Biotin Shampoo Possible Side Effects

Biotin Shampoo Possible Side Effects

Being an essential and untainted B vitamin, biotin does not have any known side effects and neither do biotin shampoos.

Biotin is an active, popular, and trusted ingredient in the beauty industry. Biotin has supplements that are engineered to nourish and repair the skin, nails, and hair and have given effective results over the years.

Biotin can either be used on the external parts of the body in form of creams, oils, conditioners, and shampoos or it can be used internally by adding biotin supplements to your diet which will work its way around nourishing your skin, hair, and nails respectively and evenly.

The fact that there are several people who have embraced biotin products and supplements as the holy grail for healthy and strong hair or skin does not mean there are no doubts are to whether it is safe, healthy, and damage-free after consistent use. As much as biotin shampoos have a lot of benefits to offer, what are the side effects we need to look out for if at all there are any?

Below are the possible side effects biotin shampoos may pose.

What are biotin shampoos?

In the simplest terms, biotin shampoos are hair products for washing the hair that is made with biotin as one of the major and most potent ingredients. Biotin shampoos are a great additive in shampoos aimed at improving scalp circulation, strengthening the hair follicles, increasing hair density, maintaining healthy hair, and repairing weak hair as well.

Biotin is an essential B vitamin that is also referred to as vitamin B7. The word biotin was derived by merging the Greek words “bios” and “in”. Biotin is a vitamin that aids in healthy metabolism in the skin and hair depending on which form it is taken in.

In the body, biotin changes glucose gotten from carbohydrates into energy for the body.

It is a micronutrient that is essential for the body to function properly, a biotin deficiency could cause rashes on one’s face, and hair loss or thinning. It also breaks down fat, carbohydrates, and proteins and maintains the health of one’s hair by aiding the build-up of keratin – an essential protein for hair growth.

Biotin Shampoo Side Effects

Just like any other new ingredient that has been introduced to the hair and beauty market, there are a lot of questions surrounding the rise of several biotin hair products. Many people think that its benefits might be too good to be true and naturally wonder what the downsides of using biotin-infused hair products could be.

The need to know how suitable biotin is for your hair is born out of healthy curiosity that we are willing to satisfy with a rather brief response.

Biotin shampoos are completely safe for use on all hair types and have no proven side effects. There is a possibility that it would not yield results such as remedying hair loss but it would cause any further damage to your hair, biotin is a nutrient that boosts metabolism so it can’t reverse its benefits or pose any threat to your hair or the skin on your hair scalp.

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A Note About Biotin Allergies

Biotin shampoos would only result in side effects for people that have a biotin allergy, it is a rare occurrence but it is a possible outcome at the same time. If you have undergone stomach surgery, have kidney disease, or smoke excessively, you may react negatively to any slight contact with biotin.

Since this biotin shampoo is not being consumed as a supplement but rather is applied to the hair which is an external part of the body it may not result in an allergic reaction but, to be safe and completely sure seek advice from a medical practitioner if you have any of the previously mentioned conditions to make sure it will not cause any harm to your health.

The allergic reactions that may occur include; hives, difficulties in breathing, swelling of the lips, tongue, throat, or face.

While biotin shampoos do not pose any threat to people who do not have an allergy to biotin, a biotin deficiency in the hair on the other hand is a condition that shows just how important biotin is for the hair. Biotin deficiency leads to hair thinning, loss of hair, and red scaly rashes on the nose, mouth, eyes, and anus.

Simply using biotin shampoos may not easily remedy this situation but using them alongside biotin supplements should do the trick.


Biotin shampoos are constantly in the limelight with the natural hair and beauty industry growing larger and asking questions to ensure the safety of their well-groomed hair. Nobody wants to try a new hair product that backtracks the growth and healing they have worked hard for to keep their hair healthy and strong, so they do what is expected – question everything.

Biotin shampoos, fortunately, do not have any known side effects, biotin is a nutrient and so its primary responsibility is to nourish the hair.

The only thing you might want to find out before trying a biotin shampoo is to visit a doctor to find out if you are allergic to it, that way you are certain that it is completely safe for use.

If you were searching for the side effects of biotin shampoos to see if the disadvantages of using one outweigh the benefits, now you know that it has no side effects and yet a bunch of amazing benefits to taking advantage of. You should definitely try out a biotin shampoo!

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