Can I Use White Sugar For Body Scrub?

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For various reasons, sugar has been continuously used as an ingredient for fighting off certain skincare problems and fulfilling skincare requirements as well.

Sugar surprisingly is much more than just sweetening ingredients for junk food, cereal, or baked foods, it is also an essential part of the skincare products that are meant for face or/ and body exfoliation. It’s truly amazing and endearing to see how much buzz sugar has managed to create in the skincare industry.

Sugar whether it is white or brown can be used in face and body scrubs to exfoliate the skin and to renew it as well. Sugar is a natural ingredient and your skin will always embrace and react best to organic ingredients rather than chemicals.

Sugar acts as an amazing cleanser with no side effects when used on the skin, but since brown sugar is usually said to be more organic than white sugar because of how it is made, does this mean that white sugar is not suitable for use in the body scrubs? 

How To Make A DIY Sugar Scrub? (With White sugar )

We all need a sugar scrub to add to our skincare collections, if you do not already have one or you’ve run out of your sugar scrub and you would like to try making one yourself, stick with us.

This is a short and easy guide that you can get done in 5 minutes in the comfort of your home.

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Ingredients Needed For DIY Sugar Scrub:

  1. A cup of white sugar
  2. Half cup of coconut oil
  3. Any other essential oil of your choice.
  4. A clean small bowl or container.

Steps to Make Your White Sugar Scrub

Step1. Pour your cup of white sugar into a bowl or container. Make sure that your bowl or container has been washed clean and dried completely before pouring in your sugar.

Step 2. Add organic or cold-pressed coconut oil to the sugar in the bowl. If you are using cold-pressed coconut oil, you should melt it before adding it to the sugar.

Step 3. Next, add the essential oil of your choice, you can use more than one essential oil if you like. After adding your oil(s) to the mixture, thoroughly mix it until satisfied.

Step 4. Store your sugar scrub in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dry place. Your sugar scrub is ready for use, be sure to use it not more than thrice a week for best results.

Can I Use White Sugar For Body Scrub?

Just as brown sugar can be used for body scrubs, white sugar can also be used as an ingredient for body scrubs and yield the same or even better results after continued usage.

Outlined below are the benefits of using white sugar on your skin, these points would show clearly that it is safe and advisable to use body scrubs made from white sugar.

1. White Sugar has anti-aging properties

Aging is one of the causes of sagging or dry skin because your body is trying to signal you that it is growing tired, however, these days we all want to look good regardless of our age so we look for anti-aging skincare products to make sure of it.

White sugar has an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) known as glycolic acid which is a natural form of, this acid is able to penetrate every layer of the skin and stimulate cell regeneration which in turn leads to the production of new skin cells that cause the skin to look healthier and much younger.

White Sugar For Body Scrub
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2. White sugar can be used to balance the skin tone

Having uneven skin tone does not bring a smile on anyone’s face, especially if you are skin conscious and putting effort into taking great care of your skin.

White sugar is a great remedy for uneven skin, it is an exfoliating agent which rids the skin of dark areas by cleansing it and making your skin tone even.

Asides from making your skin even, your skin looks radiant and your confidence is boosted a notch higher even if your skin is even and has a natural glow.

3. White sugar preserves your natural oils & allows hydration

Many chemical-based skincare products are known to strip your skin of its natural oils when they are used. This is not the case for white sugar when in your body scrubs, as it exfoliates your skin it opens your skin pores gently so it does not affect or rob you of your natural and essential oils in the process.

By cleaning out your skin pores gently, also allows your skin to accept moisture from other products used after exfoliation and this keeps it hydrated.

4. White Sugar makes your skin softer and more nourished

When you have dry skin, scaly skin, oily skin, or damaged skin, it is not a pleasant feeling when you rub your hands on it. The case is different when you exfoliate using white sugar body scrubs, sugar happens to be a natural humectant.

As a natural humectant, it attracts moisture from the environment to your welcoming skin pores and locks it in to keep it moisturized. A moisturizer skin is free from being dry, oily, or scaly, instead, it is smooth, soft, and supple to feel. 


White sugar despite its being altered by some chemicals is still very suitable for use in body scrubs, it is safe for consumption so it poses no negative effects on the skin asides from being a little rougher or abrasive than brown sugar but this enables its deep cleansing abilities instead.

If you are looking to get a sugar scrub, both brown and white sugar-based scrubs are amazing options, they are also a great choice for sensitive skin because of how gentle on the skin they are.

If you were thinking white sugar would be inappropriate because it’s mostly consumed, you can rest assured that it only means it is a versatile ingredient.

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