Does Beeswax Clog Pores? (THE TRUTH)

Does Beeswax Clog Pores?

Ever wondered what beeswax can do to your skin? Beeswax is one of the natural products that has been in use for the skin for many centuries. We can trace the use of beeswax for the skin back to Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and as far back as the beginning of human existence. Even then, it was widely used for various cosmetics purposes.

From hair treatments to lip balm, moisturizers, and many more. We cannot deny that beeswax does contain some active ingredients that make it suitable for human use. 

The human pores are tiny holes that are present in the skin, which release oil and sweat. The pores become clogged when dead skin cells, oil, sweat, and dirt get trapped. Clogged pores often lead to acne, which is why they are a reason to worry about.

No, beeswax does not cause clogged pores. Although beeswax is an oil or wax-based product, it is normal for oil-based products to clog the skin. However, beeswax differs in that it does not in any way cause your skin to get clogged. Beeswax is full of nutrients that help the skin get adequately moisturized. It is known to prevent acne when it is used. 

In more recent times, we have seen the leaning of many people toward the side of natural products for the skin. This is often from the fear of the damage that chemically made products can cause to the skin.

It is only normal to find out about the natural products you want to use and how they can affect your skin, or not. One of the most asked questions on the use of beeswax is “Does beeswax clog pores?” this article will be answering all you need to know about this. 

Does Beeswax Clog Pores? 
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What is Beeswax?

As it is named, beeswax is a wax that is produced by the bee, to build their honeycombs. The beeswax becomes formed when the bees chew their honey. The bees produce the beeswax to create a home for their bee larva and serve as a storage for their honey. However, beeswax is far more beneficial than that, not only to the bees but also to humans, as we will see. 

The use of beeswax transcends many generations and centuries. We trace the use of beeswax to ancient cities, like Egypt, where it was used for embalming mummies. In the years that have followed, many have explored the use of beeswax for many other human-related purposes.

It’s used for medicinal purposes and skin care purposes. Beeswax contains antioxidants and nutrients that help clear the skin and make it look younger and better. 

Does Beeswax Clog Pores? 

Although beeswax is a natural oil-based product, it does not clog the skin’s pores. What beeswax does to the skin is supply enough moisture and protect the skin.

A top nutrient that beeswax contains is vitamin A. the presence of vitamin A in beeswax ensures that the product soothes and hydrates the skin while allowing it just enough space to breathe. 

The following are more benefits of beeswax on the skin;

1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Beeswax contains more than enough anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the skin from being exposed to harmful environmental toxins. This prevents the face from acne, burns, irritations, and other byproducts of toxins. The anti-inflammatory properties also reduce swelling that may have been caused by acne on the face. 

2. Moisturizes The Face

A notable benefit of beeswax is that it supplies moisture to the face. This can be attributed to the presence of vitamin A in beeswax. It moisturizes the face while also giving it the space to breathe.  

3. Has Healing Effects

When in use, beeswax forms protective barriers around the skin, and this helps the skin to heal naturally. This protective barrier also has a way of decreasing the anti-aging effect on the skin. 

Other benefits of beeswax on the body include liver protection, pain relief, reduction of stretch marks, stabilizing cholesterol, and many more. 

Is Beeswax Good For Skin?

There is a way to use every product; this is the same for natural products. If anyone experiences clogged pores after using beeswax, the following are the possible reasons; 

  1. There is a high chance that they are not using it the right way. 
  2. Chances are that they may be using the beeswax alongside other products and this combination is causing a reaction on their face. 
  3. Their body may be adjusting to get used to something new that is introduced to it; beeswax. 

Although there are different skin types, using beeswax alone and the right way will not cause acne or clog pores. It works for all skin types when it is used the right way. 

If Your Skin Is Clogged, What Should You Do?

If your pores are clogged, we recommend you visit your dermatologist to find out what works for you. If you love to use natural products alone, your dermatologist can also prescribe natural products that can help unclog your pores. 

Beeswax is one of the many natural products you can use. Because of its numerous nutrients, it can help heal your skin, give it room to breathe, and protect it from toxins. 

Final Thoughts 

Natural products are one of the best things to use for the skin. Beeswax is one of the recommended natural products that can help fix the skin while protecting it.

Contrary to many opinions, beeswax will not clog the pores, though it is an oil-based product. Instead, it contributes many benefits to the skin. If you experience clogged pores, we recommend you visit your dermatologist on what to use. 

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