Can I Use Hair Glue for Eyelashes? 

Can I Use Hair Glue for Eyelashes? 

If you’re as adventurous as a couple of us and you always love to try out new alternatives when you get the chance to, then you’re in the right place. 

You must have tried to grow your eyelashes at some point as well either by applying lash serums, vaseline, jojoba oil, or olive oil amongst others.

If you’ve gotten past that phase and are now wondering if you could use hair glue for your eyelashes, but you need the right answers to help you decide then we’ve got you. 

Yes, you can use hair glue for your eyelashes or false lashes when you run out of eyelash glue. The underlying problem is if you’re willing to risk it because even though your eyelashes will be glued on strongly, it will eventually cause damage to your natural lashes.

False lashes are fun to try out, they complete a makeup look and give you beautiful and creamy lashes to compliment your entire makeup look.

A problem, however, stems up when you lose your lash glue or run out of it and you need to fix your false lashes, if your first thought was hair glue, you need to read through it before you made a decision.

Can I Use Hair Glue for Eyelashes? 

If you ever run out of eyelash glue and you think of using hair glue to set your eyelash extensions in place, think again.

While hair glue may seem like a feasible solution, you might want to reconsider applying them to your eyelashes for the following reasons outlined below.

Why Hair Glue is Toxic for Your Eyelashes

Here’s all you need to know.

1. Hair glue contains ingredients that can irritate the eyes

Several people are unaware of the fact that hair glue is not entirely safe for the scalp, how much more dangerous it could cause to your eyes when used to glue your false eyelashes? A simple truth that many people do not know of is that hair glue is toxic

Hair glue is made by combining three major ingredients, these are latex, rubber, and black hair dye. In other cases, hair glue could also contain ammonium-hydroxide.

Amongst the mentioned ingredients, latex and ammonium hydroxide are toxic and should not be allowed to make contact with the eyes or eyelashes. 

A lot of people are allergic to soluble latex and a handful of those people are unaware of this fact, this means that when they use hair glue that contains it on their eyelashes they will be met with an allergic reaction they did not expect or prepare for. 

An allergic reaction that can be triggered by soluble latex is called Anaphylaxis and it is a dangerous condition that could cost a life. Ammonium hydroxide on the other hand is easily irritable to the eyes, it causes your eyes to itch and burn when it comes in contact with them.

Where Do Eyelashes Go When They Enter Your Eyes?
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2. Hair glue is harsher on your eyelashes and is tedious to remove

Eyelash glue has already been made specifically for the eyelashes, they are made to be gentle on the eyelashes and are also easy to remove at the end of the day or after a make-up session is rounded up. 

However, when you use hair glue to fix your false lashes instead of eyelash glue, you expose your natural lashes and your eyes to a harsher adhesive buildup. 

Hair glue makes your false lashes harder to get off when you’re done with them for the day, the process of removing them is hectic and takes a lot of patience meanwhile a gentle soak and pull would be more than enough to get your eyelashes off if you use eyelash glue. 

3. Hair glue can cause damage to your natural lashes

As firmly rooted as your eyelashes are to your eyelids, they are not entirely safe from damage when they come in contact with toxic ingredients or harsh cosmetic products. 

It has earlier been established that hair glue is harsh on the eyelashes because they are made for the scalp and not the eyelids. 

With regular eyelash glue, you can pull out your false lashes gently, and your natural eyelashes or eyelids would not hurt. But with hair glue, pulling your false lashes will cause your natural lashes to sting and your eyelids would definitely hurt. 

If you use to decide to use hair glue to fix your false lashes despite the risks, do not pull on your eyelashes when removing them. This causes your eyelashes to fall off and possibly get into your eyes, it also weakens your natural lashes, it makes your eyes itchy and irritable as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of glue for eyelashes? 

There are a couple of substitutes that can be used for eyelashes instead of glue, these include; liquid eyeliner, magnetic eyeliner, volumizing mascara, magnetic eyelashes, lash glue eyeliner or you could make your lash glue using honey, sugar, and non-toxic white glue. 

Can you use super hair bonding glue on eyelashes? 

No, you should not use super hair bonding glue on your eyelashes. It is unsafe and could cause irritation to your eyes, it is also likely to damage your natural lashes when being removed. 


The DIY culture that has taken over the media is an inspiration that allows people easily seek out alternatives for a product once they run out of it, people are aware of the fact that they can always try out something new when whatever they are used to is not available. 

When it comes to fixing your false lashes, this could also come in handy. There are many people that advise the use of hair glue on the eyelashes instead of regular lash glue, and the reason is usually based on the fact that hair glue would allow the lash extensions to last longer. 

 However, hair glue is an unhealthy alternative to lash glue. Your lashes are on your eyelids which house your eyes, a very sensitive part of the body and it is best to keep them away from toxic or harsh ingredients such as those present in hair glue. 

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