Types Of Sweaters: Boyfriend, Off-Shoulder, Turtleneck Sweaters & More

Types f Sweaters; Top Sweater Styles

Sweaters are simply a style of clothing that is made out of cashmere, wool, or cotton and are traditionally made to provide warmth for your body during cold weather.

These days sweaters are much more than an article of clothing meant for warmth, they are made with different necklines, patterns, materials, and levels of thickness.

Sweaters can now be used to male fashion statements while still being kept warm and comfortable. You may have worn a lot of sweaters but you would find a new sweater style to try on as you read further.

15 Sweater Styles Everyone Should Have

We all own at least one article of clothing that is a sweater, sweaters are one of the few types of Clothing that can be worn to casual, formal, and school settings – they can even be worn as sleepwear. This is because of how comfortable and simple they are.

Below are 15 types of sweaters we think everyone should have;

1. The Boyfriend Sweater

You can’t say that every girl has not once worn or really wanted her very own boyfriend sweater, it is no doubt one of the best sweater styles you’ll come across.

The boyfriend sweater is referred to as such because despite being made for women, it looks like you whipped it out of your boyfriend’s wardrobe just because you knew you would look cuter in it than he would.

The boyfriend sweater can either have a circle neck or V neck design and it is made to be loose and free fitted to give off the boyfriend’s sweater look. It is sometimes referred to as an oversized sweater because of how it rests loosely on the body.

2. The Cardigan Sweater

The Cardigan Sweater: Top sweater styles
Image: @nadiastep via Twenty20

The cardigan sweater is one of the most popular sweater styles all over the world. The cardigan can be identified by its buttons that are lined from top to bottom and the signature V neck that it carries. Cardigans are versatile and fashionable so they can be worn in casual or professional settings as there are several designs that go perfectly with them.

Cardigans can be worn by women and men and several stylists have given a beautiful twist to cardigan styles and this creates more options and outfit choices for everyone. Cardigans can be cropped or made to resemble a jacket without buttons or a zip, all are amazing concepts that make picking out your own cardigan exciting.

3. The Cable Knit Sweater

Cable knit sweaters are one of the coziest types of sweaters ever made, they are the type you wear when you want to feel warm and as though you are in an unending loop of warm cozy hugs, truly perfect for Christmas time. It is called a cable knit sweater because of the knitting pattern that imitates cables crossing against each other on the sweaters.

They usually come in beautiful patterns and warm colors such that they can be worn to casual events without looking like home clothes. These styles of sweaters are lovely, made in beautiful designs, comfortable, fashionable, and warm.

4. The Cut-out Sweater

If you have seen a cut-out sweater or tried on one, you know that without reading further this is one of the prettiest sweater styles you could possibly own. Cut-out sweaters are sweater styles that have one part of your sweater cut out to reveal your bare skin, it could be the shoulders, the arms, or a small part of your back that is revealed.

Cut-out sweaters give you an edgy and sexy look when worn, they are fashionable and yet comfortable when put on- talk about dual functionality. Cut-out sweaters would be an awesome casual date pick, you would look edgy and still be comfortable in whatever setting your date is.

5. The off-shoulder sweater

The off-shoulder sweater
Image: @musiena via Twenty20

One word- dashing! Off-shoulder sweaters are absolutely perfect for casual occasions. Off-shoulder sweaters have been in existence in the fashion industry since the 80s. Off-shoulder sweaters are loose yet form-fitting sweaters that drop around your shoulders to stylishly expose them.

They are a lovely way to make a fashion statement using sweaters and they are comfortable as well.

6. The pullover sweater

Pullover sweaters are also a very popular sweater style like cardigans. They are one of the simplest sweater styles yet they are suitable for children, men, and women alike. Pullovers are the most commonly used type of sweaters, everyone has owned and worn a pullover at one point or the other.

Pullover sweaters are simple and do not have buttons or zippers, they cover your arms and have a round neck to keep you warm. They can also be worn during formal occasions with the collar of your corporate shirt being visible. They are called pullover sweaters because of how they are taken off, since they don’t have buttons or zippers, they are simply pulled over one’s head.

7. The Ribbed Sweater

Ribbed sweaters are a fashionable and trendy-looking type of sweater, they are more lightweight than other regular sweaters but they are just as comfortable.  There might be some that are thick but most are lightweight, they are very stylish and are available in different colors and designs, and have an amazing texture to match their look.

They may not be ideal for extremely cold weather but they are a beautiful fit for any occasion.

8. The scoop neck sweater

The scoop neck sweater is also an amazing sweater style, it is made with a signature wide and loose neck that drops to show off the neck and some skin on the collar bone as well. There may be tops made with this design but when made with a sweater-like texture, it is a scooped neck sweater.

If you want to look casual, feel warm and comfortable while showing off a bit of skin, you should try on a scooped neck sweater. Just like other sweaters, they are also available in different colors and designs to suit your style.

9. The sweater dress

Sweater dresses are one of the best things to happen to the women’s fashion industry without a doubt. Sweater dresses are sweaters knitted loosely and made to stop at the knees or below the knees just as a dress would. Sweater dresses are comfortable and simple, they will have you looking adorable and not overdressed.

They can be either be worn alone or paired with knee-high boots, a pair of tights, or skinny jeans. They come in lovely colors and designs to suit different people’s preferences and are also form-fitting.

10. The sweater vest

Sweater vests are also a popularly known and worn type of sweater. Sweater vests have the texture and material makeup of sweaters but unlike others, they are sleeveless which is why they are referred to as vests.

Sweater vests can either come in circle necks or V necks such that they can be worn over dress shirts while not covering up too much of them to pull off a professional look. Sweater vests are lightweight and very stylish yet simple that’s why they have been embraced in the professional world.

11. The turtleneck sweater

Turtle Neck Sweater: Types Of Sweaters
Image: @_jrviloria via Twenty20

Turtleneck sweaters are another common sweater style that is known and worn by a lot of people. Turtle neck sweaters are known for their signature style of covering the entire neck.

Turtle neck sweaters do not just provide warmth for the body but they also keep the neck warm as well. Turtle neck sweaters can be styled in various ways to create amazing fashion looks. They come in several patterns and colors as well to go with any outfit choice.

12. The shawl neck collar sweater

Shawl neck collar sweaters may not be as popular as those previously mentioned but with the right outfit combination, they are a great choice of sweaters. Shawl neck collar sweaters are designed with a low cut V neck, they are usually button-ups and are just as thick as cardigan sweaters.

You can wear a nice dress shirt under a shawl neck collar sweater while using it for additional warmth. The neck of a shawl neck collar sweater is the most distinct feature it possesses, the neck has extra material that allows it to be folded just like a collar of a shirt.

13. The roll neck sweaters

Roll neck sweaters look a lot like turtle neck sweaters and are probably referred to as roll neck sweaters by several people.

This misconception is because of how they cover the neck with an extra material just like turtle necks, the difference between a roll-neck sweater and a turtle neck sweater is that while a turtle neck sweater covers the entire neck, a roll-neck sweater has a neck that drops halfway covering only half of the wearer’s neck. It is a sweater style that can be worn for casual occasions.

14. The puffed sleeve sweater

Puffed sleeve sweaters are simply a lovely sweater style usually worn by women. Puffed sleeve sweaters are known for their signature puffy and big sleeves with the wrists being fitted.

This sweater style is very trendy and a great casual outfit and also comes in various patterns and colors to be easily matched with any outfit combination. These types of sweaters can also be cropped and fitted at the waist while left loose at the other sides.

15. The poncho sweater

A poncho sweater is easily one of the oldest sweater styles still in existence today. Poncho sweaters are likened to wearing a blanket closely but without having to worry about it slipping off when you move around.

Poncho sweaters are a piece of square clothing made in a sweater-like texture with a hole in the middle that serves as the space your neck goes through. Poncho sweaters are great to wear by the fire at home, they are comfortable and offer a lot of warmth for the wearer.


Sweaters have always been a part of the fashion world, they were originally just meant to keep people warm but over time they have been made to fit different fashion trends. Sweaters now come in different styles, designs, and colors.

The sweater styles are just a few that we think you should add to your wardrobe, it would be absolutely amazing.

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