Dickinson’s Depuffing Eye Gel vs. Dr. Brandt: The Right Pick

If you’ve had to struggle with eye bags, dark circles, puffy eyelids, or stress marks around your eyes, then depuffing eye gels are about to become your best friends every time you walk past a beauty and skincare aisle.

Why is that? – you may wonder, depuffing eye gels have been proven to do wonders when it comes to relieving your eyes of stress signs or smoothing out puffiness that appears around them for one reason or the other.

We wouldn’t want to send you on a shopping experiment where you have to ask at every turn or wonder which depicting eye gel would be best for you, so we have narrowed it down to two of the best in the beauty market – Dickinson’s depicting eye gel & Dr. Brandt’s depicting eye gel, all you have to do is read further to know which is the best option for you.

What are Depuffing Eye gels?

Depuffing eye gels are a skincare miracle that is made to erase any appearance of puffiness or stress signs around the eyes.

These types of eye gels are light to make application easy and almost enjoyable, they can be used to get rid of eye bags caused by stress, they can also be used to relieve puffy eyes that are gotten in the morning after a long night, they can be worn underneath makeup and they would blend very easily and not cause creases around the eyes, and they are also moisturizing for the skin around the eyes.

Dickinson’s Depuffing Eye Gel vs. Dr. Brandt: The Right Pick

Dickinson’s depicting eye gel and Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel are both wonder-working eye gels that people have had amazing and satisfactory experiences with, but when pitched against each other, which of them emerges as the right pick?

Both of these eye gels are functional and have tons of honest reviews to back them up, however, instead of comparing both eye gels, we would be outlining the benefits that both depuffing eye gels offer as well as a summary to indicate which of the two would be best for you based on your skin type and age group.

What are the Benefits of Dickinson’s De-puffing Eye gel?

Dickinson’s Depuffing Eye Gel

Let’s first observe the benefits of using each gel. Here are some reasons why people prefer Dickinson’s De-puffing Eye gel.

1. Dickinson’s Depuffing eye gel uses witch hazel as its major ingredient

Witch Hazel is highlighted as the major ingredient in Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel because of its ability to relieve inflammation, relieve swelling, soothe the skin, tighten pores, reduce and fight off irritation. The characteristics or features of witch hazel and its presence in Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel as the major ingredient makes it serve perfectly in depuffing the skin around the eyes.

2. Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel refreshes the eyes while depuffing it

While Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel depuffs your eyes, it also awakens them because of its hydrating, non-drying, and moisturizing qualities especially triggered by the presence of cucumber, caffeine, and aloe in it.

It gives off a refreshing and new feel when used, it feels as good as using some ice to make a sore spot feel better. As it soothes the puffy areas around your eyes, it cools it and gives you a healthy, glowing, and refreshed feeling.

3. Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel is perfect for expectant mothers & people with sensitive skin

Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel happens to be the perfect pick for expectant mothers and persons with sensitive skin, this is owing to the presence of witch hazel and zero added fragrances.

Witch hazel makes this eye gel very gentle on the skin and because of its anti-inflammatory components as well as its ability to soothe and fight off skin irritations it is best for persons with sensitive skin.

What are the Benefits of Dr. Brandt’s Depuffing Eye Gel?

Dr. Brandt

Here are some reasons why people prefer to go for Dr. Brandt’s De-puffing eye gel instead.

1. Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel instantly tightens the skin around the eyes 

Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel is especially loved by older people that are experiencing puffy lids as a result of passing through the aging process because this eye gel is known to provide instant tightening of the skin around the eyes and get rid of puffy lids in less than five minutes after application.

This is one of the benefits of Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel that makes it stand out amongst others, it makes use of filmatrix technology which consists of a South African shrub extract and algae mixture being added to the eye gel, this is what creates instant tightness and depuffs the eyelids in minutes.

2. Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel has antioxidants that fight off dark circles

Asides from being a remedy for depuffing the areas around the eyes, Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel also serves as a means to get rid of dark circles.

It is made with caffeine and ingredients that have antioxidant components such as green tea, white tea, birch back, and Centella Asiatica. These ingredients are responsible for lightening dark circles around the eyes such that they are faded out.

3. Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel has peptides that cause the skin to look younger 

As an added benefit to its depuffing ability alongside being able to reduce the appearance of dark circles, Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel contains peptides that are instrumental in firming the skin around the eye, restoring elasticity to the eye area, and supporting the skin to rid it of eye bags.

These benefits that are gotten from the presence of peptides in this eye gel help the users look much younger and achieve a healthy glow from constant usage.


Both Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel and Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel are amazing options for getting rid of puffy eyes, dark circles, and eye bags as the benefits outlined above prove.

However, when trying to decide which is the best pick for you, you should consider some major factors which are your skin type, your age group, whether you’re pregnant, and what you’re looking to treat.

With regards to your skin type, persons with normal or combination skin types can use either of two eye gels as they please but if you happen to have sensitive skin the best depuffing eye gel for you is Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel because it contains witch hazel which makes it perfect for sensitive skin without the danger of irritations or any adverse reactions.

This equally applies to pregnant women, all the ingredients in Dickinson’s depuffing eye gel are organic and gentle on the skin which makes it an amazing and healthy choice for pregnant women who experience puffy eyes during the period of their pregnancy.

When basing your decision on your age group, if you have begun to experience signs of aging that include having weak lids or puffy eyes now and then, you should settle for Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel because of the instant relief and tightening of the skin underneath the eyes that it provides, the results with Dickinson’s eye gel might be satisfactory but they are not instant like Dr. Brandt’s.

If you are looking to get rid of dark circles and not just puffy eyes, you should use Dr. Brandt’s depuffing eye gel because it is made to also lighten dark circles.

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