Does Lubriderm Clog Pores? (BEST ANSWER)

Does Lubriderm Clog Pores

A moisturizer is one of the most recommended product types for all skin types. Ever wondered what moisturizers do to the skin? What moisturizers do to the skin is protect the skin from free radicals and toxins that may affect the skin. It also rehydrates the skin and ensures it doesn’t dry out.

Lubriderm is labeled and sold as a moisturizer, so it isn’t wrong to expect it to perform the functions of a moisturizer. 

Clogged pores over time, when not treated, can lead to acne and irritation. The pores on the skin are a gateway for air, moisture, and oil to pass through. Pores become clogged when dirt, dead skin cells, and oil get trapped in the pores. However, they can be treated with non-comedogenic skincare products. Identifying a non-comedogenic product may require a lot of research or a visit to a dermatologist. 

Quick answer: No, Lubriderm will not clog pores. Lubriderm is made with a combination of emollients, natural lipids, and vitamins which aids in protecting the skin and ensuring a leisurely passage of air, oil, and moisture on the skin’s surface. It is tagged as a non-comedogenic moisturizer. 

Lubriderm does not clog pores. Lubriderm contains no ingredients that would cause pore clogging. It can be used on acne-prone skin because it is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and fragrance-free.

The Lubriderm formula is clinically proven mild enough for sensitive skin use. It’s also specially formulated to suit all skin types, so whether you have dry, scaly, oily, or combination skin types, lubriderm is right for you.

What is Lubriderm? 

Lubriderm is marketed as a moisturizer that is enriched with the most important ingredients which the body needs. It supplies the body with the daily care that it requires. Lubriderm contains dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and mineral oil which are not comedogenic. It also has vitamin E, in the right quantity that suits your skin’s needs. 

Emollients are substances that help in softening and soothing the skin. It also increases the moisture level of the skin to reduce itching and other effects of irritation on the skin. An emollient works by coating an oily layer on the skin; this traps water in the skin. While there is the misconception that emollients are the same as moisturizers, it is not true. 

Emollient alone does not make up a moisturizer, it is only a part of a moisturizer. Petrolatum, dimethicone, and mineral oil are types of emollients that are present in Lubriderm. 

Present in Lubriderm are vitamins; however, worthy of mentioning is vitamin E. The vitamin E in Lubriderm provides antioxidants, which help in fighting the side effects that free radicals may have caused.

Vitamin E also reduces the effect of UV rays on the skin. While the vitamin E present in Lubriderm may be considered a small amount, it is the right amount that the skin needs. 

Lipids are one of the main builders of the skin. They are known as the natural fats in the skin and serve as a protective barrier protecting the skin from absorbing dirt. Lubriderm helps in propelling the lilies to heal up fast. 

Can You Use Lubriderm To Cure Acne? 

Lubriderm can be used for people with acne and acne-prone skin types. The product is designed with ingredients that help in combating acne. The product is also recommended for acne-prone skin types.

If you have oily skin or tend to break out easily, lubriderm can help protect the skin from toxins, and dirt that causes acne. It also gives the pores enough breathing space, while also producing the right amount of moisture. 

Lubriderm is a non-comedogenic moisturizer, meaning it doesn’t clog pores and in turn, will not result in acne breakout on the skin. The ingredients present in Lubriderm make it a perfect moisturizer for all skin types.

It is also recommended for acne-prone skin. We, however, recommend that you visit your dermatologist before trying out any product. 

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