Can You Dye Your Eyelashes With Hair Dye?

Can You Dye Your Eyelashes With Hair Dye?

The same way dyed hair is exciting and gives chills, dyed lashes and eyebrows also have a certain thrill to them. Has the thought of dyeing your eyelashes with hair dye ever crossed your might? I’d bet on anything that there’s a bunch of others wondering the same thing

No, you can not dye your eyelashes with hair dye. The toxic chemicals contained in hair dye will cause adverse allergic reactions when they come in contact with the eyes.

Some persons choose to use hair dye on their eyelashes because of how long hair dye lasts in comparison with eyelash dye, but this is not a good reason to risk the possible damage that could be done.

Can You Dye Your Eyelashes With Hair Dye?

Asides from attempting to grow your eyelashes, the thought of tinting your eyelashes so that they appear darker, fuller and accentuate your eyes beautifully is one that many of us have considered to meet up with certain beauty standards. 

On the other hand, some persons might want to tint or dye their eyelashes to match their dyed hair and they immediately lean towards using their hair dye on their lashes to get the ride shade or hoping that it works out just ask well as it did for their hair.

Well, drop that thought immediately for the safety of your eyelashes and your eyes in general, hair dye is referred to as hair dye because it is only suitable for the hair located on your head. 

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While several people lean towards dyeing their eyelashes using hair dye for no particular reason, several people are unaware that dye made especially for the eyelashes exists!

There are certain toxic ingredients in hair dye such as hydroxide, ammonia, propylene, resorcinol, paraphenylenediamine (PPD), and parabens, that are necessary to trigger the chemical process that changes the color of one’s hair.

All of these toxic ingredients could result in serious irritation or permanent damage to your eyes in some cases- why would you want to risk that? 

Hair dye is made with harsh chemicals because your scalp can survive without damage as long as you do not use it more often than is necessary. 

Eyelash dye on the other hand is made with milder chemicals that just a thorough washing of the eyes can get rid of if it mistakenly gets into your eyes. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) 

Can you dye your eyelashes at home?

No, it is strongly advised against dyeing your eyelashes at home yourself, no matter how confident you are that you’ve gotten a hang of the instructions, it is best if you do not attempt dyeing your eyelashes yourself. Your eyelashes house your eyes which are extremely sensitive, if you must dye your eyelashes it is best to visit the salon and have the process done by a trained professional to make sure you are in safe hands. 

Is eyelash color the same as hair color?

No, eyelash color and hair color are not the same. There lies the need for the eyes to be protected despite one’s desire to tint or color their eyelashes, to this end, eyelash dye is made with a gentler and less toxic ingredient composition that ensures the safety of your eyes unlike that of hair color/ dye that has toxic chemicals that are unsafe for the eyes.

Can you dye eyebrows with hair dye?

No, it is not safe to dye your eyebrows with hair dye. It is harsh, dangerous and you also risk getting some in your eyes, this is sure to cause an allergic reaction as well as irritate one’s eyes. As long as it’s not dye made specifically for the eyebrows it is unwise to use it.

Can you dye your eyelashes with beard dye?

No, dyeing your eyelashes with beard dye is strongly advised against because you are exposing your eyes to harsh chemicals that could cause damage to it if they should come in direct contact with your eyes at any point during the application process. 


Tinting or dyeing your eyelashes is as tricky as dyeing hair on any part of your body ever gets, for this reason, you need to be careful and make sure you’re using suitable products for the entire process. 

It is impossible to overemphasize how delicate or sensitive your eyes are, as long as you are dealing with the eyelashes which house your eyes, you must be cautious of what you allow to make contact with it since the risk of getting them in your eyes exist. 

No matter what you think may be a better option, it is best to stick with an eyelash dye kit and have your eyeglasses tinted by a professional instead of trying out hair dye or beard dye as an alternative.

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