10 Best Shoe Types to Wear With Flare Jeans

10 Best Shoe Types to Wear With Flare Jeans

It’s simply impossible to come across an outfit styled with flare jeans and not fall in love with it, flare jeans come in various colors, and can be styled in a million ways.

Although it was a style of jeans that has been in existence for decades, it has never lost its edge and flair in the fashion world, it remains a classic article of clothing worth reckoning with in the fashion industry.

Flare jeans have managed to constantly resurface and trend on a wild scale continuously from decade to decade, it’s a pattern that does not fail to reoccur.

We all love flare jeans because they don’t just look good on the models strutting in them on a runway, they also look amazing on all body types in reality as long as you pick the right size.

Asides from being a showstopper when paired with different outfits flare jeans are great for all times of the year, from summer, autumn, winter to spring. They come in various colors and for some reason and comfortable to wear. 

What are Flare Jeans? 

Flare jeans are a stylish type of jeans that are also called bell-bottoms to further explain the distinct shape they are made to take.

Flare jeans are made to fit the lower body from the hips to the knees, then it flares open and takes a shape that can be likened to that of a bell from the knee down to the ankles. 

Flare jeans were said to have taken firm roots in human civilization in the 1960s, they became very popular and trendy during this period, but history also states that it was first worn in by sailors in 1917 before it became a trend in the 1960s. 

The Best Shoes to Wear With Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are in season and are raging this year, if you’re a fashion enthusiast you wouldn’t want to be left behind while others get their best fits styled with flare jeans.

The shoes you pair your flare jeans matter a lot, it’s the finishing touch that gives your entire outfit the edge you expect it to express. Let’s get you hooked with the perfect shoes to wear with your flare jeans that would make it look amazing! 

1. Platform Heeled Sandals

PiePieBuy Womens Wedge Espadrille Ankle Strap Closed Cap Toe Platform Heeled Sandals

Platform heeled sandals might seem like you’re going on a time machine as back in time, but persons that want to get the whole 60s or 80s look authentically know that it is an amazing choice of shoes to pair your flare jeans with.

Just as flare jeans are very comfortable, platform heels are comfortable as well, it gives you a few extra inches that hike up your confidence, and you can walk or run around comfortably in them without a worry in the world. 

2. Open Toe Chunky Heels

Open Toe Chunky Heels
Source: Pinterest

Though preferences differ from person to person, we believe that open-toe chunky or block heels are the perfect type of heels for flare jeans. Still putting comfort first, chunky heels are a lovely match for flare jeans, they give you an elegant yet easy-going look that everyone’s certain to love when you show up styling your flare jeans with them.

Everything goes great with chunky heels, and flare jeans are not an exception, they’re somewhere way up the bar in this case.

3. Hi-tops Sneakers

Hi-tops sneakers.
Source: Instagram

Once you’re adding an inch or more to your height when you put on flare jeans, it just automatically makes your legs look very flattering. A pair of hi-tops of your choice will unfailingly make your flare jeans look killer no matter what top you decided to complete your outfit with.

This is great for casual outings, it’s a perfect summer fit that you can throw on for almost any occasion you’re invited to and look stunning and in your element. Flare jeans pretty much go well with any pair of sneakers as long as they have a raised sole or an extended part that covers your ankles. 

4. Clog Sandals

Clog Sandals
Source: KIT + Clogs

The 90s look will always be in vogue, especially when there’s a style steal from that period such as is the case with flare jeans. If you look a good retro look then you would love the beautiful outcome that is derived from pairing flare jeans and a pair of clog sandals such as these.

When you put on your clog sandals, make sure the ends of your flare jeans do not cover up the beautiful soles that flatter the entire outfit, and you’re good to go!

5. Flat Sandal

DREAM PAIRS Women's Hoboo-New Cute Open Toes One Band Ankle Strap Flexible Summer Flat Sandals Nude Size 8.5

If you are getting ready for a casual event, and you feel like throwing on a pair of flare jeans to get the casual look going, all you need to look at the part completely is to add a simple pair of flat sandals to the mix.

As long as you chose the right pair of flat sandals, you’ll look great and feel comfortable as well. This is not usually a popular way to pair flare jeans but once you realize that the trick is to go with nude or black flat sandals, you’ll be hooked.

6. Platform Boots

Platform boots.
Source: Instagram

Platform boots are so beautiful! It seems as though they are a great match for any outfit, but they certainly give a unique retro look when they are worn with flare jeans.

It’s a confidence boost to strut about in platform boots and your flare jeans, that’s what it feels like to have a perfect fit put together. Make sure you flaunt the soles of your platform boots, that’s what brings out all the beauty.

7. Combat Boots

Combat boots
Source: Instagram

With fashionable combat boots, the war is with killing whichever look you decided to go for. Be rest assured that when you pair combat boots with flare jeans, you’re going to kill whatever look you were going for.

Combat boots are subtle and classy, they put you at the very top of the bar when it comes to fashionable looks as long as they are worn right. You should try the combat boots with flare jeans, it’s to die for.

8. Cute Flat Slippers

EuropeanSoftest Women's Micro Suede Faux Fur Fleece Lined Cozy 80-D High-Density Memory Foam Slipper Bootie Breathable House Shoes with Non Skid Indoor Outdoor Sole Camel

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re doing it wrong when you decide to wear flare jeans with flats. To get this look going great for you, what you need to do is make sure you’re wearing an open-toe flat and your flare jeans are covering most of your feet.

If you can get that right, you’re still sure to look perfect wherever you step your feet into. As long as you’re comfortable, there’s always a way to make whatever you want to look stylish-even flag slippers!

9. Leather Boots

When it comes to leather materials, you know we’re talking about everything chic. If you’re going for a classy or chic look then all you need to do is pair some leather boots with your flare jeans, and you’re there!

Leather boots are the indication that you’re classy, elegant, chic, and you’re out and about your business without a care in the world. If you’ve been saving your leather boots for chic dresses only, you can now expand their fashion reach by pairing them with flare jeans and witnessing how they magically make jeans look classy! 

10. Stiletto/ Pointy Heels

Stiletto/ pointy heels
Source: Pinterest

 If you love to match pointy or stiletto heels with almost every outfit in your wardrobe, then you’ll love to know that you can also pair your pointy heels with flare jeans and look great as well. Whether it be open-toe or closed-toe pointy heels, they all tend to make you look elegant and even professional in flare jeans. 


 With the right pair of shoes, you can take on any look you desire with your flare jeans, it has been proven that flare jeans have stayed in fashion for decades, it only goes ahead to prove their undeniable versatility in the fashion world. You can rock your world with flare jeans as long as you’ve got the perfect pair of shoes alongside them.

The trick is to make sure that your flare jeans show off the sole of your shoes while covering your ankles, but if they are being with flats, your flare jeans should cover the back of your feet and flaunt the front especially if it’s open toe. You can always rock your flare jeans with any or all of the shoes mentioned above from time to time as long as it suits the occasion. 

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