Are Eyelashes Considered Facial Hair?

Are Eyelashes Considered Facial Hair?

The term facial hair should be self-explanatory, you would expect that it means any hair that is located on your face is referred to as facial hair, but as it turns out when it comes to eyelashes being categorized as facial hair, the game is rigged.

No, facial hair only refers to hair that is grown on the chin, around the cheeks, on the upper lipand the sides of one’s face such as beards, mustaches, and sideburns.

If you’ve been referring to your eyeglasses as facial hair because they are located on your face and the term sounds applicable, it’s high time you set things straight.

Eyelashes are no doubt one of the loveliest facial features, and beauty trends and DIYs of all kinds have constantly made them a big deal, yet they do not belong to a specific category. As for belonging with facial hair, let’s find out just why eyelashes are struck out of that category below.

Are Eyelashes Considered Facial Hair? 

Yes, your eyelashes are located on your face but apparently, that does not qualify them to be referred to as facial hair as well. Your eyelashes are located at the top of your face just beneath your eyebrows and they rest on the eyelids, hair located on this part of the face is not considered facial hair.

Facial hair is a term that only applies to the beards, sideburns, and mustache that are grown by men as they reach adolescence and their testosterone levels spike up and trigger the growth of these facial hairs. 

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Although some women may experience growth of facial hair due to genetics or as a side effect of this reaching menopause, facial hair is predominantly a male feature which also explains why eyelashes which are generally grown hair cannot be categorized under it. 

Eyelashes are unique and belong in a category of their own despite not being referred facial hair, from their ability to shield the eyes from irritants, growth cycles, attractive appearance, regrowth patterns after lash loss, to their amazing ways to nourish them, they will always stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered facial hair?

Facial hair usually refers to a mustache, beards, or sideburns, so it is simply hair that is grown on the face, it could be on the chin, above the upper lip, or spread around the cheeks.

Are eyelashes and hair the same?

Eyelashes and hair are the same because they look alike and they are made up of the same components as the hair on other parts of your body. Eyelashes just happen to have a distinct growth cycle and more fragile follicles than the hair on other parts of the body.

Are eyebrows considered hair?

Yes, eyebrows are definitely considered as hair. As earlier mentioned, just like eyelashes eyebrows are also made up of the same components as hair, so they can be rightfully categorized as hair as well.

Are eyelashes a body part?

Yes, your eyelashes despite how little they may seem are a very vital part of the body. They are located around the eyes to serve the purpose of providing the necessary protection your eyes require against toxic particles or any other irritants in the environment. Since your eyelashes have been saddled with such a crucial role they can also be referred to as a body part.


It has always been tough trying to figure out where eyelashes belong when grouping body hairs, generally it has been acknowledged that eyelashes are indeed a type of body hair. 

They may have a distinct growth cycle and appear shorter than all other hairs on the body, but they are definitely made up of the same components as the hair on other parts of the body.

As long as facial hair is concerned, eyelashes are not categorized under facial hair because they can be grown by everyone. 

Meanwhile, what makes facial hair stems from the fact that facial hair is particular to adolescent males when they develop beards, mustaches, and sideburns.

We hope this guide clears it all up! 

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