Botox For Hair Explained: Does It Really Work?

When you hear the word botox, your mind instantly travels to botox injections which act as beauty fillers. So on hearing botox for hair, a bunch of questions is certain to flood your thoughts in a moment.

Botox for hair does not contain any traces of botox nor is it made using any harmful chemicals. On one hand, you might be wondering “how on earth will an injection be administered to take effect on the hair?”

Be rest assured that botox for hair is not like other hair treatments that require daily or weekly use to produce the desired results,

On the other hand, it is a treatment meant to improve your hair’s health faster than the months of using several hair care products would. Let’s take you through all you need to know about Botox for hair.

What is Botox for Hair?

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) for hair is a treatment containing ingredients such as keratin, protein, vitamin E, peptides, collagen, amino acids, glyoxylic acid, and essential oils that guarantee healthy and beautiful hair when it is administered.

It is a protein-rich treatment that is meant to improve the strength of one’s hair, reduce the presence of frizz, repair damaged hair fibers, and improve the overall health and appearance of your hair satisfactorily.

Botox treatments for the hair could either be in the form of a deep conditioning protein treatment which has no botox or added chemicals or in the form of an injection that is injected into the scalp, this injection unlike the first form of botox hair treatment contains added chemicals.

Does Botox For Hair Really Work?

Botox for hair which represents a filler that ensures healthy and beautiful hair is a treatment many persons might doubt until they undergo the process themselves. It nourishes your hair as well as repairs all forms of hair damage with results that last. Below are the benefits of using botox for hair.

botox for hair
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1. Reduces The Production Of Product On Your Scalp

It reduces the production of sweat on the scalp & the clogging of hair pores by sweat. Botox for hair when administered by injecting the scalp helps to decrease the production of sweat by the sweat glands located on your scalp.

Sweat causes dirt to clog your hair pores, and it also makes your hair get dirty easily, but with these botox injections, you can go longer without having to wash your hair.

2. Renews Hair And Prevents Frizz

Botox hair injections also do a great job at reducing occurrences or appearances of frizz in the hair, it rejuvenates damaged hair and makes it appear and feel much healthier. Frizzy hair is frustrating and hard to manage, while moisturizing hair products may fix it, botox injections bring almost instant relief.

3. Nourishes And Repairs Hair Damage

A hair botox deep conditioning treatment is a lifesaver for persons with dry or dull hair, it works by enriching the hair with protein and some much-needed moisture.

Hair botox treatments with no added chemicals are the most nutrient-packed deep conditioning process your hair could undergo, it has essential oils, collagen, and keratin in their best forms being introduced to your hair at one go.

4. Makes Thin Hair Thick And Healthy

Hair botox treatments are particularly amazing when it comes to replacing thin hair with thicker and healthier strands. If you are unimpressed with your light and weak hair strands, especially if they became that way as a result of some hair damage, you should get a botox hair treatment to repair the damage.

5. Stimulate Hair Growth

Hair botox injections are known to help stimulate new hair growth for persons that are bald or lost their hair as a result of aging. These injections reduce hair loss and ensure that your hair looks vibrant, full, and luscious even while you’re aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Botox safe for natural hair?

Hair botox treatments are safe for all hair types, they are nourishing and damage-free to the scalp. They speed up the process of maintaining healthy hair, and they are proven to repair all forms of hair damage without worsening it. If your natural hair is the reason you’re second-guessing getting a hair botox treatment then you need not worry, it is safe to try it out, and the results are satisfactory without a doubt.

How long does hair botox last?

Hair botox treatments might be one of the best ways to nourish your hair and repair damage done to it, but it does not last forever. Its effects last at least two months and at most three months, the period it lasts is not certain because it varies from person to person depending on how often you wash your hair and how fast new roots grow and begin to show.

How much does botox for hair cost?

A botox hair treatment could cost you between $150 to $300 or more in some cases, the price is dependent on whether you get the treatment done at home or in a salon by a professional. The price of any hair treatment is a huge determinant or factor to be considered especially if you plan to repeat it often.


If you are not certain that you can keep up with the dedication and routines that are required of you to maintain healthy and radiant hair, getting a hair botox treatment is one of the best ways to fix that.

With a hair botox treatment, your hair is nourished deeply from the roots to the strands, any damage your hair must have suffered is repaired, your hair is made to appear thicker and fuller, your hair feels moisturized, and your hair is strengthened to withstand further damages, and you do not have to keep up with a tedious routine to maintain its health.

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