5 Amazing Onion Peel Tea Benefits You Should Know

onion peel tea benefits

Onion peel is not just beneficial when eaten but you can actually have it made with your favorite tea. Tea is one the most loved beverage for many people and there are so many ways this beverage can be served. You will be amazed to know tea can be made with onion peels and they are actually beneficial.

If some past researchers are to be believed, onion is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. One of the best days to add onion to your diet is through tea. Tea is not just for keeping your mind fresh and active through the day but it improves your immunity. 

Onion peel tea is one of the herbal teas which you can benefit from and this article contains some of the benefits you should know. 

What Is Onion Peel Tea Good For?

Onion peel tea can help improve the following:

  1. Skin Disease
  2. Health Problems
  3. Weight loss/fat burn
  4. Cough
  5. Toothache

Onion is a source of Vitamin A, C, and E that helps the skin to become youthful, reduce skin disease, and helps to fight obesity as well. Onion peel tea helps boost immunity and burn extra fat, which in turn gives you youthful and bright skin.

5 Amazing Onion Peel Tea Benefits You Should Know

Many studies claim that onion skin is rich in antioxidants and it can be of great benefits to every part of the body, hence before throwing away those onion peels, here are 5 amazing benefits you should know.

1. Solution For Skin Disease

Onion consists of Vitamin A and E that helps the skin to make it youthful and helps to fight skin diseases such as eczema, acne, etc. Furthermore, its anti-fungal properties help to relieve itchy skin, hence it’s highly recommended for athletes. 

Skin diseases are the most common issue not only for ladies but for gents as well and the remedy might just be found in onion peel tea. It is also believed that it has an impact on softening the men’s hard skin than their topical ointment and formula creams. Onion peel tea can be combined with turmeric for lightening dark complexion and reducing dark spots as well.

2. Relief Tooth Ache

Onion peel tea offers great relief from toothache as it consists of anti-inflammatory effects that reduce the ache. It also helps to relieve pains caused by gums while reducing gum bleeding as well.

3. Quick Relief For Cough

During winter add a spoon of honey into a cup of onion peel tea, this makes it more delicious and soothing for cold. It will help relieve cough and make the skin brighter. Honey provides a natural skin glow therefore including honey in your onion peel ea would be highly beneficial.

4. Onion Peel Tea Benefits As An Overall Treatment

When your body lacks nutrients the impact can easily be seen on your skin. While some cosmetics are great, many will like to try something more natural. For hormone imbalance and acne issues, onion peel tea can  It use as an alternative to organic products to avoid any side effects. 

Furthermore, excessive use of oil and fat can cause acne issues, onion peel tea will help to reduce excessive fat and eventually get rid of acne. However, you can have it used with other treatments for better and faster results. 

5. Weight Loss/Fat Burn

Onion tea is great for burning fat as it contains soluble fiber that improves the feeling of fullness, causing you to eat less and burn more calories. Onion is also extremely low in calories.

5 Amazing Onion Peel Tea Benefits You Should Know

Onion Peel Tea Recipe

Onion tea is simple and doesn’t require a lot of time. Simply add water according to the measurement and let it boil. Put a few onion peels into the sauce and let it dilute into the boiling water.

If you are conscious about how it would taste if you have it made at home,  you can buy ready-made. There are lots of organic ready-made onion peel tea to buy however ensure to read the label and do proper research before buying.

For more benefits: Add garlic chunks for tastes. For better taste, you may add lemon or mint that will help to refresh your hectic day. Give it a boil and serve it.  In winters usually, people prefer hot beverages and prefer something that reduces the sore throat as well.

Wrapping Up

Above are onion peel tea benefits you can share with someone you care about so they are also aware of these benefits and find a reason to have it included in your diets. If you are making the onion tea yourself, make sure the onions are organic and come from a credible source that guarantees they are free from chemical treatments.

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