Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

Considering making yourself cry to make your eyelashes grow longer apart, Imagine if your tears could do much more than just flow freely, get dried and stuck on your cheeks, or just make you look like a mess? That would be simply amazing and out of the ordinary.

Crying is a natural phenomenon, it is bound to happen continuously throughout one’s life, there are a number of things that could trigger tears, from a bad day, dust making contact with your eyes, losing a loved one, experiencing an unbelievable moment, getting bad news, watching a touching movie scene, to physical pain. 

But to most of us, it’s just tears and nothing special. That’s until you begin to hear people say that your tears can help your lashes grow longer and it piques your interest immediately.

Obviously, if you hear something of this sort, you would want to experiment to be sure that it actually works.

While some persons would prefer to try it out themselves to find out if it’s a fact, others would prefer to gather relevant information before doing so- for the people that fall into the latter category we’ve got you covered. 

No, Crying does not make your eyelashes grow longer or faster, your lashes might look straightened when you cry because they are wet but that doesn’t mean they have magically grown longer. It’s simply a myth that crying makes your lashes grow longer, there is no scientific evidence that proves it, and even though you try it out, you would realize that it is nothing but a farce.

Does Crying Really Make Your Eyelashes Longer? 

As much as we would all like the claim that crying makes eyelashes grow longer to be true, it is unfortunately just a myth that spread like wildfire and ended up causing a bunch of questions to raise with regards to tears and eyelashes growth.

Your eyelashes are not stimulated by tears to grow longer or faster as you have been led to believe, however crying does have some benefits it offers the eyes as stated below; 

1. Crying aids in protecting the eyes

Tears are a necessity for protecting our eyes from external toxins such as dust since it is more common.

When we cry, our eyelids and lashes get wet and our eyes are protected against external irritants that could cause a rash reaction if they come in contact with the eyes.

We are exposed to a lot of dirt particles in our day-to-day activities, tears are able to cleanse our eyes of those particles easily. Tears contain fluids that protect your eyes from bacteria or any type of irritations/ infections. 

Does crying make your eyelashes grow
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2. Crying is soothing for the body and mind

One of the best ways to soothe one’s body and mind after a series of emotional distress is to let it all out by crying.

Scientific research has proven that crying makes one feel relieved and in a better mood than you were earlier, you are certain to feel lighter and whatever pain you must have been feeling is lessened as well.

The endorphins and oxytocin released when people cry are the reason for this soothing after-effect. 

3. Crying releases toxins from your body

Although many people are not familiar with this particular benefit of crying, it has been proven scientifically that emotional tears help release toxins from the body.

The toxins or chemicals in our body that trigger emotional stress or feelings of distress are expelled when we cry. So crying is a proven way of detoxifying our body of toxins or hormones that cause us to experience elevated stress levels.


If you’re ever in a conversation that has bounced from one topic to another and eyelashes become the topic of interest, make sure to raise a brow and reply with a confident “No” when anyone asks if crying makes eyelashes grow longer.

No one should have to force themselves to cry just because they believe it will lead to the growth of longer lashes in the end.

Crying is healthy and it is usually recommended and encouraged by health professionals because they are aware of the benefits it offers. Always verify myths that have no scientific backing before trying them out, we hope this serves as an example.

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