How Many Eyelashes Do You Lose In A Day?

Once you get accustomed to the beauty trends that make you believe your eyelashes are a “big deal” with respect to your appearance, you’d worry about things such as just how many eyelashes you lose in a day. 

In the first place, do you even lose eyelashes per day, if yes- then how many eyelashes are lost in a day?

Yes, you lose can lose eyelashes on a daily basis. You only lose between 1 – 5 lashes a day, and this is absolutely normal.

When you’re already battling with how to grow your eyelashes, it’s very frustrating when you notice your eyelashes falling out day after day, but you shouldn’t let that discourage you because it doesn’t signal irreparable damage.

How Many Eyelashes Do You Lose In A Day? 

You shouldn’t freak out or get overly worried when you begin to notice that you’ve lost an eyelash or more in a day, it is not a cause for alarm and you need not feel as though something has gone wrong.

Eyelashes have a shorter life span than that of the other hairs located on your body, this is because they are held in place by weaker follicles and undergo a much different growth cycle.

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Owing to this shorter life span and unique growth cycle, eyelashes can fall out daily and there would be no clear difference when you look in a mirror because new ones would have been grown back to replace the lost lashes. 

Instead of panicking when you touch your lashes and notice that one or two have fallen into your palms, it is best that you take a while to understand the unique eyelash growth cycle that includes shedding of eyelashes for new ones to grow back in.

It is completely normal and healthy for your lashes to shed, without shedding you cannot possibly grow new lashes. 

Most of the time, a new lash has already replaced the lash that was shed and it is impossible to notice that any lash had gone missing in the first place, which is simply amazing.

Even when you lose your eyelashes due to unforeseen incidents such as your lashes getting burnt, without treatment a new cycle of growth makes sure your lashes are replaced, so how much more even they fall out naturally? They’ll certainly grow back.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Is it normal to lose 3 eyelashes a day?

Yes, it’s is absolutely normal to lose 3 eyelashes a day. If you ever notice your eyelashes shedding and you distinctively remember losing up to 3 eyelashes in a day, it is not a cause for alarm. Losing 3 eyelashes a day is healthy and you do not need to worry about it being linked to any serious damage.

Why are my lashes shedding so much? 

Your eyelashes may be shedding so much owing to a couple of reasons, you could be experiencing an unhealthy and overwhelming level of distress, pulling on your lashes too much, taking out lash extensions wrongly, practicing unhealthy beauty habits, going to bed with mascara, or you could be experiencing a medical condition that triggers an unhealthy amount of eyelash loss (blepharitis, trichotillomania, or skin cancer).

Is it normal to lose 6 eyelashes a day? 

No, losing 6 eyelashes a day is nothing out of the ordinary unless it becomes consistent. You are expected to lose a maximum of 5 eyelashes per day, if you lose 6 eyelashes in a day it should only be an issue of concern when this repeats itself often or is accompanied by an itch or any signs of irritation.

How many eyelashes is normal?

It is normal and healthy to lose 1-5 lashes in a day, this is as a result of the part of your eyelash growth cycle called the Telogen phase which triggers the natural shedding of old eyelashes for new eyelashes to take roots.


Taking an interest in your eyelashes so much that how many lashes you lose a day begins to bother you or stir up questions is a phase we would love to walk you through by providing you with the right answers to all the questions you may be asking.

Eyelash loss can either be normal or questionable depending on how much of your eyelashes are being shed daily, as long as you’re losing between 1-5 lashes you’re safe and only undergoing the shedding phase of eyelashes growth.

Once your eyelashes are being lost in a questionable amount and it is causing your lids to hurt or itch, you should seek professional medical help because you would require a proper diagnosis and treatment to rectify the situation.

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