Where Do Eyelashes Go When They Enter Your Eyes?

Where Do Eyelashes Go When They Enter Your Eyes?

Eyelashes are the little fine hairs that are grown at the eyelids, most persons recognize them as a feature that enhances or emphasizes a person’s beauty. They are however much more than a feature that appeals to certain beauty standards, they are also meant to serve specific purposes as a part of the body. 

Your eyelashes are mainly meant to protect the eyes from getting irritated by contact with dirt, debris, sweat, and any other external irritants we come across in our day-to-day activities.

Basically, they are like a shield for the eyes, without eyelashes our eyes would be prone to constant irritation that would result in itching and redness. 

When eyelashes enter the eyes they stay on the surface of your eyes, or they end up directly under your upper or lower eyelid, they do not get to the back of your eyeballs as most people fear. Lashes simply rest on the surface of your eyes and do not even make direct contact with the more sensitive parts of your eyes before they are washed out by your eyes watering in reaction to the foreign contact. 

Where Do Eyelashes Go When They Enter Your Eyes? 

We’ve all been in those situations where it feels like there’s a weird thing moving around in our eyes, often the cause turns out to be an eyelash that has fallen into our eyes.

The immediate reaction for most persons is to begin itching their eyes because it feels irritated and keeps tearing up in reaction to the lash present in the eye. 

Because the lashes feel as though they are moving around and reaching every inch of the eyes, most people spread a myth that lashes go as far as the back of one’s eyeballs when they fall into the eyes.

This is false and misleading, it scares people and could make a person that has heard of it itch their eyes harder when they feel an eyelash moving in their eyes because they are trying to stop it from getting stuck at the back of their eyes. 

When lashes enter your eyes, there is a layer of tissue and muscle on the surface of your eyes that stops the lashes from moving towards the back of your eyeballs. Your body detects that it has made contact with your lashes and it puts in place protective methods, your eyes begin to tear up and these tears help push out the lashes. 

How to Safely Remove Lashes From Your Eyes Yourself

If the irritation you feel when your lashes get into your eyes does not get any better even after your eyes tear up naturally, here are a few tips that should help you get the job done yourself; 

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Step 1

The first thing you should try doing is gently rinsing your eyes with clean water, making sure your hands are clean as well to avoid further irritating your eyes. The water should help get the lashes out of your eyes faster by making the surface of your eyes moist and easing the lashes out of your eyes faster. 

Step 2

It can also use some drops of previously prescribe eye drops to introduce moisture that would wash the lashes out of your eyes, just make sure the eye drops haven’t exceeded or reached their expiration date. 

Step 3

You can engage your eyes in rapid blinking as well, but make sure that you do not do this too much as it may cause the lashes to rub harshly against your eyes.

Step 4

If you try all of these tips and your eyes still feel irritated and as though the lashes are still lodged in them and causing discomfort, you should visit an eye professional as soon as possible to rectify the issue. 


It is common for an eyelash or more to fall into your eyes from time to time, it is not an occurrence that should trigger panic or worry.

It is a temporary problem and it can be resolved easily in a couple of minutes, after which your eyes would feel perfectly clear and the irritation you must have felt earlier would fade out as well.

Be well aware that eyelashes just rest on the surface of your eyes when they get in, they do not cause any damage or put you in harm’s way and as long as you’re patient it can be resolved in no time.

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