Can You Blink Without Eyelashes?

Can You Blink Without Eyelashes?

A couple of us have tried the craziest tricks we’d find online while trying to grow our eyelashes, at some point you might’ve jumped on the wagon where you’d cut your eyelashes because people said they would grow back longer- and who doesn’t want that? I know I did, more than anything. In situations like that, how exactly do you blink without lashes? 

Yes, you even blink more often without eyelashes but you wouldn’t still be doing your eyes any good with regards to protecting them from dirt and irritants since there are no lashes to ward off dirt, sweat, dust, or insects.

Trying out new stuff you find online is exciting but it is important to get your facts straight to avoid risking potential damage.

When it concerns your eyelashes, in a bid to make them longer it is best to stay away from any DIYs that advise you to cut your eyelashes, you’ll always need them to protect your eyes.

Your eyelashes might only matter to you like a feature that describes your beauty or general appearance but it serves a much more important purpose. 

Before you go ahead to cut your eyelashes in a bid to get longer lashes grown back, you should consider the fact that you would be leaving your eyes at great risk of suffering damage of all sorts because you never know what toxic particles they may be exposed to. 

Female eye with long false eyelashes

You can blink without eyelashes, and bat your eyes as many times as you please.

Your blinking reflex will even be more active and you would blink a lot more often than usual without lashes in place because your body is aware of the absence of its protective shield and seeks to put in extra effort to avoid dirt or debris from making direct contact with your eyes. 

When your eyelashes are in place, each time you blink it generates the moisture that ensures that anything that eventually gets into the eyes can be washed out faster. 

Without lashes, each blink is futile and your eyes are unusually dry which makes it harder to get rid of any unwanted particles it comes in contact with.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need eyelashes to blink. Your eyelids and eyes are extremely sensitive and your blinking reflex will be triggered even without lashes, the only problem is that it will be futile. 
Whenever your blinking reflex is triggered in a bid to protect your eyes from dust or dirt but you have no eyelashes, your eyes would end up getting irritated and itchy more often because there is no protective shield.

What happens if our eyes have no lashes? 

If your eyes have no eyelashes, you will be prone to dirt, insects, dust, and sweat making direct contact with your eyes and causing severe reactions that could easily be avoided with lashes being present.
Eyelashes are very important and integral with regards to keeping your eyes safe on a daily basis, without them you can say hello to itchy and irritated eyes very often.

What happens if you remove your eyelashes? 

If you remove your eyelashes, depending on the method that was used, they could either get damaged or simply grow back. If you pulled at your eyelashes, you could damage your eyelash follicles and have eyelashes that are constantly breaking as a result, if you simply trimmed your eyelashes or they got burnt, the chances are they would grow back.

Is it possible to have no lashes? 

Yes, it is possible to have no lashes but it is usually a result of suffering from a medical condition that caused complete loss of the eyelashes such as cancer or madarosis. During the treatment process for medical conditions that cause eyelash loss, it is normal to have no eyelashes growing back for a while such as is the case during chemotherapy for persons with cancer.


In a world where some persons place beauty standards on a higher pedestal than health or safety, you might have dabbled with some eyelash tricks and ended up losing your eyelashes or intentionally getting rid of them.

We’re here to advise you against practices as such, your eyelashes are not just a way to look more attractive, they are primarily meant to protect your eyes from damage. 

While you can still blink without eyelashes, it does absolutely no good to protect your eyes from dirt, dust, and other possible irritants you’re certain to come across daily. 

So as long as it is within your power to make the decision and not as a result of a medical condition, do not get rid of your lashes for any reason under the sun.

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