7 Reasons Why Your Eyelashes Feel Sore

7 Reasons Why Your Eyelashes Feel Sore

Sore eyelashes can be very unpleasant. It can happen to just about anyone. It’s the pain and discomfort that come from the eyelids.

This soreness may seem like it comes from eyelashes but the lashes are just a fraction of hairs, they can’t particularly sense or feel pain. This is because they are made up of dead cells which majorly consist of keratin. Are there reasons your eyelashes feel sore?

Eyelash soreness can occur as a result of an underlying medical problem or other conditions like inadequate lubrication of the eyes, physical irritations, forceful pulling of the lashes and excessively rubbing the eyes among others.

The discomfort may come from areas around or beneath your eyelashes. Moreover, the eye is a delicate area and some symptoms should not be overlooked.

Sore eyes may also be accompanied by other symptoms such as eye pain, itchiness, swelling, redness, watery eyes, and some unusual discharge from the eyes. In this article, we will discuss some of the possible reasons your eyelids feel sore.

7 Reasons Why Your Eyelashes Feel Sore

We get it, sore eyelashes can be a major cause for concern. You are curious to know what’s going on or what could be the reason why it seems like your eyelids are hurting. Eyelash soreness has several possible factors, the following are the answers you are looking for. 

1. New eyelash growth

In some cases, a new lash can be pushing the old hair from underneath and it bulbs out the hair shaft. The sensitive eyelids are being stretched out in the process thereby, causing some type of discomfort. 

This however is very normal, eyelashes go through growth phases too. They grow out, they stay intact for a while then the new ones start to spring out when the old lashes begin to fall out

Sometimes we find ourselves excessively rubbing our eyes and forcefully pulling at our lashes, these can cause our eyelids to feel sour. 

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2. Exposure to chemicals

Chemicals from dyes that are not meant for the eyelashes may be the cause of your eyelash’s sourness. This reason is why many hair color manufacturers would advise that users should avoid contact with the eyes and areas around them.

And if contact occurs at all by chance, there’s a risk of eyelid inflammation, itchiness, watery or teary eyes, and redness.

3. Ingrown eyelashes

Usually, an ingrown eyelash grows underneath the eyelid instead of leaning outward from the eyes. When hair gets trapped under the skin, it causes a painful bump to grow, the pain can be worse when it’s around the eyelids and eyelashes are involved.  The medical term for this condition is Trichiasis. 

Ingrown lashes may grow towards the eyes themselves, thereby irritating. It often results from trauma, inflammation, and other possible issues that affect the eyelids.

 It commonly affects adults but in rare cases children can also be affected. Although eye drops can soothe the sore, the real solution to this issue is removing the problem lash.

4. Eyelash mites

Otherwise known as Demodex mites or eyelash lice, are microorganisms that naturally live at the root of the eyelashes. It is believed that everybody will have them at some point. Most times eyelash mites do not pose any threat to the eyelashes. 

However, when there is a huge infestation and the population of these mites is large the eyelids get irritated by their presence. This leads to itchy eyelids, swelling around the eyelids, red and crusty eyes. 

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Overpopulation of the Demodex mites can be a result of a weakened immune system. Sometimes a bump on the eyelids can be attributed to eyelash mites. 

There are remedies for this issue, eyelash mite infestation can easily be cleared up. Always keep your eyelashes clean at all times and your immune systems strong or you can set up an appointment with an eye doctor. 

5. Styes 

A stye is a bacterial infection that involves one or more small glands near the eyelashes. It is often mistaken as a boil or a pimple and the pain can be unbearable. A stye is usually a red and painful bump close to the edge of the eyelids, they also often secrete pus. 

Just like acne, styes occur when a tiny oil gland close to the lashes gets blocked and infected. Medically they are referred to as Hordeolum. 

Styes are very common and can be easily managed at home. It takes up to 7-14 days to get rid of them. Although they can hurt, most styles shouldn’t be a cause of concern. Good eyelid hygiene and warm water compress around the eyes can make them go away. 

6. Eyelid inflammation

Eyelid inflammation popularly known as blepharitis is the inflammation of the eyelids. It occurs when small oil glands at the base of the eyelashes become clogged, causing irritation and soreness. 

Very often blepharitis occurs when germs or bacteria spread to the skin close to the eyelashes. It can make the eyelashes crust together especially when your eyes have been shut for a while. 

In some cases, eyelash mites have contributed to this condition. Ensure to wipe and clean your lashes at least twice a day and tea tree oil can help curb this condition as well.

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7. Eyelash extension allergy

This is a condition whereby the body reacts abnormally to a foreign substance. Most people are not particularly allergic to eyelash extensions but the glue used in bonding them to their natural lashes. 

This allergic reaction can happen to one eye or both of them, making the eyes feel sore, red, and itchy. If you get most of these reactions just after getting your eyelashes done, it’s best to remove them and if that’s not an option for you, you can keep managing it with eye drops.

If you have a history of allergic reactions, let your lash tech know so they can use glues with subtle chemicals. 


A sore eyelash or eyelid can be a serious cause of concern but it’s best to have in mind that most times this discomfort can be due to minor issues. The eyelids and eyes are very sensitive, sometimes even environmental conditions can affect and irritate them.

Depending on the underlying reason for the soreness you can seek medical attention or treat them at home by proper eyelash hygiene and boosting your immune system. 

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