Should I Use Exfoliating Gloves Everyday?

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After you use exfoliating gloves once, it seems as though you’re hooked immediately. The feeling is ethereal and the results are almost instant, it feels like you’ve had the whole skincare thing wrong until you have exfoliated and done it right.

Nobody wants to lose the feeling of smooth skin or the refreshing and new feel that you get when you step out of the shower after exfoliating.

You easily tell yourself that you’re going to be exfoliating every day, and no one can blame you for that especially if they have experienced how great exfoliating feels. But hold that thought- is it really okay to use exfoliating gloves every day? 

Should I Use Exfoliating Gloves Everyday?

Exfoliating is no doubt a vital part of every skincare routine, the fact that it clears out your pores and creates smoother and healthier skin makes it a crucial step that you dare not skip while taking care of your face & body.

Knowing that it is this important, one would also want to know how many times to do it per week to make sure that it is effective in the long run.

Many of us have heard different answers to the question of how often we should use exfoliating gloves but we need definite answers with good and proven reasons backing them up.

Everybody would love to have great skin and knowing that exfoliating gloves are one of the guaranteed ways to get it, some people could take a trip to the shower every hour just to use them and get smooth skin as soon as possible.

As enticing as getting good skin quickly maybe, you would need to know how much exfoliating too often or hardly exfoliating at all will affect your skin.

It is important that we look at it from all the possible angles, there are different skin types and all these skin types would react to a certain amount of exfoliation using gloves differently. We have sensitive skin types, normal skin types, oily skin types, and combination skin types.

These four skin types have different characteristics that would not permit them to exfoliate as little or as much as the other. We’ll be treating each skin type as a determining factor for how often people are expected to exfoliate which will be perfect for the skin type they fall under.

Should I Use Exfoliating Gloves Everyday on Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin type refers to skin that gets easily irritated and is more prone to acne and other inflammations than other skin types.

Sensitive skin is usually dry, could easily peel off, may itch at the slightest contact with rough surfaces, and reacts negatively to several skincare products or tools. Sensitive skin could develop a rash, burning sensations, stinging, itching, or redness in reaction to some products it comes in contact with.

You have to be extra careful with sensitive skin if you want to avoid any of these adverse reactions.

Despite being fragile and prone to inflammation, sensitive skin also requires proper care to stay healthy and glowing.

You can not decide to completely strike out exfoliation because your skin is sensitive, instead, you would need to know how often you are expected to exfoliate your skin, the tools that are suitable for your sensitive skin, the techniques that will not cause you irritation or inflammation, and what you would need to look out for when exfoliating.

For sensitive skin, you need to make sure you get mild textured exfoliating gloves, silk exfoliating gloves are somewhat on the high side (pricier than other types of exfoliating gloves) but if you can afford them, you should use them instead as they are best suited for sensitive skin types.

Even with all exfoliating gloves, you should not exfoliate on sensitive skin every day, it may still result in redness or itching after a week or in some cases, even less than a week, using silk exfoliating gloves on your sensitive skin thrice a week should suffice.

In the case of mild exfoliating gloves that are not made out of silk, you may want to use them twice a week and make sure that you are messaging very gently while making use of them, this is to avoid redness and/ or itching.

Using exfoliating gloves
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Should I use exfoliating gloves every day on normal skin? 

Normal skin type as opposed to sensitive skin is a skin type that is well balanced. This means that it is not too dry, too oily, or easily irritated, it has a healthy balance of all three and is easier to maintain than other skin types.

Normal skin usually does not appear too smooth but it has a consistent and easy to maintain texture, it doesn’t scare easily, gets dry easily, and neither does it have acne breakouts as often as other skin types would. Normal skin is healthy and has a lot of perks.

Being low maintenance, you might wonder “why would I still need to exfoliate my skin if it’s unproblematic and easy to maintain?”. We said it was easy to maintain, we did not say it should be neglected owing to that fact, so yes, even with a normal skin type you still need to exfoliate often to keep it looking healthy and feeling as such.

For normal skin types, any type of exfoliating gloves go but that does not mean you should subject your skin too hard and abrasive gloves because it will have a negative effect on your skin after continuous usage.

Get a pair of exfoliating gloves that do not feel too hard on your skin, and use them to exfoliate while massaging gently thrice a week. If you would like to exfoliate daily because you want smooth, glowing skin all day nonstop- get a pair of silk exfoliating gloves and you can use those as often as you would like to.

Should I exfoliate daily on oily/combination skin?

Oily skin as it implies is a skin type that appears oilier than others and is prone to acne breakouts more often than others are, it’s as though the breakouts never end with this skin type.

Combination skin, on the other hand, is a skin type that combines oily and dry and is usually mistaken for the oily skin type, it is however also prone to acne breakouts and requires dedicated grooming to be kept healthy and smooth.

These two skin types are merged here because their need for exfoliation is the same, they are high maintenance and require proper exfoliation to be kept healthy.

For oily skin, exfoliation is important because of the need to get rid of excess oil that is constantly lodged in the pores. For combination skin, exfoliation is important to get rid of oil, dirt and to open up the pores so that the dry parts of the skin can be moisturized properly.

You would need affiliation gloves or mitts that are soft on the skin yet can scrub gently enough to get the job done properly. It is best to use these exfoliating gloves at least twice or thrice a week, it will serve and you can avoid getting a rash or redness that is gotten from over-exfoliating.


Exfoliating gloves are an amazing find for all skincare enthusiasts, but knowing just the right amount of time to use them is just as important as the great job they do for the skin.

The trick here is to, first of all, determine your skin type, after you do that, you can easily find out how often it is safe to exfoliate based on your skin type.

For sensitive skin, you need mild or silk exfoliating gloves, and using these twice or thrice a week is perfect, for normal skin you can use regular exfoliating gloves thrice a week and silk exfoliating gloves as often as you’d like, and for oily/ combination skin using exfoliating gloves or mitts, you can exfoliate twice or thrice a week but not every day.

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