelashes less visible in comparison to that of men.

2. Most men have smaller eyes

One of the most crucial reasons responsible for the perceived longer lashes in men is as a result of the size of their eyes. 

Women naturally tend to have larger eyes due to their high levels of estrogen, this results in them having longer lashes than men but since their lash hairs are thin and their eyes are bigger, their eyelashes still end up looking shorter than that of men.

Men on the other hand have smaller eyes than women, pairing these smaller eyes with thick and full lashes as a result of testosterone which stimulates increased growth of body hair, men’s eyelashes appear longer, prettier, and more attractive than women’s eyelashes.

Where Do Eyelashes Go When They Enter Your Eyes?
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3. Most men rarely use eye makeup

The main reason women use eye makeup is to enhance their eyes and eyelashes, making them look more attractive. Most women have a mascara that is part of their daily makeup routine, it is meant to lengthen their eyelashes and make them appear fuller and thicker. 

Most men do not see the need to use lengthening mascara because they already have long and thick lashes, they are also less concerned about the appearance of their eyelashes, unlike women.

Using mascara daily could result in shorter eyelashes, in the long run, this is is because when you apply mascara to your eyelashes it straightens them, makes them look thicker, and dries up so they stay put. 

By making the eyelashes stiff, mascara also makes them very exposed to damage such as weakness and eventual breakage. 

Mascara makes women’s eyelashes brittle and more likely to break, especially when they do not wash off their makeup before bed or they do not wash it off properly. Men’s lashes look healthier and longer because they do not manipulate them as often as women.

Women also use eyelash curlers on their natural lashes which also exposes their lashes to further damage and breakage, making them usually appear shorter than men’s.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Is it normal for guys to have long eyelashes? 

Yes, it is normal for guys to have long lashes. Their smaller eyes make their eyelashes appear long, thick, and full and their higher levels of testosterone also allow them to develop thick and long hair on all parts of their bodies.

Are long lashes attractive on men? 

Yes, long lashes are an attractive facial feature for both men and women. Long lashes tend to make the eyes look bold, bright and they accentuate the eyes. 


Based on genetics, with particular reference to the higher testosterone levels in men, they tend to have longer, thicker, and fuller lashes than women. 

You might think that testosterone has no business influencing the quality and quantity of men’s lashes but it happens to play an integral role, this is the main reason for men having longer lashes than women.

Women are “crazy” for long, beautiful lashes but they are unaware that in the pursuit of longer lashes they damage their natural lashes and make them look shorter and prone to breakage.

With proper attention and the right care tips being applied to the eyelashes, everyone can have lashes that appear thicker and healthier even though they might not belong.

If you’re further interested in getting a few tips for longer lashes, or healthier lashes read here.

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