11 Outfit Ideas to Wear On A Jeep Tour (2022)

11 Outfit Ideas to Wear On A Jeep Tour

A jeep tour is a fun way to treat yourself to adventure and learn a thing or two while in an unfamiliar area.

However, you need to go for a jeep tour with your game on, being adventurous and having what it takes to go on a jeep tour is one thing, but knowing just how best to dress is another and that’s what we’re here to help you out with.

If you’re the type that squeals in excitement when road tours or adventurous tours are mentioned in a room then you’ll have a swell time at a jeep tour.

If you’re getting ready for a jeep tour with your friends and family and how need outfit ideas then you’ve come to the right place, we’re here to show you the best and most comfortable outfits you can rock on a jeep tour.

Jeep Tours Explained

A jeep tour is simply an exciting, educative, and adventurous passenger tour in a jeep, it’s one where you are taken around old forests with history, beautiful wildlife, and astonishing rock formations with an expert guide.

On a jeep tour, you are usually ridden around the area you’re being introduced to in a jeep because the location might have unusual roads but a jeep can easily pull through the journey.

You’re allowed to enjoy the view, and your safety is the priority of the jeep tour guides, all you have to do is sit back, relax, take in your new environment, bask in nature, and take the best photographs to keep the memories and enjoy having a swell time at the jeep tour.

What to Wear On A Jeep Tour 

While jeep tours have a certain thrill to them, you can not deny that picking the right outfits to embark on one is pretty tricky.

Of course, you need to take comfort into consideration and treat it as a priority because of the nature of the tour but you can do that while looking your best, let’s show you just how with these outfit choices below; 

1. A plain white t-shirt, high waist jeans, and comfy trainers

source: Instagram @jeeptours_kmv

Wearing neutral colors doesn’t mean boring when you pair it right and wear it confidently, and that’s the case with this outfit. You can decide to tuck your white t-shirt into your jeans lightly at the side or tie a loose knot to flaunt your waist line, pair this with comfortable jean and a pair of trainers and you’re going to kill it out there.

2. Cute little jean shorts, a crop top and trainers 

source: Instagram @jeeptour92

If you’re on a jeep tour during the summer or the weather is kind on your skin, then this is the perfect fit for you. Just throw on a free-fitted cute little jeans short, a crop top of your choice, and a pair of low and comfortable trainers, and you’re good to go.

3. A pretty little dress

Source: Pinterest

Dresses are definitely a “ Yes! “ for jeep tours, with a free-sized pretty little summer dress such as this, the wind and weather will stay in your favor throughout your jeep tour. You’ll get lovely pictures and you can pair them with a pair of sneakers or some flats.

4. A cowboy hat, a free tank top, and shorts

Source: Pinterest

Wearing a cowboy hat can be stylish anytime, so it works just fine on an outfit for a jeep tour. Pair your cowboy hat nicely with your favorite comfy t-shirt or tank top, shorts to show off some skin while feeling comfy, and boots of your choice.

5. Ripped jeans, a t-shirt, and Chelsea boots

Source: Instagram @jeeptours.capetown

If you enjoy strutting in ripped jeans, then this is the ideal outfit for you while going on a jeep tour. Pull on a pair of ripped jeans, a lovely t-shirt you can tuck in easily, suede beautiful Chelsea boots and a face cap and you’ll look absolutely stunning.

6. An adorable tank top and leggings 

source: Instagram @celinegold17

Tank tops are another way to go when you’re trying to put together an outfit for a jeep tour. Pick out a comfortable yet fitting tank top, a pair of leggings, and comfortable sneakers. With this outfit combination, you’re sure to feel comfortable in your skin and completely in your element throughout the jeep tour.

7. A lovely flowing summer dress 

source: Instagram @bri_pk

Where the jeep tour happens to be taking place in a desert where the weather is sunny and dry, you should know that whipping out your summer outfits is one of your best options. You can simply find a floral print summer dress that is free-fitted, a pair of trainers, and your favorite sunglasses and you’ll look beautiful.

8. A two-piece sports bra and leggings 

source: Instagram @sisca.yie

You can do absolutely no wrong with leggings, it’s a safe bet, and it allows you to feel very comfortable while showing off your curves slyly. With a two-piece sports bra and leggings, you’re sure to feel comfortable and confident in your skin throughout the course of the jeep tour. You can simply pair your two-piece sports bra and leggings with sneakers of your choice and a face cap if that’s your type of aesthetic.

9. A pair of comfy jean shorts, flats, and a t-shirt

Source: Instagram @vitalinarossi

Sometimes going simple is the best way to go, if simplicity is your thing when it comes to tours such as a jeep tour, then we have the best outfit for you. Just throw on your favorite t-shirt, make sure it’s comfortable and lightweight, then pull on a pair of comfy jean shorts and finally top it off with sweet comfy black flats. 

10. An oversized plaid shirt, comfortable pants, and sandals

Source: Pinterest

Plaid shirts are always in season, so why not go with one on a jeep tour? We see no reason why you shouldn’t. You can simply pull together a tank top, an oversized plaid shirt, a face cap, and a pair of sandals and you’ll be looking comfy yet stylish on your jeep tour.

11. A baggy sweatshirt, loose pants, and a pair of all-stars

source: Pinterest

If you’re one that enjoys looking unique then this is the best outfit to suit your aesthetic while on a jeep tour. Get a baggy sweatshirt that you love, and a pair of loose yet stylish pants, and finish it off with all-stars, there’s no way you’ll not enjoy loving around at stops during the jeep tour because you’ll be absolutely comfortable while looking stylish and unique. 


A jeep tour is definitely one of the best ways to get adventurous when you go on a vacation, it allows you to learn, enjoy and bask in the new environment you find yourself in.

However, it’s best to look stunning while you enjoy your jeep tour, this guarantees you get lovely pictures while having a swell time with family or friends. 

We’ve taken out time to ensure that you have the best outfit combinations to choose from, we’ve made sure that any outfit you choose guarantees your absolute comfort, swag, and freedom throughout the jeep tour, we all know that’s an amazing bargain so take your pick of which outfit best suits your aesthetic and have a swell time.

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