How To Lose Weight During Ramadan (2022)

How To Lose Weight During Ramadan

Can Ramadan help you lose weight? Yes, studies have shown that you can safely lose weight during Ramadan. Fasting can be a way to cut down on your sugar and calorie intake.

As the holy Ramadan traditionally begins, Muslims across the world are fasting from dawn to sunset. Many people also consider this the month to lose some fat. However, it is surprising that rather than losing weight, many people end the month a little heavier than they were before Ramadan.

Contrary to public myth, most Muslims don’t lose weight during Ramadan. The reason why most Muslims gain weight rather than lose it is that they consume a large amount of food during Iftar and again at suhour. Overeating during the nonfasting window can contribute significantly to weight gain.

Sugar seems to be the number one cause of weight gain during Ramadan. Although Ramadan is the period where Muslims refrain from eating and drinking but it should also be a time where you are conscious of what you eat.

Is Losing Weight During Ramadan Healthy?

Rapid and unnecessary weight loss is definitely not healthy if sustained over a long period of time but if your goal is weight loss then Ramadan can be a perfect starting point for you. Losing weight or not during Ramadan depends on how you approach it. A lot of people are going to lose weight during the month of Ramadan simply because their portion size changes and with exercise, this might even be more pronounced.

Naturally, fasting helps you adopt a healthy eating pattern and if you do lose weight in Ramadan, you might find that once, the fasting is over, you gain some if not all the weight back. Also, consume more protein if you are trying to lose weight the healthy way during Ramadan.

How To Lose Weight During Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is an excellent opportunity for you to adopt a healthier eating habit and it can also be a great time for Muslims who want to lose weight and maintain it. So, how can we lose weight during Ramadan? If you want to lose weight during Ramadan, follow this simple steps below

1. Hydrate

How To Lose Weight During Ramadan
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It is important to start hydrated during your eating and drinking period. Drink at least 8 glasses of water during the non-fasting hours. This should stop you from feeling dehydrated and help you to control your sugar cravings when you break your fast. Note that caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee does not count and it would be best to avoid these altogether. Herbal teas are great alternatives to water though.

2. Don’t Skip Suhur

The suhur which happens to be your pre dawn breakfast before the fasting should not be skipped. It is true your eating hours are limited and this is why you shouldn’t skip suhur. skipping suhur will only cause you to crave more food and you will end up overeating when you break your fast.

3. Have A Light Balanced Iftar

To help you lose weight during Ramadan, you need a light and balanced iftar meal. The iftar meals shouldn’t make up for the hours you spent without food. Break your fast with dates as they are a quick source of sugar for your body after the fast.

Another way is to take water first and fill your plate with a mixture of food and aim to stick to that plate of food. It is important to take a break after that as you do not want to overwhelm your digestive system.

4. Skip Processed Sugar And Limit Salt Intake

The number one cause of weight gain during Ramadan is processed sugar and too much salt. The sugar you consume from beverages and sweets can make you gain weight really fast. Hence to lose weight during this Ramadan, stick to naturally occurring sugar like molasses, honey, fruits, and dried fruits. Also when choosing your suhur, make sure it is limited in salt.

5. Stay Active

Stay Active Ramadan
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Ramadan shouldn’t be an excuse not to exercise and stay active. You will be burning more fat when you exercise on an empty stomach. However, if you have not incorporated exercise in your daily routine then keep it light like a walk after iftar dinner for at least an hour.

Can I exercise during Ramadan?

We often think due to the food limit in Ramadan, we shouldn’t exercise but this is not so and it is important to keep the body moving with activities. However, experts recommend you exercise for only an hour once your endurance level has been tested.

Here’s what when working out in Ramadan should be like.

Final Thoughts

To lose weight during this Ramadan, you need to make good decisions in terms of food. Handle cravings with short new habits like taking a walk. Ramadan is a holy month that reminds you to focus on your personal growth and faith and it can also be a challenging time. Use these tips above not only to lose weight but stay energized.

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