The Best Type Of Socks For Sneakers (Guide)

The Best Type Of Socks For Sneakers

There are several determinants that are weighed when trying to choose the perfect pair of socks to go with your sneakers.

The color of your sneakers and the color of the socks they are being matched with will most likely play a part in your decision. Socks are an essential article of clothing that does not lose relevance day after day.

Socks are a great way to compliment your outfit and most of the time, it is your shoes that will determine what type of socks will be best suited for whatever outfit you are putting on.

When it boils down to a pair of sneakers, and you are wondering what type of socks would go best with them, you need to look no further, don’t stop reading to find out!

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Sneakers Without Socks

I know you must have thought of wearing a pair of sneakers without socks sometimes, or you might have been wondering why exactly it is necessary to put on socks when wearing sneakers. It is always more comfortable to wear a pair of sneakers with socks. Wearing sneakers without socks is advised for several reasons.

Below are some reasons why you should not wear your sneakers without a pair of socks;

1. Your Sneakers Will Stink When Taken Off

If you have sweaty feet or you are wearing a pair of sneakers during summer and you decide to not put on some socks for some reason, you should be ready for the stink that would follow after you remove your sneakers, this would be more embarrassing if you are with friends or in a public place when you have to take your shoes off.

The Best Type Of Socks For Sneakers
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2. The Insides of your sneakers will begin to change color

Wearing sneakers without socks will cause your sneakers to change from their original color to an unpleasant color, constant exposure to sweat from your feet and the sweat being left to dry up will make the soles of your sneakers change to an ugly grey. The dirt from your feet is also an added cause of your shoe soles changing colors, and a pair of socks could fix that.

3. The sneakers can cause blisters on your feet

Having your bare feet rub against a pair of sneakers constantly is never a good idea. Being in continuous contact with your bare feet, the soles of your shoes will begin to cause blisters on your feet. Wearing sneakers without socks is uncomfortable even without having to develop blisters, but blisters make it even worse.

Especially when you first begin to wear these sneakers when they are still new, the soles are harder and will rub harder against the sole of your feet to cause blisters.

4. The sneakers become uncomfortable to wear and you have to throw them out early

A pair of sneakers that you have repeatedly worn without having on some socks will eventually become your least favorite pair of shoes. From the sweaty stink that would have stuck to it, the tears on the soles, the unpleasant color the soles would have changed into, and the blistering, you would like those pair of sneakers less every day.

Wearing them would be irritating at a point because of the sweat that it has absorbed at that point, you are certain to have a bad day while wearing shoes like that.

This will eventually lead to you making the long due decision to throw them out, they would be too stinky and worn out to drop off at goodwill, and deciding to start wearing socks to cushion the sweat that has been absorbed will only cause more discomfort rather than remedy the situation at hand.

If you have ever had to wear a pair of wet sneakers, imagine that they were also stinky, the more thought of it is pretty gross and an awful experience in general, one that could have been avoided from the very start.

The Best Type of Socks For Sneakers

Above, we have been able to briefly discuss why wearing sneakers without a pair of socks would be a bad idea, now you would need to know what type of socks are best suited for sneakers. Any type of socks you see fit can be paired with sneakers, but in this case, we are focused on which type of socks are the “best” when putting on a pair of sneakers;

1. Insole socks

Insole socks rest on the soles of your feet and add the much-needed cushioning to prevent blistering when your feet make contact with your sneakers.

Insole socks are usually made from cotton so that they can provide comfort for your feet when you slip on a pair of sneakers. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a pair of socks, so insole socks work best for them.

Insole socks are invisible but still do the job of making sure your feet are protected and the lifespan of your sneakers is preserved as well. It is also an amazing sock option for the summertime, if you are looking to wear a pair of sneakers and avoid your socks poking out, look no further, just get a pair of insole socks.

Lady Wearing Ankle Socks
Lady Wearing Ankle Socks. Image: @vkstudio via Twenty20

2. Ankle socks

The most commonly worn socks while putting on a pair of sneakers are ankle socks. Ankle socks are perfect because they cushion your feet and do not show too much material after completely covering up your feet.

Ankle socks simply cover the entire sole of your feet and end just right above your ankle or directly rest on your ankles.

During the hot summertime, a pair of ankle socks would be best suited since they do not cover most of your feet, they also wick moisture and you can rest assured that you won’t end up with sweaty shoes at the end of the day. Ankle socks make your entire feet look clean and keep your feet comfortable.

3. Crew socks

Crew socks are the most popular known and worn type of socks and it is majorly because of their versatility. Crew socks are an amazing match for whatsoever outfit choice you have planed out, and in this case, your casual wears that are finished off with a pair of sneakers.

Crew socks are a great match for any pair of sneakers, whether you are going hiking, for a picnic, or for a walk in the park. Crew socks come in different colors and patterns and since they are longer than ankle socks, they can be used to cushion your heels if you are going on a run in your sneakers.

Crew socks stop in the middle of your calf and if you a wearing a pair of jeans you can easily cover the rest of your socks.


The most important takeaway from this is that for the sake of your health and preserving your shoes, you should make sure that you dismiss the thought of wearing your sneakers without socks.

The sweat constantly emitted from your feet and absorbed by your shoes also contain bacteria that would make an unpleasant smell stay stuck to your feet and you wouldn’t want that.

With regards to the best types of socks for your feet, insole socks are an amazing option because they provide cushioning for your feet and are great for people who do not like socks for some reason or the other.

Ankle socks are also a great option and the most commonly paired socks with sneakers because of how they cushion the feet and are breathable and easy to hide during summer, and crew socks protect the feet and heels while wearing sneakers for certain sports and are also breathable and come in several patterns and colors.

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