Square Socks Guide: How to Neatly Fold Your Socks

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You are probably wondering if there are ways of folding your socks, or better still what square socks are all about. Before addressing this, which will be appropriately done in this article, let’s take a look at the importance of wearing socks.

Socks serve as a protective aid for your legs against harsh weather conditions, especially cold. Another importance of socks is that it prevents smelly feet caused by the dampness of the feet. In addition, socks can serve as a nice accompaniment or accessory for your dressing.

 Interestingly, some stockings are even recommended for medical purposes, as they help avert enlargement of the ankle and the feet. These types of socks are known as compression socks. 

Socks can be classified largely into three; Men’s socks, ladies socks, and socks for children. These three classifications are very different, so also are their functions.

Just for you, we have provided information on the square method of folding socks and why it is a preferable method. In addition, we also provided tips on how to take care of your socks.

Types of Socks for Men and Women

There are different socks for the different activities carried out and also they serve different purposes. Asides from these, there are other types of socks.

Compression socksThey help to regulate blood flow and also ease discomfort and inflammation.
Sports socks Under this type of socks, there are various other classes, such as the trainers’ socks, football socks, athletic socks, to mention a few. They help to give comfort during sports or exercise and protect the feet from injury.
Bedtime socksThey help to increase blood flow to the feet and also provide warmth for the feet during cold seasons.
Ankle-length socks They help to prevent blisters that can be caused by wearing low-cut shoes and is a popular option for daily use.
Quarter length socksThey are a better alternative if you are experiencing heels blistering. They can be worn by everyone, and it also provides a classy and professional look when worn.
Shoe liner socksThe shoe liner socks help to increase the comfort of your footwear.
Thigh-high socksThey help to keep the legs warm and are also useful for hygienic purposes.
Cotton socksThey are very useful for sensitive skins and also ensure that the feet sweat less.
Split toe socksThis type of socks helps to avoid rubbing of toes between each other.

Are There Different Ways to Neatly Fold My Socks?

Do you ever get uncomfortable, frustrated, and irritated when you see your socks littered around in your room or your locker? Is it a struggle locating the other leg of the socks you desire to wear out so badly, because of poor arrangement? This article, which highlights how to neatly fold your socks is just what you need.

While we’ll pinpoint other ways to fold your socks, the square socks guide will be the focal point.

The techniques for folding your socks will largely depend on the type of socks and where you’ll keep them. Firstly, you can tuck one of your socks into the other. this works best for short socks, but might be stressful while folding thigh tight socks.

Another method is to fold the sock over the other. This method is quite stress-free and also saves time when there are several socks to fold. This other method, known as the file fold or roll method might take some time to get done but is one way that leaves your locker attractive and beautiful to behold.

You will simply place the socks over the other, fold the toe tip, and rollover.

You can either place it down or make it stand upright. Either way, your drawer is left looking neat and arranged. The Military style is one other method of folding your socks. You line up the socks on themselves and roll them up very tightly.

This method of folding socks also makes your locker neat, not just this, it keeps your socks very compact and saves space in your briefcase when traveling.

The single-fold method is super easy. All you need to do is to lay both socks on a flat surface with one sock on top of the other, then grab both socks by the cuff and fold them over in half, so that the cuff is on top of the toe.

Square Socks Method Explained

The square method of folding socks is very popular but not commonly used because it takes some time to get used to folding socks this way. It is also commonly used for folding long socks as the ankle socks might not achieve the square shape. The other methods pointed out earlier can however work for this type of socks.

Do you want to learn to fold socks like a pro? Take a look at the square method. The square method of folding socks leaves your socks pleasantly tucked and very neat.

You can place the socks on one another after folding because of their flat surface and it generally adds to the aesthetics of your drawer. Here is a step-by-step method of square folding your socks.

Step 1As an alternative to having the socks lay flat with the heel pointing out, raise it and flatten the bottom of the sock, so the heel is laying up, and it looks like a perfectly straightened line.
Step 2Do the same for the other sock.
Step 3Place the socks on top of each other to form a cross shape.
Step 4With the sock at the end, lift the toe area and fold any excess behind.
Step 5Still using the sock at the bottom, fold over the top.
Step 6With the other sock, take the toe area as you did for the first sock and fold it up. If there is any excess left, tuck it into the pocket beneath.
Step 7Fold the top over as well.
Step 8After this, flip the socks over and tuck into the top pocket and the flip again, then tuck the remainder in the other pocket.

Why The Square Method Is Preferable to Other Methods of Folding Socks

  1. It leaves your drawer attractive and more neatly arranged than the other methods
  2. Unlike the roll-over method, the socks stay together and, yet the cuffs do not get stretched out.
  3. The square method can be a good space keeper like the military method, yet still looks more presentable.

Final Note

The art of folding your socks neatly must be learned to keep your drawers in good shape at all times. Asides from this, it saves you of stress, time, and energy of searching for different legs of socks, due to poor arrangement.

The square method, as highlighted above is one of the best ways of folding your socks as it gives them the professional look you desire. Although it is a bit complicated, it is not something you cannot learn successfully if you follow the step-by-step method we have outlined here for you.

Lastly, it is important that you take care of your socks by washing and drying them correctly and not using harsh chemicals to do so. 

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