Wedding Ring Alternatives: 13 Similar Options To Wedding Band

Wedding Ring Alternatives

Marriages happen all the time, and over time, we have gotten used to the use of wedding rings as a sign of love and commitment. It’s cool, every girl loves diamonds. However, if you have ever thought of getting married without the use of a wedding ring, we would encourage you by giving you other wedding ring alternatives.

What does this mean? You can get married; show love and commitment and you do not have to exchange rings!

You can decide to stick with jewelry or you can explore other options. A major advantage of using alternatives is that many of them cost less than a ring would. You get to use what makes you happy and save money at the same time. The wedding ring alternatives are as follow;

1. Framed Wedding Certificate

For most people, it seems the norm is to keep their wedding certificates in a file, safe, drawer, etc. if you prefer not to wear your symbol of love around and will not mind having it in your home, then framing your wedding certificate, is a great option for you. there are different types, colors, sizes of the frame out there for you to choose from; both offline and online. The frame you choose might come cheaper than a wedding ring. Get your frame, and hang it with pride in your home.

2. Engraved Wallet Cards

An engraved wallet card is one of the easiest ways to show love and commitment to your partner. They are made of metal, you can get them offline and online, it can be designed with your name, date of relationship, with your pictures, or with a little vow, depending on what you want on it. They come in the size of a credit/debit card, this way, they fit perfectly into your wallet and you can be reminded of your lover, every time you open your wallet.

3. Photo Albums

Pictures speak a thousand words. A photo album as a symbol of your love and commitment, is one of the best alternatives, especially if you are both photographers or you love to take pictures. A photo album allows you to hold onto memories for a very long time. The good thing about photo albums is that you will have to continue filling them up with pictures as you progress in your relationship with your partner.

4. Plant A Tree

Trees signify life to some people. If you have a yard or more in your compound, you can plant a tree or two. This tree, when planted signifies a new beginning and as it grows, it will continue to be a symbol of strength and resilience. As you grow and increase, so does your tree. It can be your favorite tree, or not; A lot of people plant fruitful trees, so you may want to do the same too. Besides, you will also be benefiting the ecosystem at large.

5. Tattoos

Matching tattoos - alternatives to wedding bands
Image: Envato Elements

One of the most known alternatives for wedding rings is getting a tattoo, especially having a matching tattoo around your finger, where a ring would normally stay. It can also be a tattoo of your partner’s name, your wedding date, a symbol you both loves, etc. tattoos allow you to have your symbol of love and commitment with you, on your body, forever. There are also many options of what you will like to tattoo on your bodies, talk to your partner to decide the perfect one for you.

6. Matching Necklace

Are you unable to wear a ring due to work, health conditions, or more? Then this is the perfect alternative for you. wearing a matching necklace is also good for people who want their symbol of love to be seen and worn. Your necklace can be in any form; gold, silver, leather, etc. you and your partner get to decide that. You can also have pendants with inscriptions or pictures of you both. You can get this offline and online, customized to your taste.

7. Matching Bracelets

Similar to matching necklaces, bracelets are a great option for you to display your love. The good thing is that they come in various forms; copper, leather, silver, gold bead, etc. you can also have them customized to you and your partner’s taste.

8. Matching Watches

These are like bracelets and rings; however, they are more functional. Your watch can carry you and your partner’s picture or a symbol in it. Every time to look to check the timer, you are reminded of the love and commitment you both share.

9. Write A Poem

If you or your partner love words, then you might want to consider a poem as an alternative. Words written down, let our voices resound, even after years of writing them. There are tendencies that as you progress in your marriage and life, you may unintentionally focus on other things and forget to tell your partner how much they mean to you, a poem will do that for you. Regardless of how the poem is, the most important is to communicate how much you love and will stay committed to your partner.

10. Gemstone 

Although the use of gemstone as an alternative for a wedding ring is less common, it is a fantastic idea. Different stones have different meanings, exchanging gemstones can mean you value your partner like that stone. Gemstones also have spiritual meanings and may be used to promote a spiritual connection between the two of you, and to strengthen your marriage. There are many gemstones to choose from, you can check online or go to stores gemstone stores.

11. Wallet Pictures

It is the little things that matter in love, sometimes, all you need to see is a picture of you and your lover and your day is made. Although, smartphones make pictures accessible now, having a wallet picture reminds you of your love and commitment every time you reach for your wallet.

12. Painting Or Drawing 

There are a couple who love art, and what better way to show your commitment and love to one another than to exchange paintings/drawings. You can both hang these artworks close to one another, in an open space in the home. It not only reminds you of your love towards one another but also serves aesthetics purposes in the home. You just may have to tell a story, every time someone compliments the art in your home.

13. Perfume/Cologne

Scents are personal. You can recognize the cologne your partner wears anytime, regardless of if they are there or not. An alternative to a wedding ring is exchanging perfume or cologne you love both loves. this will remind you of your partner every time you use the perfume. You can purchase them online or at local stores, you can even make them yourself.

Final Thoughts

There are more alternatives to wedding rings than they are listed here. There is no rule on what should be used as an alternative for wedding rings, it doesn’t have to be something big, it just has to be what you and your partner find special. It is beautiful that the seemingly little things can remind us of the love and commitment we share with that special someone.

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