7 Types Of Conch Piercing You Could Get This Year

types of conch piercing

Conch piercing right now is the trendiest and coolest beauty accessory. Piecing experts did list conch piecing as the most requested piercing placement in 2020 and it seems it going to continue to be so in 2021.

Unlike hairstyles, piercing placements tend to stick around for a while hence you need something you really like. The conch has been revealed as the most popular form of piercing, perhaps it’s the way they delicately adorn the ear that makes them the most loved form of piercing.

Where exactly is the conch? Conch piercing takes place on the centre-most part of the ear, that looks like a conch shell. When it comes to conch piercing, there are options for placement (inner versus outer) and type of jewellery.

Just like every other piercing, it is important you make some research before fixing an appointment. A conch piercing is one of the most customised ear piercing and since you can either get and outer or inner conch piercing, we have round up a list combining of these two piercing types.

7 Types Of Conch Piercing You Could Get This Year

A conch piercing is suitable for many ears and suits all styles which is one of the reason it has become popular over the years. If you are looking for a conch piercing you can get this year to help you achieve a subtle look or make a statement, we have compiled 7 types of conch piercing to inspire you.

1. Simple Stud Conch Piercing

Simple Stud Conch Piercing
Source: Pinterest

It’s tough to say exactly how much conch piercing will hurt because we all have different paint tolerance although any piercing is painful to a degree however this simple conch piercing is believed to be less painful and heals faster too. It is important that the proper after care is done to minimize an infection.

This is a simple conch piercing with one piece of stud earring. Studs are small and comfortable plus they are easy to change out when the time comes.

2. Three Bar Sterling Silver Conch Piercing

Three Bar Sterling Silver Conch Piercing
Source: Ethical Market

Another exotic conch piercing we look forward to seeing more of this year. The stud is small in size hence it can be used for different ear piercings.

3. Hoop Conch Piercing

Hoop Conch Piercing
Source: Pinterest

Small hoops are another popular choice of jewelry for conch piercing especially the outer conches. This type of ear conches can be a bit riskier if you are piercing for the first time but can be great once they heal.

4. Moon Phases Conch Piercing

Hammered Hoop Conch Piercin
Source: Wddbook

This is super cute and versatile, you can wear for any body piercing but looks really cool with inner conch piercing. The moon jewelry is a classic element for your inner conch piercing.

5. Double Lap Piercing

Double Lap Piercing
Source: Pinterest

Conch piercing could be more fun when paired with another form of piercing. This piercing type consists of the helix one, an inner conch piercing with bright studs which adds to the glam. An inner conch piercing is often done with a hoop to make it bold but when pairing with helix piercing like the one above, you can keep it simple with a stud.

6. Triple Outer Conch Piercing

Triple Outer Conch Piercing
Source: Pinterest

When it comes to getting conch piercing, you have two options which are the inner and the outer conch piercing. If you choose to get outer conch piercing, above is the perfect example of a simple but cool outer conch piercing. Jewellery style is limited for the outer conch piercing but you can go ahead and double a small stud to make it look fascinating.

7. Multiple Piercing With A Single Ring In The Conch

Multiple Piercing With A Single Ring In The Conch
Source: Pinterest.co

This is a more bold form of piercing. The conch piercing takes place in the middle portion of the ear with a ring and you can enhance the look with other piercings below. This type of piercing, you can go for the outer piercing or the inner piercing but in this, the inner piercing with a hoop is super cute and accents your ear in the best possible way.


Conch piercing is regarded as probably the most customizable body piercing and this is because it takes place in the middle portion of your ear cartilage which allows you to decorate with jewellery.

The procedure for getting both inner and outer conch piercing is the same and all you need is the type of piercing you want. If you are a first-timer, opt for a single double or triple conch piercing.

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