3 Reasons Why Your Eyelashes Are Straight

3 Reasons Why Your Eyelashes are Straight

It can be pretty disappointing to have your eyelashes grow straight down rather than curling upward. What is more frustrating is having long, healthy lashes but people don’t notice what fantastic lashes you have because they are straight. 

And it makes you wonder why your eyelashes are straight and why they can’t just grow out curled up like they do in others. Are there reasons your eyelashes grow straight instead of curling?

Yes, there are several reasons that can naturally make your eyelashes grow straight. Your lashes can be straight as a result of your genes and the ethnic group you belong to.

However, things like this are usually out of our control as annoying as they may be. But how come some of us have straight eyelashes and others have curled-up ones? 

This brings us to the one million dollar question; what are the reasons why your eyelashes are straight?

3 Reasons Why Your Eyelashes are Straight 

Thick, long, and upward curling lashes have been considered to be an ideal feature of the face and have long been beauty standards. 

Unfortunately, not everyone would naturally possess this feature and that is why remedies like eyelash curlers, lash extensions, fake lash strips and mascara have been our daily go-to.

Here we will be discussing 3 reasons why your eyelashes are straight so you can better understand each factor that may apply to you.

1. Genetic trait

In this context, there are two types of eyelashes which are straight eyelashes and curly eyelashes. It is assumed that the genes that determine curly eyelashes have incomplete dominance and for straight lashes the genes are recessive.

However, we are products of two people (parents) and we get a pair of genes from each of them. If both parents have straight eyelashes there’s a very high tendency that you inherited it from them.

Our genetic traits play a very important role in how our lashes are set, either straight or curved, and knowing your genetic history will help determine the reason why you have straight eyelashes.

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2. Ethnicity 

Your ethnicity and genetics work hand in hand. The ethnic group in which you belong determines why your lashes are straight. 

Straight eyelashes are more common among Asian people as well as people from Eastern Europe and Spanish communities than in other ethnic groups. 

This is so because they have monolids that cause their eyelashes to grow out downward instead of upwards. It also causes their eyelids to have less dense hair.

More so, if you’re a descendant of one of these regions or societies, you should expect to have straight eyelashes.

3. Monolids/Epicanthic folds

Monolid is typically an eyelid shape that doesn’t have a crease. It is commonly seen among Asian people but some genetic factors such as Down syndrome can also make the eyelids so.

This trait, however, is relatively harmless but it causes the skin on the upper eyelids to cover the inner part of the eyes thereby making the eyelashes grow downward rather than upward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if your eyelashes are straight?

Naturally straight eyelashes are irreversible; there are no everlasting solutions for them. However, if you prefer to have curled eyelashes than straight ones. You can decide to curl them with an eyelash curler and mascara; this is temporary.

Or you can aim for a more lasting solution which is eyelash perming, this process involves the use of perming solutions and thin rollers. You can also get a lash lift which is an upgraded version of lash perm.

Why are my eyelashes straight and not curled?

Various factors can cause your eyelashes to grow out straight instead of curled. Straight eyelashes are caused by the absence of double eyelids. Other factors like genetic history and ethnicity can also be a determinant for the straight nature of your eyelashes. Nonetheless, if you don’t like their appearance you can always curl them up.

Can you train your eyelashes to curl?

No, unfortunately, you can’t. Training your eyelashes to curl up is almost impossible. Your eyelashes can only curl for a certain amount of time after using eyelash curlers. And that doesn’t mean that as you frequently curl them they will transition to curled eyelashes.

Let’s also keep in mind that frequent curling of your lashes can make them thin out and brittle which can lead to loss of lashes.

Are straight eyelashes genetic?

Yes, straight eyelashes are genetic. Our genetic history determines the texture and structure of our eyelashes. If your genetic background connects you to Asia, Spain, and Eastern Europe you are more likely to have straight eyelashes as a facial feature. Also if one or both of your parents have straight eyelashes there’s a high chance you’re inheriting them.


Although some people have perfect naturally curled lashes others do not. People with straight lashes are reportedly not comfortable with them but straight lashes shouldn’t make you feel any less pretty. These are things we can’t easily change.

However, you can achieve a curled eyelash look by perming your eyelashes, applying mascara, getting a lash lift, using eyelash curlers as well as applying eyelash growth serum that can help improve the appearance of your straight eyelashes.

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