Crew Socks vs Ankle Socks: Similarities And Differences

Crew Socks vs Ankle Socks

Crew socks are usually the first pair of socks most people remember owning or wearing.

Many people do not know them as crew socks because they were the original pair of socks you would come in contact with so you would only need to learn the name of longer or shorter socks you come to know of later on so that you can differentiate them from what you originally knew as a proper pair of socks.

Ankle socks are popular as well, but not as much as crew socks, but you easily take a liking to them once you notice how nicely they go when paired with different outfit choices. I bet you would enjoy a close look at how crew socks and ankle socks are similar and how they are different as well.

What are Crew Socks?

Crew socks are the most common or popularly known type of socks. It is made to cover the sole of the feet and extend to the mid-calf region of the legs. They can easily be paired with just about anything, they are comfortable and are made in different designs such that they can be worn for different occasions whether they are casual, sporty, or formal.

There are micro crew socks that stop before the ankle and mini crew socks that end just above the ankle, these are however not the type of crew socks being discussed here, we focus only on the most common type of crew socks which are those that end mid-calf.

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Crew Socks Vs Ankle Socks; Similarities and Differences

If you have somehow been pulled into the fashion era that prioritizes what a pair of socks say about your outfit or you have taken interest in crew socks and ankle socks because of their popularity, below are the similarities and differences of both socks to provide you with an informed choice while picking either of the socks to pair for a particular occasion or which is best suited for certain weather conditions;

1. Crew socks and ankle socks are made in a variety of styles

Crew Socks and ankle socks are an easy favorite amongst men, women, and children because they are made available in different designs. Crew socks and ankle socks come in different sizes, colors, and a wide variety of designs. You can never go wrong with a pair of the crew or ankle socks, it is almost as though there is a pair designed especially for every occasion.

2. Crew socks are more comfortable than ankle socks

Crew socks were designed with “comfortability” in mind, they are made from top to bottom with the absolute comfort of the wearer in mind. Crew socks have an extra cushioned sole to ensure your feet are met with a soft, comfortable material, the top of crew socks are made stretchy to make wearing easy.

The cushioned soles of crew socks are also made such that they extend to the heels and protect them as well.

The material that makes this cushioning feature a strength of crew socks is cotton, most crew socks have their soles made from cotton while the top could be a combination of spandex, wool, nylon, polyester, or other materials.

Ankle socks are not uncomfortable however they are not as cushioned as crew socks because while some of them are made out of cotton, most of them are made from a combination of polyester, spandex, and nylon.

3. Crew socks maintain the natural moisture of the feet instead of wicking moisture like ankle socks

While ankle socks are a great option for the summer when you need a pair of moisture-wicking socks, you might want to consider wearing a pair of crew socks during the dry and winter seasons to maintain or retain the natural moisture of your feet.

It was mentioned earlier that crew socks are usually made with a cotton sole, the presence of cotton hugging your feet keeps your feet warm during winter and dry seasons.

If you have feet that dry up easily during cold or dry seasons, you can use a moisturizer on your feet before wearing your crew socks and they would keep the moisture from slipping out and prevent your feet from getting dry or cracked.

However, if it is summer or you happen to have sweaty feet, you should put on moisture-wicking socks such as ankle socks designed for that purpose, else you will be retaining an unpleasant odor and the sweat will be absorbed by the cotton in your crew socks and eventually begin to cause you some discomfort.

If the occasion or outfit demands that you wear crew socks, consider getting them in a lighter material or carrying an extra pair to change into when it starts to feel uncomfortable. Though some crew socks are customized to also have moisture-wicking qualities, they are easy to come across and they may not be as cushioning for the feet as the majority that do not have this feature.

Lady Wearing Ankle Socks
Lady Wearing Ankle Socks. Image: @vkstudio via Twenty20

4. Crew socks are longer than ankle socks

Ankle socks are as descriptive as the name implies, they cover the sole of your feet and either rest on your ankle or a few inches above your ankle when worn. Crew socks on the other hand are different because they are longer than ankle socks, they are usually made to stop mid-calf, covering more areas of the leg than ankle socks when worn.

This difference in length makes crew socks and ankle socks suitable for different occasions, fashion looks, sports, and weather.

5. Crew Socks and ankle socks are both versatile

Crew socks and ankle socks are easily the most popularly worn types of socks because of their versatile nature.

Due to the variety and comfort offered by both types of socks, men, women, and children of different ages love to wear them. There are a large variety of brands to choose from, making it an exciting pick as well. There are crew and ankle socks designed to suit casual wear, office wears, and sportswear.

These types of socks are always a great pick to complement your look while protecting your feet.


Crew socks and ankle socks may be different based on the length, the weathers they are best suited for, the materials they are made of, how they can be styled, how comfortable they are when worn, and their moisture-wicking or moisture-retaining qualities but when a choice needs to be made on which is best, it may have you going in circles aimlessly.

We want to save you that stress so we’ll share with you that neither is better than the other, it simply boils down to personal preference, the occasion you need a pair of socks for, or what the weather looks like on that day.

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