Can You Use Bonding Glue for Eyelashes?

Can You Use Bonding Glue for Eyelashes?

Whether one can use bonding glue for the eyelashes has been a controversial topic for a while now as there are different opinions about it. And we understand that you want to find out facts at this point. 

No, bonding glues are made mostly for hair extensions. Although it may be able to hold your lash extensions in place for a long while, it shouldn’t be applied to the eyelashes because chemicals in it can cause harm to the eye.

We know what a struggle it can be finding the perfect glue for eyelash extensions, as some lash glues ain’t strong enough to hold in place for a long period. This has given rise to the use of bonding glue as an alternative for lash glues. 

Since the eyes are very sensitive we should be mindful of what goes in or around them.

And bonding glues contain a certain amount of chemical components that could cause complications to the eyes and lashes. If you’re curious to find out more, stick around. 

Is It Safe to Use Bonding Glue For Eyelashes?

It is important to note that bonding glue shouldn’t be used as an alternative for false lash glue. In some cases, bonding glue has been reported to have caused damage to the scalp, imagine what can happen if it is applied to the eyelids. 

Bonding glues and eyelash glues are not the same, they are both manufactured for different purposes. Bonding glues are formulated for the hair and weave extensions while eyelash glues are specifically for the eyelids and eyelash extensions.

And it’s only right to use them for their respective purposes.

People tend to forget or probably have no idea of how sensitive the eyelids can be and that applying products not meant for the eyes can cause irritations. More so, large amounts of soluble latex are present in bonding glues, and this can trigger an allergic reaction and some go into anaphylactic shock.

Bonding glues can hold for a very long time and this makes it very hard sometimes to remove the lash at will and without pain. You’ll find that most times your natural lash gets pulled out in the process of trying to remove the false lash glued with bonding glue. 

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However, we can’t rule out the fact that eyelash glues also consist of some harsh chemicals, but it is less toxic when compared to bonding glues because they are formulated and intended for the eyelashes.

Several people that used bonding glue have had to deal with complications like serious irritations, watery eyes, blurry visions, anaphylactic shock, and other allergy symptoms like redness and itching. And these could have been avoided if eyelash adhesive glues were used instead of bonding glues. 

If you’re contemplating using bonding glues for your eyelashes, please discard that thought. And if you’re already using it, kindly discontinue use as it is risky and very unsafe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use hair bonding glue for individual lashes?

No, it is not a good idea to use hair bonding glue on your lashes as they contain ammonia hydroxide that can trigger negative reactions when used on the eyelids. Very importantly use hair bonding glues as directed by the manufacturer as the bottle label clearly states that contact with eyes should be avoided.

Can you use super bonding glue on eyelashes?

No, do not use super bonding glue on your lashes. They are extremely too strong for your eyelashes. And can cause several problems for your eyes. They can block the hair pores and cause irritations. Also, you are likely to lose a lot of natural lashes.

What can I use instead of lash glue?

The truth is you don’t necessarily have to use lash glues all the time. Luckily there are quite a few eyelash glue alternatives that are safe to use and they are mascara adhesives and self-adhesive lashes. Although these substitutes are not popularly used, they hold pretty well and are very easy to use. It is believed that they have the same consistency as the typical eyelash glue and can hold lashes in place for as long as a day or two. 

Can you use ghost bonding glue on eyelashes?

No, you can’t. Especially since your eyes are very sensitive. It is not safe to use ghost bonding glue on your eyelids. However, the labels on ghost bonding glues do not state that it’s safe around the eyes. The use of this glue around the eyes can cause discomfort like itching, redness, swelling, and teary eyes among other things.


Many people have gotten away with using hair bonding glues on their lashes, it doesn’t change the fact that it is an unsafe substitute for lash glues. Although there might be risks of irritation when you use eyelash glues it definitely won’t be as severe as bonding glues. 

Eyelash glues are intended for the eyelashes but many prefer to use bonding glue because they believe it has a stronger hold. However, it’s not worth risking the possible pains and discomfort that come as a result of using hair bonding glues instead of eyelash glues. 

Ensure to always read the label before applying it to your eyelashes. And if your lash extension is being done professionally, make sure they are using eyelash glue on you instead of bonding glue.

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