Cow Print Style: Best Tops, Bottoms, Boots, Dresses & More

best cow print style shoes, dress, tops and bottoms

Is cow print still in style? The simple answer to this is yes, and you just need to find the exact outfit that is in trend.

Cow prints are fall’s coolest pattern, and it does have a unique vibe to them. Cow print wearables were first introduced in the early 1930s, and it has only continued to get better. People often consider cow print patterns hard to pair but as fashion gets more interesting, designers find bold and subtle ways to pair it.

The cow print trend from the tops to the bottoms and crop tops has been an interesting part of fashion for a very long time. This pattern is a welcome addition to plain patterns, and it also has a way of adding some glam to any neutral color.

Cow print is seen as the main mark for American aesthetics more than any other animal prints. The leopard print is seen as funk and cools while the cow prints can be used to maintain a balance.

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Recent notable celerity was seen looking fabulous in cow prints styles. This animal print has unexpectedly taken the fashion market, and it’s currently making major statements. If you are new to the cow print pattern or simply looking to update your wardrobe with prints, then not to worry, the article features some of the best cow print styles from tops to gowns.

What You Need To Know About Cow Print Style

Cow print has stopped being just the coolest fall trend but has also moved to be everywhere in winter and summer as well. You don’t need to find leopard prints interesting to love cow prints. It is an exotic pattern that covers all your staples and according to fashion historians, this pattern has been around since the 18th century.

Bottom Bell Cow Print
Image: @la.bulevard // Instagram

Although there are lots of traditional animal print styles out there, cow prints seem to be the ones causing a buzz currently. This print has a playful side to it and when it comes to combination, you don’t have to be too dramatic with it.

Keep in mind that cow prints are considered exotic, and you don’t need reasons not to own any cow print style. To pair cow print bottoms, you should go with basic colors and the same if you are pairing cow print tops. Knowing how to pair cow prints is vital and creates a fun way to integrate them into your everyday look.

There are lots of funky ways cow print can be styled, and you can go with playful and stylish as well. Accessories to pair with cow print should be traditional and not too bold. Experiment with colors too and adding some contemporary pieces such as hats and purses is also a way to upgrade this minimal style.

Cow Print Style: Best Tops, Bottoms, Crop Tops & More

There are so many cow print styles out there, from bold color-blocking bottoms to cute tee shirt tops and not to forget boots as well. Cow print is the unexpected animal print that has taken fashion by storm and now there are interesting ways this cow print can look, and it can be paired with just about any color.

Best Cow Print Tops

Cow print tops are currently everywhere making major statements. To make trendy statements with any pattern the first place to start is often with tops. Cow print tops happen to be pretty luxurious, they do add some classy vibe to any outfit you are pairing it with. So, here are some of the best cow print tops to add to your western wardrobe.

1. Yincro Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Tunic Tops

YINCRO Women's Leopard Casual Long Sleeve Tunic Tops Fall Tshirt Blouses(Black and White,XS)

Yincro Women’s Sleeve Tunic comes in many plain and print patterns, but the cow print pattern catches our attention. This stylish top is one you can conveniently rock with pant trousers or denim. The long sleeve design makes it perfect for formal occasions too.

It is made with soft fabric which adds to the feminine touch, and you don’t have to worry about the patterns fading. This cow print tunic design is an all-occasion top and it’s quite stretchy too. In addition, it can be paired with your favorite neutral color leggings. It’s hand and machine washable too.

2. WDIRARA Women’s Plus Size Cow Print Button Up Top

WDIRARA Women's Plus Size Cow Print Button Up Pocket Shirt Long Sleeve Blouse Black 4XL

Cow print tops can be found in basically any design which makes it even more fun. This is a button-up top with long sleeves that can be paired with denim, and you can have it rocked with the buttons closed or used as a jacket.

This is made with soft fabric with no stretch, and It’s pretty cool for any occasion. WDIRARA Women’s cow print top is made for plus-size women and has some classy glamour to it when paired with denim.

3. EARKOHA Womens Zip Collar Cow Print Fleece Sweatshirt Tops

EARKOHA Womens Plus Size Long Sleeve Casual Zip Collar Cow Print Fleece Sweatshirt Tops White

If you want something more classy, you should consider this zip collar cow print sweatshirt top.

This is suitable for casual occasions, date nights out, and weekend getaways as well. This can be paired with jeans on skirts, and it can be rocked with neutral-colored pants too. It features a long sleeve and cut-out neck design to make it look funky and cool.

4. Falainetee Women’s Round Neck Short Sleeve Color Block Cow Print

Falainetee Women's Short Sleeve Round Neck Colorblock Cow Print Summer Casual Oversized T Shirt Tee Tops White M

Cow print round short sleeve is not just cool, but it happens to be the easiest cow print style to pair. This color block cow print style is not compounded with prints which makes it even easier to pair. This cow print top works for all occasions, and it’s a basic summer and fall style as well.

The round neck design makes it the perfect tee-shirt for your denim, and it is also one of the classiest short sleeve color print tops to go for.

5. SheIn Women’s One Shoulder Cow Print Top

SheIn Women's One Shoulder Cow Print Tank Top Sleeveless Vest Crop Top Multicolor Small

Sheln Women’s One Shoulder Cow print top is another interesting style you need in your closet. This top looks good on any body shape, and it is made with 92% of polyester and 8% spandex which won’t cause rashes on your skin. This doesn’t have much stretch so ensure to use your correct measurement when buying.

This sleek cute one-shoulder style can be paired with denim for a casual occasion, and it’s suitable for the beach as well. It comes in different sizes, so you can be sure to find your size, and it can be paired with any color.

Best Cow Print Bottoms

Cow print bottoms or pants have a way of making any color look exotic. If you are looking to update your animal print styles the cow print bottoms are often the best place to start. Your bottoms don’t have to be boring anymore with the list of bottoms we have rounded up for you.

1. Romwe Women’s Crisscross Knot Back Ruched High Waist Pant

Romwe Women's Crisscross Knot Back Ruched High Waist Flared Leg Pants Cow Print M

Shopping for cow print bottoms will be fun if you know what exactly you are looking for. This high waist pant is one you want in your closet, this is an interesting style for the cow print pattern. The fabric used in making this is stretchy, breathable, and soft.

This pant can be paired with a crop top to show off the crisscross knot, and it sure works with cami tank tops too. This can be our go-to bottom for the office, shopping, vacation, and casual outing.

2. Brown and Ivory Faux Suede Cow Print Flare Bell Bottom

Pant: Esty.

After being overshadowed by leopard prints, it can be a great upgrade to switch to the brown and faux cow print. This is a classy high and low bell-bottom cow print pant that can change how you style your formal outfit. The design makes it easy to style, and it is ideal for both casual and fancy occasions.

3. Women Cow Print Patchwork Jeans High Waist Wide Bottom Denim

Women Cow Print Patchwork Jeans High Waist Fashion Wide Leg Casual Trousers E-Girls Denim Pants (Blue, Medium)

Denim is currently the trendiest type of pants to go for and if you are looking to have your cow print merged into it then here is one worth investing in. This is one classy way to rock denim, and it is made of high-quality stretchy material which makes it breathable and skin-friendly.

To make this work, you can pair it with casual tees, tank tops, or cami and the perfect footwear for this can be sneakers or heels. You just have to pair this like every casual denim.

4. Falainetee Women’s Long Colorblock Graphic Cow Print

Falainetee Women's Long Colorblock Graphic Cow Print Pocket Elastic High Waist Pants Multicolor M

Bottom pants are meant to be free and comfortable but should also look fitted which is why this is recommended. Falainetee Women’s Long Color block Cow print bottom pants are made with 95% Spandex which is smooth on the skin, and it is machine and hand washable. If you want to get noticed with cow print style then this is perfect, and you can pair it with a tank top or cami.

5. Y2K Pants for Women-Tiedye Printed Bell Wide Bottom Trousers

Ekaliy Y2K 90s Fashion Pants for Women- Tiedye Print High Rise Belly Bottom Sweatpants Cow Printed M

Y2K Bell Bottom Pant is just the ideal pants for recreating a stylish and always in trend look. This is an all-occasion wide bottom trouser, and it can be paired with basically any form of the top.

This is a good choice of trousers in summer and winter. The high-waisted design is designed for butt lifting and tummy control too. This stylish pant can pass as a boot cut as well.

Best Cow Print Crop Top

When you are ready to embrace the cow print pattern, crop tops can be the perfect style for you to test the waters. So here are some cow print crop tops you need to add to your list of favorite crop tops.

1. Verdusa Women’s Casual Slim Fitted Crop Tee Top

Verdusa Women's Casual Slim Fitted Basic Long Sleeve Solid Crop Tee Top Cow Pattern M

If you are not into animal prints, a simple classy crop cow print tee top might change how you feel about it. This is simply the perfect type of crop top to get if you are into cow prints. The design is bold but yet simple enough to pair with any color. This crop top is ideal for vacation, casual going out, and it makes great loungewear too.

2. MakeMeChic Women’s Cow Print Hanky Bandana Crop Top

MakeMeChic Women's Cow Print Hanky Hem Cami Sleeveless Bandana Crop Top Black and White M

MakeMeChic Cow Print bandana crop top is another style that changes the way cow print used to be. This crop top makes it look chic and suitable for casual wear n summer. You can pair this with any high waist skirt or pants, and you are good to go. This comes with an adjustable strap, so you can easily make it fit.

3. SweatyRocks Women’s Cow Print Crop Top

SweatyRocks Women's Cow Print Collar V Neck O-Ring Short Sleeve Crop Top T-Shirt White M

Here is another cow print crop top you do not want to miss out on. This is ideal if you want something sexy and elegant. This tank top design is not just sexy, but perfect for summer as well and the cow print design makes it even more fashionable and easy to rock. The stretchy fabric is breathable and gentle on the skin.

Best Cow Print Dress

Cow print gowns are an easy and subtle way to elevate your styles. Cow print gowns are quite versatile, and it has been given a major upgrade since cow prints starts trending. So, if you are looking to get rock some amazing cow print owns, we have just the right ones to go for.

1. Jeen Women’s Sexy Wrap Ruched Body-con Midi Dress

Women's Sexy Wrap Ruched Bodycon Midi Dress Long Sleeve Zipper Deep Neck Cow Print Party Clubwear Slim Long Dress

Jeen Body-con cow print dress will have you changing your mind on if cow prints are stylish. This fabric is pretty lightweight and stretchy as it is made with 92% spandex and 8% spandex.

This is one fashionable dress that can be worn to parties, vacations, or dinner. The cow print design did add to the glamour and beauty of this gown, and it is one outfit that shows off curves effortlessly.

2. Remelon Women’s Sexy Sleeveless Spaghetti Strap

Remelon Womens Sexy Sleeveless Spaghetti Strap Dairy Cow Print Hollow Backless Bodycon Pencil Club Midi Long Dress Black XL

If you are going full swing with a cow print dress then here is an exciting one to try. This spaghetti strap dress is another effortlessly sexy dress to add to your fashion archive. This works as an evening midi cocktail dress, and it is soft and comfortable enough for anyone. For a ranch-worthy look, you can even pair this with some cowboy boots.

3. Cow Print Long Sleeve Autumn Body-con Maxi Dress

Image: Etsy.

Looking to keep it stylish and exciting for winter then, this cow print long sleeve body-con might come in handy. This has the perfect stretch to hug every one of your curves and all you have to do is pair it with some stilettos or sneakers. Maxi dresses are ideal styles to have in your closet for classy occasions.

4. uideazone Women’s Sleeveless Scoop Neck Summer

uideazone Hipster Funny Cattle Milk Cow Prints Black and White Doodle Casual Dress for Women

This gown is suitable for both summer, spring, autumn, and winter. It’s a classy style, and you can have it layered to work for winter. The cow print design as usual makes it stand out, and it can be worn with different accessories to dress it down up depending on the occasion.

5. Women’s Cow Print Sexy Dresses Ruched Drawstring Mini Dress

To move to the standard cow print dress then you need this sexy one in your wardrobe. This sexy print dress is soft and very comfortable. The length is perfect enough, and it is ideal for concerts, dinner parties, clubs, weddings, beaches, vacations, and casual occasions too.

Best Cow Print Boots

Cow print boots are a lot different from your classic regular boots, these are designed to give the ranch-worthy vibe. With the wide block heel and the slim ankles, it’s meant to recreate the 90s look effortlessly.

1. ARIDERGIRL Evon Women’s Knee-High Pointed Toe Boot

ARIDERGIRL Evon Women's Knee-High Boot (Cow White Brown, 10)

Cow print boots are the fastest way you can announce your love for cow prints. These cow print boots have amazing reviews, and it is made with material that won’t cause rashes to your feet no matter how long you wear them. With this boot, you can get the classy cowgirl vibe.

2. Dingo Women’s Live A Cow Pointed Toe Boots

Dingo Womens Live A Cow Pointed Toe Boots Mid Calf Mid Heel 2-3" - Black,White - Size 10 B

Here are another cow boots you should love to make a major statement with. This can be paired with a dress or jeans, and it is made with soft breathable material. This is quite gorgeous, and the cow prints make it look even cooler.

3. Eagle Women’s Booties Side Zip Low Stacked Heel

ARiderGirl Eagle Women's Ankle Western Boots (Cow White Brown, 8)

The Eagle Women’s Low Stacked Heel is another western boot that can change how you feel about animal prints. The upper part of this boot is made with synthetic suede and the lower part is made with wood. This is one exotic boot you need to add to your boot collection, it is classy and fitting for any outfit.

4. ISNOM Women’s Thigh High Boots

ARIDER ARiderGirl Dean V Cut Stacked Heel Boots (Cow White Black, 9)

Thigh-high boots are currently in trend and what a perfect way to hop on that than to start with a cow print thigh-high boot. This is made with a pointed toe for elegance, and you are sure going to love pairing it with a sleek gown or short denim. It’s the ideal winter boot to go for.

Final Thoughts

For years, cow print styles have been overshadowed by other animal prints like zebra, leopard, and snakes.

But recently, cow prints are making an interesting wave as celebrities were seen incorporating them into their looks. With cow print, you can go for something subtle or add some drama flare to it. So, if you are ready to embrace the cow print fashion then shopping from the lists above is the best place to start.

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