Kris Jenner Is Reportedly Launching A Beauty Brand- The Momager’s Rumoured New Beauty Brand

Kris Jenner Reportedly Lauched A Beauty Brand

Kris Jenner may be following her daughters with her own namesake line.

Having been the mastermind behind the world domination of Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics and Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty brands, she has been a formidable force behind her daughter’s business and now the ‘momager’ is rumoured to finally be reaping the benefits of her beauty entrepreneurial skills.

Jenner filed trademarks for “Kris Jenner Skincare,” “Kris Jenner Skin” and “Kris Jenner Beauty” on Feb. 10 under her Jenner Communications Inc. company, and according to documents acquired by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Yup, Jenner is reportedly embarking on her own skincare and makeup journey, so get ready for Kris Jenner Beauty to hit your Instagram feeds imminently.

Although details are not entirely clear on whether the famous mother and grandmother plan on launching separate skincare and cosmetics lines or it’s going to be one umbrella brand, the documents did reportedly provide more insight into what products Jenner might include in Kris Jenner Beauty, with cosmetics, false eyelashes, hair care products , skincare, nail care products and fragrances all said to be listed on the filed trademarks.

The reality TV star hasn’t spoken publicly on if she is launching the brand and no official statement to confirm her foray into beauty. However, we can only imagine the line – if it does come to fruition – would include everything her signature make-up look requires, a strong contour kit including a smokey brown eyeshadow palette and a seriously wearable neutral lipstick.

Jenners’s entry into the beauty world seems neutral and no big surprise there given the success of her children’s Beauty Brands.

Jenner’s trademark application is not uncommon in the celebrity world, as many celebrities trademark their names as much as possible so that others can’t own them. However we have got a feeling Jenner will have big plans for her own beauty brand after all she is a businesswoman.

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