Does Colourpop Use Biodegradable Glitter?

Does Colourpop Use Biodegradable Glitter?

With makeup, the thing is when you go glitter, you never go back. I’m certain that the addictive and stunning effect that glitter gives to your makeup looks is not something you can easily let go of- and why should you? I see no reason and I’m certain you don’t either.

But how many people walk into a beauty aisle of a drug store and wonder if the glitter palette they just fell in love with is biodegradable or not? Very few people by the look of things.

Here, we have put together a simple piece that will have you join the group of persons that ask that question every time you pick a glitter palette, environmentally friendly makeup products are very important and you’ll find out why.

Does Colourpop Use Biodegradable Glitter?

Colourpop is a cosmetic industry that is based in the United States of America, the cosmetics made by this brand are of high quality yet they are marketed and sold at affordable prices so that as many people as possible can enjoy flawless makeup products.

Colourpop makeup products are easily one of the most popularly used in the united states because of the quality and pricing, they are a favorite of several influencers and beauty YouTubers.

Being a popular, high quality and affordable brand are endearing features but the compatibility of the Colourpop cosmetic brand and the environment is also important to consider when choosing it.

Colourpop cosmetics appeal to a lot of people because it is vegan and cruelty-free, it is strictly made from plants and has no business with testing their finished products on animals that is why it is said to have an original and outstanding formula, unlike other cosmetic brands.

These characteristics contribute to the reasons why people constantly purchase from them, as a matter of fact, in 2019 accurate data was gathered to prove that it had over 2 million visits on its online shopping site just in April.

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Colourpop And The Environment

 Here, we are particularly interested in whether the glitter used in colourpop’s cosmetics is biodegradable or not. Being an innovative and eco-friendly-driven brand, it is no surprise that colourpop’s glitter is one of the few on the beauty market that is biodegradable.

This means that their glitter is made in a way that when it is disposed it can be broken down into bits that can be absorbed by bacteria instead of causing pollution by being impossible to decompose for absorption by bacteria. Colourpop’s glitter is particularly amazing because it is an all-purpose glitter that can be used for nails, art products, face, and body art.

It also does not require the use of harsh glue to stick.

Environmentally conscious persons that equally have an interest in cosmetics have clamored for sustainable glitter palettes to be created and the colourpop cosmetics brand listened.

The regular glitter that we all know is made from plastic and this means that it is harmful to the environment when disposed of, our environment is suffering daily, and turning a blind eye when it comes to non-biodegradable glitter is not an option that should not exist if people were adequately informed about how it affects the environment.

Environmentally friendly glitter should have been a part of the cosmetic industry long ago, but now that cosmetic brands such as colourpop have embraced the idea and made it come to life, other brands should follow suit.

The fight for sustainable and green earth must be fought from all ends and the beauty industry is not exempted. The number of persons using and disposing of plastic non-biodegradable glitter is causing a lot of harm to the environment that we should be making conscious and calculated efforts to protect at all costs.

Environmentally friendly glitter costs more than plastic glitter but it tends to last longer, produce equally amazing results when used, and keeps mother nature happy.


Colourpop cosmetic brand is proof that you can look good on a budget while keeping the environment safe.

Several cosmetic brands have not embraced and begun implementing the production of biodegradable glitter instead of glitter made from plastic, but hopefully, they will become more environmentally conscious and inclined with time.

Before then we can make the decision to stick with cosmetic brands that are already producing, marketing and selling biodegradable glitter because we understand the advantage of using it for the environment.

With more affordable and biodegradable glitter made available in the beauty market, we can look stunning while saving the earth, with this knowledge we can go ahead to make informed decisions when purchasing glitter for makeup.

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